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  1. Did you buy the Golden Hammer already? If I remember correctly you can use that right away if you buy it.
  2. So I can't get past the Vileplume in the Safari Zone. I use spice powder, I get the encounter, and no matter what I do the Vileplume sits right back in my way after the encounter is over. It doesn't matter if I run, throw rocks, catch it, or wait for it to run from throwing balls, it will not move out of the way. I don't understand, I've definitely gotten past it on other save files. Please help, I'm losing my mind, I just want to catch a Salandit.
  3. So I know that when you beat Amelia in the Celia Fight Club that you are supposed to then be able to talk to her and she gives you the Mightenite. But now that I've defeated her she is no longer sitting in the Fight Club, so where am I supposed to go to talk to her?
  4. Hmm, when you say all the souls do you mean the 5 he wanted when he's in South Cellia? Because I did that and spoke with him, he talked about how there might be more somewhere else (presumably the Dreamscape). Then when I talked to him again because he was still there he told me where the original 5 were again like he had before I'd collected them. Anyhow, when I got to the Western portion of the Dreamscape Wildlands there is nothing in the water except an item and a gravestone that I can't get to because I don't have surf yet (should I?), but I haven't collected any souls in the Dreamscape so
  5. Hey, I've got a question about one of the places I'm supposed to encounter Rem:
  6. I think I use the debug for reborn, it works fine except it makes your achievement tab disappear. But I don't abuse it, just pop it in for quality of life stuff and then take it back out.
  7. Ah, interesting! I worried because often times stone evolution pokemon won't learn level up moves, or not as many moves. Good to know I don't have to worry about that with your Ayrithian form guys. I've really enjoyed the mod, the new types are fun and allow me to build teams I'd normally never use!
  8. My conundrum right now is not knowing when to evolve certain Ayrithian pokemon, specifically Hoothott and Roselia, so that I don't miss out on important moves as they level up. I fear I missed some moves evolving Budew too late, as my Roselia currently has no Grass type moves.
  9. So when I caught the Magby in Vejyr, I led with a Vivillon with Compound Eyes and found the Magby I caught held a Magmarizer (which I honestly didn't know was possible). So now I'm wondering if it's possible for the Elekid you trade for to be holding an Electirizer? Just curious, as I don't yet have an Electric type on my team and it would give earlier access to Electivire.
  10. Oh, I see! Thanks! Is there any way to know the base stats and movesets of the Ayrithian form pokemon?
  11. I'm not sure I understand, what is the purpose of the Strange Sand?
  12. I swept on Intense Mode with Clefairy with Minimize, Psych Up, and Stored Power. Lopunny will start with Cosmic Power, so I used Psych Up. Then I Minimized 3 times. Then I swept her team with Stored Power.
  13. I have the same question, a quicksave would be huge.
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