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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. As they said, Sylveon is great but if you decide to stick to one eeveelution I think Vaporeon is better in this game since you can play it super tanky (130 hp stat with 95 spdef and a great spatk) with both offensive moves (surf is good) and supportive (icy wind, you know) with water absorb
  3. I did a run with one random encounters and all static encounters, but that made the game a bit easy (at least to the point I arrived without losing the save file) cause I had so much choice. It's probably better to do a static per place only tbh. And maybe you should decide before hand whether you want to keep shinies too.
  4. You should always read dialogues. Btw Lapis Ward, talk to the leader of the gang you're in and follow his instructions
  5. You are keeping both Raichu (whom I guess is Alolan) and Luxray and you should replace the 2nd if you don't absolutely need an intimidate. Against this gym you could bring Nidoqueen. Earth power learned at 43 can deal some dmg and you could replace Ditto with Jynx (she has great special atk and if you evolevd her late, you could have psychic already) to get a free switch for Nidoqueen on hydropump or aqua tail. Also , I don't really see why bringing Venusaur here but that's up to you (you could bring Lunatone). Bronzong is great with iron defense+metalsound (for this gym heatproof should work better than levitate)
  6. Dai Laughing is pretty funny, complete and even numbered so you can easily follow
  7. Your better chance is probably to level some mons with pickup to 41 or above. you get a chance to find one
  8. Yeah, the quests are good and there's some really intriguing and philosophical lore (but if you're lazy you could even look it up on the wiki). Btw Naganadel is not that cheap. Utraboost is good but to be fair it's a 540 stat mon and i'm under the impression that as of episode 19 he will be not even remotely broken. Your choice. Then you will need to look for z-crystals, megastones (there are some that surprised me being in the game while other are actually not in yet) and some tms (good luck on getting Thunderbolt). I mean, there's so much in this game I enjoy exploring it. But on the competitive side you're done. No good battles anymore. But you can always rerun with some restrictions. There are different paths in this game for a reason.
  9. Don't see why not. There are just 3 moves threatening supereffective and if you cover him he will do the job (just guessing, never used it). Was just checking movesets and i guess brick break is a necessity this fight (truly i would have suggested the same set radomus has for that mon).
  10. i never realized those are not evsed. btw i'm not sure but drain punch+assault vest should do the work, take care of senna first, then deal with radomus probably. clefable is not really a threat (and you can even get a couple snarl off) and if you keep it in, you sweep easy. a try can't hurt i guess
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