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  1. I guess it's better to be strict with the encounters so that you don't get that voice in your head saying, "You cheated." Reborn has a lot of gift & static encounters. So taking only 1 from each area seems right.
  2. For the thing with Axel and Ariana, I guess you're right that our character wasn't there in the room. But the Interceptor has this 'mind inhabiting' thing. I think the Puppet master said something like "Oh interceptor, whose mind will you inhabit next?". Remember when we played as Ren in Hiyoshi city and we (Ren) tracked down Gardevoir? I don't know if it was intentional or not, our protagonist knew where to go right after waking up. It was like our character was supposed to know what Ren was doing. As for Variya, I guess we still don't have enough info. Let's hope that V13 gets r
  3. I think it was mentioned that Adrest is the son of Variya. And a theory I have regarding the protagonists- As for the Hippowdon, I had no idea. It would be cool if we get some more protagonist exclusive content.
  4. I think the Garbodor was really really slow, so there remains a lot of strategies you can use against it. If you think that fight was hard wait till you meet a certain Gardevoir
  5. We do know that Neved's daughter is Francesca, but maybe there is a relation between Valarie and Neved? Valarie was pretty angry when Emma (Melia) said she and Neved looked similar.
  6. *cough**cough* Butterfree *cough* I always thought Compound Eyes Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance should be illegal together.
  7. Oh another advice: I think you don't get the TM for Protect. So you might want to grab the TM for Substitute from the game corner for your speed boost Blaizaken. Another pokemon that I completely forgot about was Flareon. It can baton pass- curse & substitute and also has some support moves.
  8. The problem is you don't get too many good fire types early on. The only early fires types you get early are Fletchling, Litleo, Houndour and whatever you can find in the Caratos mountain. But you can get some good mons in the Terajuma arc including Growlithe, Litten ( you get the key in that arc), Torkoal ( A must have for the mono-fire run). Have fun beating Valarie. Tepig from Valor mountain is good. Litwick will be fantastic (you get it after 7th gym). Even though it's gotten pretty late, do get the Rotom. Maybe Sheer Force Darumaka from Axis University? That is all
  9. You do get a focus sash just before the battle. So even an endeavor rattata would have worked too.
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