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  1. ah sick, i fixed it. i got my old save file back and i loaded up where i wanted to go. Thank you for your help!
  2. yea i think i just screwed something, so when i removed the saves i had in the saved games ( besides the one i was going to use ) it removed my save file completley. I now just dont see a save file anymore. Tried moving them back nothing. So I think the save file just deleted itself.
  3. i renamed game.rxdata to game_2.rxdata and nothing changed. I also clicked "other save files" and it only had my save file that im trying to change to my backup savefile.
  4. k sorry for the late reply, but i'll try this. Thank you!
  5. was just trying to use one of the files as a backup so i can go back and redo something. Its in the right spot and everything. The issue is it wont let me open / do anything to the file, and if I rename it it doesnt do anything or stuff.
  6. Uh I was using one of the backup files i have saved in the reborn file. Issue is I cant open it or anything.
  7. So today I was trying to load a backup savefile cause i needed to do something, but when i go to the file area where all the backup save files are, I try to open them but it opens up with notepad. I just want to load my old savefile but it wont let me. Any fix to this? Oh and if I try too change the app the files open with, it gives me an error message.
  8. here's a screenie. https://gyazo.com/d5b6cb6280211a6b1330add2ab80c508?token=3fe7f27301007425f072d3f3430ea64f
  9. I dont know what to do now, I did the taka stuff and went back to the waterfall and saw titania leave with amaria, it wont let me climb the waterfall. What do I do?
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