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  1. I agree to that it's entirely the player's choice. That's why the best way, I believe, is to go for the starters. Most of the players out there use starters as an main mon for their lists, and it won't take extra work to create a scene or group of scenes to give the ace to the MC. Finally if a legendary is to be chosen then Zygarde is the mon. Thank you for your reply! I too dislike fakemon, but just put it out as it was another way. And fakemon won't be good, because it will have to have a greater impact on the story and it will be a heck of a task to change the story.
  2. Thank you guys for giving insight. I still consider the ace Pokemon idea to be good but if it's otherwise, then it's no-problem. Once again I apologize for any mistakes. P.S. I didn't knew about the multi quote option, will remember to use it.
  3. Yeah i know a legendary sounds to good to be true and makes the battles easy. That's why it would be better with normal pokemon with a double evolution and good enough stats... (though MC still gets zygarde)
  4. Zygarde would be great. It's bulky when it turns 100% and has great stats with nice moves. And I think most of us will grab the chance, so adding zygarde's own side story would be awesome alongside a role in the past events.
  5. That's how I too do it. I got a Greninja in both games and it's protean is very helpful, making it my ultimate ace and it has got good looks too.
  6. First greetings guys! Aiden here. First time writing a post here, so excuse me if I make mistakes. Yesterday, I finished playing Pokemon rejuvenation for the third time (I have been playing tons of games during the pandemic. Most are a re-run). So, while playing rejuvenation, I experienced many things, like the feeling of a new start when MC meets Venam, sadness by the death and fake deaths of several characters, a sense of responsibility when everything is on MC's shoulders, and satisfaction when we achieve major accomplishments. So, it's an all-round, power-packed game with a massi
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