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  1. This sounds really interesting. So you initially just make a team of 6, each from a different gen, or 8 team members? And then each badge you release someone random, but how do you determine who to add to your team next?
  2. @Dry Ham I have tried a monotype run in the past, but I think I didn't like the lack of diversity, though it's possible I just didn't pick a good typing. However I do really like your idea for using only untiered pokemon, I think that could be a really good mix of new mons and a good challenge, thank you! And I totally hear you on taking a break, which is what I've been doing for a while now and I'm itching to play now. @Cyphre I like the idea of just using crest pokemon, that could be interesting! Especially since I've never actually made it to a point where I could use crests before. Thank you!
  3. Hey all, so I'm having a bit of trouble. Rejuvenation v11 was the first Pokemon game I ever played that was not an official Nintendo game, and the first game I'd played that went beyond gen 3 pokemon and mechanics. And I loved it so much. I loved the story and the increased difficulty, I loved being challenged by the game and having to actually learn a bit about the game, stats and battling. I played all the way through, completing as many of the sidequests and all as I could, and had a blast. I then took all this newfound knowledge about EVs/IVs, natures and abilities, physical v special attacks, and team building and played through Reborn. I built a much better team that was better equipped for tough fights, but the building of that team became much more of a grind. I understand some people enjoy that grind, the resetting or chain breeding, but it's not for me. So after finishing Reborn (which I also enjoyed), I played through Desolation but used a debug mod, not to add anything in but just to more quickly refresh stats and natures to reduce the grind. I love this style of game, and every Pokemon game I've played since I've been looking for similar games. The trouble I'm having is that I've since come back to Rejuvenation and am struggling to find a way to play through it that I enjoy. I deleted my original save file as I didn't like my team at the time and wanted to see all the early game changes the team put so much time into. I still love the maps, the stories, the characters, but for some reason I still haven't made it to any of the v12 or v13 content before I get burnt out on my run, despite the fact that I very much want to. So I was hoping that anyone who has read this far could share some ways they've played through the game and built or restricted their teams that they found both fun and challenging, so that I can try something new to get through the early game and on to the new content.
  4. I had this problem in v12. I never got a fix, I ended up using debug to warp myself past it.
  5. Clearly you are really pressed by a topic you could have easily just ignored, but the only thing I'm going to bother to comment on is this. Neither Leafeon nor Glaceon suck. I've used both in Intense playthroughs and they've been effective members of my teams. All it takes is a little effort and creativity to make them work.
  6. Oh, that's unlucky. I don't know how you feel about mods, but the WildEncounterRates mod helps significantly with the grind of completing the pokedex.
  7. When I catch Pokemon on route 2 I use the 2 headbutt trees just south of the tree with the Aipom. One should be high, the other should be low.
  8. This is so awesome! I love Rejuv, but mods that take the grinding out so I can focus on the story and gameplay are very much appreciated.
  9. What was the last version you played? As far as I know there hasn't been a Smoochum trade in Sheriden for a few versions at least.
  10. Am I crazy or is the Slowpoke line designed after The Flash? Also, Tangela being spaghetti made me laugh.
  11. This is a cool thread idea! I'm not much of a shiny hunter, I had no idea there were so many different references!
  12. My understanding is that it determines what path you end up on in the story, and what ending you ultimately get.
  13. Ah, I see. I didn't know that about the map splits, but that definitely helps to explain the things I'm seeing!
  14. So I've included some screenshots, but every time I walk onto and off of this section in Route 4, the fog shifts, the sign in the bottom right appears or disappears, the Misdreavus suddenly shifts at night, and in the morning and day when I'm in the upper part I just hear Kricketot's cry on repeat despite there not being one there. Is this bugging, or is it intended for some reason I just don't understand, which is totally possible because I've never played Sw/Sh so this whole route confuses me a bit. (Yes, I've checked that it still does this without any mods)
  15. I've started a new run and I'm only up to Route 4, but my biggest surprise so far has been how good Charmander is as a starter. I'd never used it before in any of these type of games, but early Dragon Rage is super useful, especially to help chip away at rift pokemon. And Charizard with Flame Burst absolutely wrecked Narcissa, who is supposed to be very tough and I had no strategy for now that the field mechanics have changed. Honorable mention to Boltund, who has quickly become one of, if not my favorite electric type. Very good speed, learns Spark, Nuzzle, and Strong Jaw boosted Bite early.
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