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  1. As the title says, whenever I go into options and use the left/right arrow keys to change a setting, I get the error below. So far the error hasn't come up anywhere else, but all I've done so far is get past the beginning dialogue and save. Does anyone know a fix?
  2. Hi, I just downloaded Rejuvenation but when I try to start it the error in the picture pops up. One thing I was going to try was to find the file "kernel32" and delete it because that's worked for similar errors in the past, but I can't find the file. Does anyone know how I could find the file? Or if anyone has a different solution that would be great too. Edit in case anyone has this problem in the future and this comes up when they google it: turns out it was Scripts.rxdata causing the problem, I replaced it with the Desolation version and it starts. Not sure yet if it's going to
  3. Does anyone know what Mega Mightyena's stats are?
  4. If you’re still stuck, you could try teaching trick room to one of your Pokemon, using that, and then having Mamoswine just spam Earthquake
  5. That’s really weird, I have no idea why that would happen. Sorry that I couldn’t help, hopefully someone else can
  6. That’s... a good question lol. I never noticed before today, but I can’t find Game.rxdata in any of the folders. If I want to find it I have to use the files search bar. Are you able to do that?
  7. Even if you’re playing on Linux, you should still have a Game.rxdata file, which is your most recent save, that you can transfer to your phone. What was the problem you were having?
  8. Those are really cool! I especially like the one of Shelly
  9. I use the Linux version, and it does it occasionally. Not as drastically though.
  10. Somehow I managed to delete my save file, so I'm starting my game from the beginning with the Linux version. Oh well. Thanks for the help though.
  11. I just deleted all the 18.2 files from the Linux folder except my save file, and moved all the files from 18.3 zip into it, except for the unused save file Ok thanks, I'll look at it
  12. I got the game to open fine. Before this update came out, I've been running the Windows version with Wine, and I have a decent amount of progress. When I open the Linux version with my old save file, however, I don't get the option to continue my game, it only gives me the option to start a new game. If I run the same save file with the Windows version through Wine, all of my progress is there. Is there a way to get my progress on the Linux version, or do I have to keep using the Windows version if I want to keep my progress?
  13. I use Debian, so if you’ve been using it on Ubuntu I should be able to use it on Debian (I think, aren’t they super similar?)
  14. Does the Linux version work on all distributions?
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