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Found 2 results

  1. On a fateful day at the beach, you meet a man with vibrant blue hair who will turn your life around forever... Have you ever wanted to play a dating sim made by someone who has never played a dating sim in her life, about a character who has like 10 lines of dialogue in the actual game? Then I have the game that suits your weirdly specific tastes. Jarred Dating Sim has the following features: - Take Jarred out on a variety of different dates! - Fight Jarred in Date Battles to win over his heart! - Even if you don't like it, the game is very short! - Choose different dialogue options to obtain one of four different endings! - Ś̞͙e҉̠̳͠c҉̷͙͖̫̹͙̹̘̝r̳̼̹e̡̜͚̣̲̟͚̰̦̻͞t̶͙̳̤̳̤̥̹͓͚̕ ̺̫Ȩ̷͈͇̙̫̳̞n̶̟͕̺͉d͙͘i̼͎̪̭̱̩̟͖͟n̨̹̩̫͜g̢̹̫̩̪̜̺͇͟ͅ?̶̨̪͍͚͈͔̗̠͎?̶̙̪̱͕͙̖̳͓͡͞?̧̟̫̺ Download: Jarred Dating Sim! Patch 28.02.2021: Fixed issue where you would almost always get the bad ending. Here's the fixed Data folder in case you've already downloaded the full version: JDS Data Reviews by the Deso devs: "oh no" - Crim "I-" - Ruby "no no no no" - Posty "the most anticipated game of 2021" - Caz
  2. Have you ever wanted to play a version of Desolation in which everyone is Jarred? Of course you have. If you want to know which things are Jarred, here's a list: Things that are Jarred: - You - Everyone else - Your starter - The gym leader's ace Pokemon - Some other things Things that are not Jarred: - Irrelevant I recommend starting a new game for the Full Jarred Experience. (also lets you access the debug menu i guess? forgot to take that out before uploading) Anyway heres the Download: Download Here's how it looks: Have a nice Jarred
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