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  1. Well, I got to spend some time wit my cat, who's hella cute and is currently napping, and am continuing to enjoy my new computer, an Asus Nitro 5, the first gaming computer I've ever had. This do be a wonderful idea for positivity, so thank you!
  2. I'm starting a regular Nuzlocke run, but I'm wondering, how restrictive are you with encounters? Obviously there's just one grass/water encounter in Lower Peridot, for instance (in the garden or aquarium) but how forgiving are you with fixed encounters? Take em all? Just one? I do be curious
  3. Are my statuses submitting properly?

    1. AtheaOfAltea


      Alright, so they are. Just not showing up on my profile. Weird.

    2. Abyssreaper99


      It's been a bug for a while now.

    3. AtheaOfAltea
  4. whoa, this thing is empty

  5. I graduated this past Friday!!! Now I can finally get back to playing Reborn... from the beginning as I lost my save file :sweat_smile:

  6. Welcome new friend!!

  7. Add me on Pokemon Go! My code is 3906 5384 8050

  8. I don't wanna be a nitpicky lil shit, but the quote's "Walk always in the light, or we will drag you to it." from your signature 😅

  9. Java is the worst language, C++ is our lord and savior, and Eggert makes me wanna throw a brick at my computer

    1. Dreamblitz


      Embrace the Python.

    2. Abyssreaper99


      I personally dislike Haskall, Java is meh and never used the other two you mentioned. PHP can be decent once you start to get your head round it, SQL is useful but can be a huge pain in the ass.

    3. AtheaOfAltea


      Fun fact: Eggert is my mildly incompetent Computer Science teacher 😅

  10. My guys, I got bored of Reborn because I couldn't beat a double battle with Taka and ZEL. First try now that I picked it back up? Beat them with one casualty

    1. Candy


      great, welcome back to the game~

  11. One day, man, I'mma actually stay consistently on here

  12. Y'all I'm bored outta my mind. Sitting here in my newspaper staff room for a work period with absolutely nothing to do for the next two and a half hours.

    1. sdddf4


      I've never heard this until now but it's pretty good. It get's the seal of approval of some random guy on the internet 👍

    2. AtheaOfAltea


      Truly, the highest seal of approval. I'd give ya an upvote if I had any left 😅

  13. The coming out went hella well! She's super cool with it, and I'm so happy. Also g'night Reborn peeps

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Luke
    3. ZEL


      That's awesome! Glad to hear this went well for you; best wishes for any similar future endeavors as well.

    4. Wolfox


      congratz, and congratz for daring to even come out (I heard that can be quite the endeavor). but most importantly, you just do you and all will be good

  14. Just came out as trans to one of my school friends. Hoping it plays out alright

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