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  1. The reason I think all the protagonists fused togheter is cuz when we see the memory of Axel and Ariana the other protagonists wasn't there to see it. So it would kind of be impossible for the character I was playing as (it was Alain btw) to share that memory. As for Variya being Adrests mom, that could be right it's just that she said "It was nice to finally hear you call me mother" that could mean that she is more of a foster parent and not his real mom or he just never called her mother before. Idk could be both
  2. Alexandra is the champion Aevis, Aevia, Axel, Ariana, Alain, Aero and Adrest fused into one person The rift hippowdon used to be Aevias pokemon cuz it gets really excited to see you if you save it when playing as her Adrest was Nymerias son or he was one of the protectors of aevium Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice are Maria(nette) split into four people Melanie and Melia are the same person and that's why they fuse into one when choosing to hand over the time diamond thing (This one I'm not so sure of) Aevis and Aevia are rela
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