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  1. Ok thanks for letting me know
  2. Is there a mod that allows you to change what each type is weak/strong against? Let me know.
  3. Like everyone else said Sylveon is great especially if it has Pixilate which turns normal attacks into fairy and boosts them as well.Personally I think this is better than Cute Charm. If you want a tank eeveelution use vaporeon/umbreon. For Vaporeon you can have wish/protect on it or aqua ring surf or even ice beam(for coverage) are another great moves. You can use teach it Toxic/Protect stall if you want though using Protect multiple times in a row will fail. Hp and def/sp def ev training and you got yourself a tank mon. For Umbreon the classic Toxic stall tactics.And same ev investments.
  4. What about sunkern/sunflora? This could be a challenge especially later on when enemies are much more powerful and have way better mons?
  5. So yeah what are some pokemon that you guys/most people rarely use or not use at all. Doing a challenge with these weak mons making a team with them and see if I can beat Reborn. In normal games this should be easy even with something weak like Magikarp however in Reborn this is another story. So yeah let me know.
  6. Can you get Stealth Rock in this game? If so where? Need them for my Hipowdown.Thanks in advance.
  7. Ik most people use monotype team but have you ever used a sun/rain/sand/hail team to beat Reborn? Or maybe a terrain one? U know electric misty psychic or grassy? Or simply using weaker mons that no one ever uses and make them super strong? Let me know. After I am done beating Reborn with a sand team(1st time I use a sand team in any game) I need a new challenge so let me know what should I do next.
  8. Ok tried breeding a chimchar with thunderpunch by breeding a female infernape and a male electabuzz got an egg from them faster than I expected. Dont know why the other 2 dont want to breed but know that Ik for sure it works I just need to be patient. Also the chimchar is female quite a surprise as usually chimchar has a way higher chance of being a male.
  9. Oh ok thanks. Didnt knew such a mod exists. I already use sandbox but it only has instant hatching.This one seems better when it comes to breeding.
  10. I am not getting any egg thats the problem. I moved around for about half an hour and no egg. Tried same species breeding and got an egg very fast I only moved around for couple of minutes.Ok so I just need to be patient.Hope it doesnt take too long though.
  11. How does breeding work in Reborn? Tried couple of times but no succes so far.I wan a hippopotas with slack off for my sand team. I looked up and it can breed with slakoth for that. Slakoth learns it at level 9 so no problem until now. I put the both in the daycare hoping I would get a hippopotas egg with slack off right from the bat since it is a female but it didnt happened.It says the dont seem to like each other. So yeah let me know how to get this hippopotas with slack off. Normally you dont need a certain set to beat a pokemon game however Reborn is a bit different and because of this and
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