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  1. That is true, however, Unown has higher stats than Combee in every category apart from speed. Furthermore, Hidden Power can technically turn out to be every type (apart from Normal and Fairy in this case I believe). I will admit, though, that Unown is still of worse in regards to move(s), however, it can at least attack with a 72 base attack as opposed to 30. Both are immune to Ground moves, Unown has 2 resistances (1/2 Fighting and Psychic), Combee has 3 (1/4 Fighting & Grass, 1/2 Bug), so that puts Unown at a disadvantage. However, Unown has 3 weaknesses (2x Bug, Ghost,
  2. A male Combee. I believe that this is the worst pokemon that cannot evolve in terms of total base stats with the exception of Shedinja. If it has honey gatherer it does nothing for you in battle while hustle makes it unreliable in terms of accuracy. And I think it can learn about 6 or 7 moves in total, TMs included. One of which is Snore, however it does not have a way to put itself to sleep. Honestly not sure if there's any harder option than this (in regards to fully evolved or non-evolveable Pokemon)
  3. Hey everyone! I'm sitting in Agate Circus and I'm not getting lucky with the Ice Cream Vendor, however, I'd like to give Tania some. Unfortunately I forgot to stack up before heading for Agate. I don't have a whole lot but I could hook you up with a shiny (Meowth, Porygon, Caterpie, Bellsprout, Noctowl) or 4 random Pokemon holding a rare bone each (their selling value would match the buying price of the Ice Cream)
  4. "Please note that this is NOT the place to ask for online trades. For that, please use the Online Play forum."
  5. Do I need to have beaten Luna for it? Or is it already too late for it if I've beaten Radomus and Dittoceus? If not, mind telling me where exactly? Because I swear I've run the entire thing up and down 3 times right now and I cannot seem to encounter her for the life of me. Edit: Nvm, she showed up, although I believe in a section I've checked multiple times, so maybe it has to do with time, weather or the entrance I take - thank you for your help!
  6. I've recently started a new savegame and I've now progressed past beating Radomus and Dittoceus and I figured I'd clear as much of the Aventurine Woods as I can before heading for Luna. Now I think I haven't missed anything however I'm pretty sure you could encounter Tania previously. Was that encounter removed? On another note: Since the Joltik event that used to be in the North Aventurine Woods has been moved to Peridot (Grubbin/Joltik) I was wondering whether there is another event or whether the webs where it used to be are now without any relevance?
  7. @Starry Knight @wcv Amazing, thank you very much for being so helpful, that's really special!
  8. Hey everyone! I remember back in the day there was a thread where people could request to have some bits and bops changed in their savefile (for example their starter, this might have been before the mod was around) or the eggs they received. Is that still around? I can't seem to find it. (I apologise if this is in the wrong section, for some reason I feel like that thread was here as well) The reason being that I have started a new save, done the Growlithe egg quest and recieved an egg of the one mon I absolutely didn't wanna get - Starly. So if at all still possib
  9. Yes, thank you! I've played around with it a bit since I got to the next egg and the same stuff happened again, and it seems to have to do with the scripts.rxdata file that's used when enabling mods. It didn't matter whether or not I had any mods in my data, but the game crashed 100% of the time when trying to take the egg with the scripts.rxdata that enables mods and it immediately worked when I replaced that scripts.rxdata with a "vanilla" one.
  10. I'm getting this crash 100% of the time when I try to pick up the egg in the obsidia slums. In general I am getting a lot of crashes since starting this new savefile (very frustrating if you get one in the midst of EV training when you haven't saved for about 2h) but most seemed random and not replicable, meaning they'd often come out of nowhere or didn't occur when I got to the same point later on. At first I thought it might be because of the mods (I chose another starter) not linking up well with the new version of the game, but I have since removed the mods and it h
  11. @Newt You're fucking with me, aren't you? If so, I rate the amount of work you put into it so much
  12. This is amazing, I rate this so much! My mystery egg from the Lopunny was shiny as well And it took me a second to recognise you with that profile pic!
  13. Just like most people recently, I'm also missing the last Foongus/Amoongus I need to defeat in order to complete the Azurine Island sidequest. game.rxdata
  14. That moment when Corin-Rouge uses a normal male Magikarp against you and you then pick up a female SHINY Magikarp with okay IVs after the battle :D

    Not gonna complain about that.

    1. GenEric


      lucky bastard

      and i dont even use gyarados

    2. M4RC


      @ArcherEric For real though, I really am!
      I'm getting really lucky in this run overall! I know Shiny's aren't exactly that rare in this game, but it still feels good

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