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  1. hi! this is like, my second real forum post?? wow. i really, really hope i won’t miss anyone, because there are so many people i want to thank very badly. i know that im pretty new to this community but i have never regretted becoming a part of this haven. im not very good with words but i'll try!! firstly, my one and only mom. like, really. pls adopt me one day. i could go on about this for a long time but, it is the one and only mom-- i mean @andracass!!!! k im getting emotional its only the first person who will be my next victim??? ah yes. @cicada. it you. next is @Azzie!! let me just say that i LOVE your works, and you are so sweet, kind, and uwu @Starry Knight @Cervys. u thought i forgot ya, didnt you >:) sorry i dont forget my prey t h e t e a r s moremoremoremoremoremoremore!!! @Khrona, @Hellscythe, @Ojama Yellow, @Bazaro, smooth and @MintMan……... @Skyseer Arex honourable mentions uwu @Amethyst @Godot @Azeria @Sin! @ZEL @BlueTowel @Abyssreaper99 @Posty @Marcello @Zumi and of course, i thank ame, @Jan , all the moderators and developers for making this wonderful community possible - reborn+rejuv has definitely been the start of many positive changes in my life. sending love!!! (also lets talk about how all the mods and devs are able to make forum posts and updates so gosh darn funny and hilarious wow do you commit words) shit. i'm so sorry for all the pings. ill see myself out. love you all
  2. heya! while using the walk through walls mod, my character walk started glitching. my character now keeps disappearing when I move or walk, but when I stop moving the sprite reappears. could someone help me with this problem? I tried to uninstall the walkthrough walls mod and even tried a fresh copy of the game, tried my backup saves but nothing's working. I've uploaded my save file here. Game.rxdata
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