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  1. tysm!! I finally now have a full team, and it looks like (for better or worse) I've caught every dark type I can at this point (assuming Pancham is after Ketta) Edit: ohoho, no it's not. I can get Pancham through the help board
  2. Unfortunately, I gotta wait until after. I totally agree tho, they chillin in the nursery rn just accruing exp waiting to be purified. Would be an absolute tank, taking neutral damage from fighting and being generally pretty bulky.
  3. I did not realize the fighting gym was coming up so soon, and I actually have no idea how I'm gonna beat it. My team as of present is as follows: Any and all advice on finding other Dark types that can get through his fight would be massively appreciated.
  4. Ty y'all!! Alright, so it's gonna be a bit yet, but not forever. Hopefully I'll be able to find other dark types in the mean time
  5. Just the question in the title, really. I have a Cacnea and an Alolan Grimer that I'd love to use in my Dark mono run and their heart gauge is all the way down, but they're still shadow pokemon and I can't purify them yet. Still before the fight with Venam, any input would be appreciated!
  6. @trogisfat I found a poochyena! Where can I find a Purrloin tho? Edit: nvm, found one! Thank you!
  7. Hey! I just wanted to ask, if I'm doing a dark mono run, what are some decent pokemon I can pick up early? Starting off with Froakie, seeing where this goes. Thank you!
  8. Really excited to hear about the mono-run help! Doing nothing but bug and poison runs was getting a little exhausting, I'm gonna be honest (I know all of them are technically possible, let it alone). Also, ty for the update! I do still try to keep up to date, even if I'm not super chatty on the forums, and I really appreciate the work y'all are doin
  9. Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿฐ

  10. Well, I got to spend some time wit my cat, who's hella cute and is currently napping, and am continuing to enjoy my new computer, an Asus Nitro 5, the first gaming computer I've ever had. This do be a wonderful idea for positivity, so thank you!
  11. I'm starting a regular Nuzlocke run, but I'm wondering, how restrictive are you with encounters? Obviously there's just one grass/water encounter in Lower Peridot, for instance (in the garden or aquarium) but how forgiving are you with fixed encounters? Take em all? Just one? I do be curious
  12. Are my statuses submitting properly?

    1. AtheaOfAltea


      Alright, so they are. Just not showing up on my profile. Weird.

    2. Abyssreaper99


      It's been a bug for a while now.

    3. AtheaOfAltea
  13. whoa, this thing is empty

  14. I graduated this past Friday!!! Now I can finally get back to playing Reborn... from the beginning as I lost my save file :sweat_smile:

  15. Welcome new friend!!

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