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  1. That worked bro. Thanks. It's not your decompression tool btw. The linux version is in-fact missing those files. I extracted it on my linux machine, a mac machine, and using 7zip on a windows machine. All attempts to extract yielded the same result.
  2. I have attempted to patch my V13 game with the 13.0.2 patch, and I get the error attached. This also happened when I attempted to download and run the pre-patched V13.0.2 game. The error seems self-explanatory. The item showing the program in which sequence to run the provided scripts doesn't exist. Luckily I backed up my unpatched V13 so I can still continue playing on that.
  3. I'm also having a script issue. I'm running on the PopOS linux distro. When I extract the patch into the game files, a script breaks and wont launch the game. Something similar to you happen?
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