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  1. i got called in to work last minute but im back atm if you wanna trade
  2. That would be amazing my game name is acedouglas send me your name and we can trade tonight
  3. does anyone have a shiny female ralts for trade i will trade anything for it please and thanks.....
  4. does anyone have a shiny ralts for trade female preferably i will trade anything for it.......

    1. Candy


      I think I might have one if you're still looking for one

  5. see ive heard that walrein isnt that good but ive used vaporeon and dewgong so much im trying to use some pokemon i never use on this playthrough....
  6. does anyone know a good pokemon that can take a few hits and learn water and ice moves while leveling up other then dewgong or vaporeon? im tryna find one and not having much luck tbh any help/advice/tips are greatly appreciated.....
  7. ok so i did what you said and it worked but then it stopped working again so it seems like the shared pc mod only works 1 time before i have to delete all mods from the data folder and if i want to use it again i have to move them back to the data folder which is annoying but hey it works so ill take it still never got the pokemon back that vanished from it though.....
  8. i finally got the mods to work but after using sharedpc 1 time it stopped working. any pokemon i put into the shared pc just vanish and arnt on any save files ive even checked other boxes and what makes this more confusing is it worked once before and all the other mods are still working please help
  9. thank you for the help is there a way i can dm you if i need any further assistance and also whats with the devon building thing you posted about trades and stuff?
  10. this is over 2 years old but i downloaded the mods and watched the video but nothing happened even put them in the data/mods folder created by moving them after i unzipped the file. if anyone can help me with this id greatly appreciate it.
  11. the crustle in the second cave on the north part of rt2 comes out but then nothing happens when i click on it im trying to put it to sleep so i can progress. and yes i have sleep powder in the powder vial. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. i dont have anything good to trade but can someone please give me a froakie or a strong ground type to beat shelly ffs
  13. Can somebody please trade me a froakie for a strong water for my team I need one badly I dont have anything good to trade though
  14. Can somebody please trade me a ralts or something else to help with bug gym ive lost 10 times on a row I love the game but want something good to help I dont have anything other then a espurr
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