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    "I could delete my old attachments."


    ... I. Want to cry.


    Mistakes were made. But at least now I know I should never directly upload to Reborn again.

    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      as far as images are concerned i usually just upload them to imgur and use the bbcode link tbh. attachments on reborn for that are, uh, wonky.

    2. Gastronely


      If you sacrifice the Ren's drawings, I'm gonna riot

    3. yume


      (To clarify: I broke/deleted part of my attachments and then spent an hour to link them from external sources. I think I restored most of them, some might still be missing, but... you learn from your mistakes, I guess 😰 just wanted to ramble here a bit, haha)

  1. "Oh right, I have an art thread" - Deso Edition
  2. They all look so happy in this wallpaper, I love their expressions! (Well, can't be sure in Crescent's, Madame X' and Lorna's cases, but I'm guessing they're happy, too.)
  3. There's so many I don't even know what to say - I'll just say you can be proud of yourself, Zumi! So much good art, I absolutely adore the rift mons and if I had to pick my favourites from the character art - I wouldn't even be sure who to choose.
  4. Been drawing more Deso for the past few days, so let me slap some of them here again! Spoilers for characters you meet before the 5th gym.
  5. I've been waiting for Ren, lmao. Other than that I've been curious about Nastasia Also, in general, I'm super happy about all the official character art because it's a great reference when I want to draw Rejuv characters Thanks, and good work, Zumi!
  6. Slipping those two in here real quick No spoilers, but I'm still spoiler-tagging because my images are always huge.
  7. Rejuv fanart dump that already exists on my art thread, but oh well ~ A week late, oops. :')
  8. Rift Aelita is creeping me out, good work, Zumi (I like them all, but Rift Aelita deserved a special mention.)
  9. Ren is Rejuv best boy, this is a fact! Anyway. I have more, because I couldn't fit all in one post. Rejuv Both (Main character thing that belongs together) Ok, this is all for now.
  10. "Hm, I've done a bit of Reborn and Rejuv fanart, I could make an art thread." ...ok, here goes. Reborn Rejuv
  11. yume

    Minor Progress Update

    First reaction: Oh my god, the character art will be in the game! And I absolutely love it, I think I said that before, but just in case: @Zumi I love it Ahh, I love Rejuv so much, so excited for V13. You guys are doing great work
  12. Never really posted this here, but I made a little comic out of one of the situations in-game (Gotta link twitter because the file is too big to upload it here directly T_T)
  13. Ahhh, I feel so bad for Keta (Great work though, Zumi! Also, I love the character portraits, especially Venam and Nim )
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