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  1. I've been waiting for Ren, lmao. Other than that I've been curious about Nastasia Also, in general, I'm super happy about all the official character art because it's a great reference when I want to draw Rejuv characters Thanks, and good work, Zumi!
  2. Slipping those two in here real quick No spoilers, but I'm still spoiler-tagging because my images are always huge.
  3. Rejuv fanart dump that already exists on my art thread, but oh well ~ A week late, oops. :')
  4. Rift Aelita is creeping me out, good work, Zumi (I like them all, but Rift Aelita deserved a special mention.)
  5. Ren is Rejuv best boy, this is a fact! Anyway. I have more, because I couldn't fit all in one post. Rejuv Both (Main character thing that belongs together) Ok, this is all for now.
  6. "Hm, I've done a bit of Reborn and Rejuv fanart, I could make an art thread." ...ok, here goes. Reborn Rejuv
  7. yume

    Minor Progress Update

    First reaction: Oh my god, the character art will be in the game! And I absolutely love it, I think I said that before, but just in case: @Zumi I love it Ahh, I love Rejuv so much, so excited for V13. You guys are doing great work
  8. Never really posted this here, but I made a little comic out of one of the situations in-game (Gotta link twitter because the file is too big to upload it here directly T_T)
  9. Ahhh, I feel so bad for Keta (Great work though, Zumi! Also, I love the character portraits, especially Venam and Nim )
  10. I swear I'm not running around looking for bugs on purpose lol
  11. 3 things this time. I hope I'm not annoying LOL
  12. Ahh, thank you @Zumi for answering most of my questions It's really interesting! Btw, reading through this thread is super interesting, too! Gonna keep it short this time, here's a fun question: If you were to live in Aevium, where would you live and why?
  13. Ahh, when I saw this thread 2 days ago I was like "omg this is awesome, I have questions... but I can't remember any of them right now o-o", then I saw that it's only open for a week and was even more like "omgggg", so this morning I thought about some things I'd like to ask. (This could get a bit lengthy.) First of all though, thank you for the opportunity and also thanks for making Rejuvenation, Jan, Zumi and dev team I fell in love with the game and kinda "marathon-ed" it in a week when I played it for the first time last September (after my bro had recommended it to me ). I also did an intense run in ~Feb/March and boy that was hard, haha. Anyways, feel hugged, you guys, for making such an awesome game! Keep up the good work, but don't forget to take breaks Here are my questions: Development & technical questions 1) So, idk if this was ever mentioned, but who is part of the development crew and who does what? Also, which part is the most / least fun for you while developing the game? I'm kinda curious about that. 2) What was the weirdest or most unexpected bug you've experienced during development until now? And which feature was the hardest to implement until now? 3) Will the in-game menu from V11 come back sometime? I read it was removed because it was laggy for some people, but are you considering to add it again if you can manage to reduce the lag? (I thought it was really pretty, but can't do anything about it if it doesn't work properly, sadly ) Characters & story 4) I know Zumi said the ages of our main characters are more or less up to our own imagination (or ~18 years), but I've been wondering about the age of some other characters. 5) Another question about ages: Who is older, Melia or Erin? 6) This one is kind of a weird question, and I might not get an answer. 7) Will we ever find out Alice's real name? 8) How many of the Elite 8 have appeared in the game until now? (Just "appeared", doesn't mean "we" / our protag have met them yet). Other 9) This question goes to Jan. Since I've played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky for the first time ever this year I've been wondering - are you a fan of the PMD series? While playing the game there were so many times when I was like "ohh, I know this song from Rejuvenation :D" 10) V12 question so I'm gonna put it in spoiler tags. 11) Do you generally like reading the player reactions to story & sidequest content? 12) This one is addressed at all of the dev crew: What's everyone's favourite Pokemon? I think this is all for now, I knew it would get long Love you guys, I'm out
  14. Hi it's me again I found 2 other things. 1) When you take back your Pokemon from the GDC daycare, the woman at the left side walks through the wall.
  15. Regarding the one where my character stands on the house: I came from the top and it's the house opposite of the toy box. Regarding the one where my character is standing on the rubble: I'm not sure if that's intended to stay or not after the rock is destroyed, just thought I'd mention it
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