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  1. If you’re still stuck, you could try teaching trick room to one of your Pokemon, using that, and then having Mamoswine just spam Earthquake
  2. That’s really weird, I have no idea why that would happen. Sorry that I couldn’t help, hopefully someone else can
  3. That’s... a good question lol. I never noticed before today, but I can’t find Game.rxdata in any of the folders. If I want to find it I have to use the files search bar. Are you able to do that?
  4. Even if you’re playing on Linux, you should still have a Game.rxdata file, which is your most recent save, that you can transfer to your phone. What was the problem you were having?
  5. Thanks, I'll consider one of the other fighting types. I'm also rotating more than six Pokemon, so I don't use Mawile and Camerupt 100% of the time.
  6. The majority of the Pokemon on my team are somewhat slow, but not very bulky, and I’m wondering if that’s a problem. Some of the Pokemon on my team are Pangoro, Mawile, Camerupt, etc, and they have good attack stats, but that doesn’t matter if they get knocked out in one hit before they can attack. So I’m wondering if I should change something about my team. I’ve thought about either using some different Pokémon on my team, making sure my Pokemon’s EVs/Natures are good enough so they can either hit first or survive a hit, or just using Trick Room super often (I’ve been using it a bit and so far it’s very useful). Does anyone have any recommendations about if/how I should change my team?
  7. Ok thanks a ton, I’ll probably go with either Mamoswine or Weavile
  8. Hi! I’m looking at adding a Froslass to my team so I would have an ice type. However, the more I looked at it, I started to wonder whether or not it’s a great Pokémon. It doesn’t learn a ton of good moves, and I’m not sure if it’s speed is enough to make up for it’s bad defenses. So I was wondering, is Froslass a good Pokémon to use or not?
  9. If you don't feel like trying to memorize types and stats, Bulbapedia is super useful for looking that kind of stuff up. Also, the SWM Modpack includes a mod that shows your opponent's types if you think that would be useful.
  10. Those are really cool! I especially like the one of Shelly
  11. I think it’s because Mamoswine’s nature helps to raise its attack
  12. Try redownloading the game
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