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  1. Yep, also be sure you're playing on patch 0.5 as there was a previous bug which locked you away from the fight
  2. In sashila village through surf you get to a guy that will give you permission. Iirc it's on the eastern side of the village, opposite to the research center
  3. I just beat them with my volcarona. First turn I killed the talonflame with rock blast sandaconda, then I managed to get together Volcarona and amoonguss. I used rage powder with amoonguss while volcarona used quiver dance, then started my sweep.
  4. Well I used scrafty in reborn and it's a pretty reliable Pokémon, and moxie is also a nice ability, but while losing weakness to psychic it gains a 4x weakness to fairy; it's main problem though is that it is slooooow. I'd try mienshao, it has great coverage only through his learnsets and can pivot out with u-turn if need be. Though all depends on what you prefer :)
  5. A reasonable limitation is the need of having ap to unlock the ev training rooms and the IV changer coming late game. There are many ways to beat the game, even without having perfect IVs or EVs, and that's part of the challenge. I don't really get this fuss about tediousness, I find the actual system works pretty well, even more if compared to classical games. If you don't want to waste time with it you should just use debug mode and create the Pokémons you prefer.
  6. Overall your team is neatly built in terms of coverage, so you're kinda fine. If you want some more suggestions though, what I think it lacks is utility, in terms of priority, terrain/weather changing, screen setting etc., which normally isn't that big of a deal but it is in rejuv. So working with what you have I'd say: - your tanks being slowbro and amoongus, they're exposed to many weaknesses. I'd train up pyukumuku and clefable, as they may prove really useful, the first by changing the field and having some nice gimmicks, the latter by being able to set up, which is a thing your actual tanks lack. - I don't see your mistery egg Pokémon? It usually provides really useful in many ways. Is it mienfoo? Mienshao is a really powerful pivot. Intimidate Luxray is also nice, especially once you gain its crest - a prankster mon would really benefit your team. You could breed for a male meowstic which learns both screens and has priority yawn and t-wave (and can also hit hard). - some Pokémon can really change tides in a battle, I'd keep trained up destiny bond froslass and trick room oranguru. You may also wanna train cloud nine altaria later on to help with the flying gym. - eevelutions. They're incredibly op, umbreon as of now can't gain its full potential, but acid armor vaporeon makes a great tank, Espeon and jolteon both hit like a truck, Silveon may serve many purposes (though you'll gain access to a perfect one later on). Sadly you don't have any weather switchers aside from vulpix, but you may teach the move to some of your Pokémon (and waste a turn though). Aaand I think that's all with what you already have, though if you're willing to explore you nowbhave access to many nice Pokémon Good luck going on, hope I helped a bit!
  7. In GDC after badge 13 iirc, there's a nurse you can find only during night time who will change IV's for 10k x stat
  8. Actually, you should be able to proc the cutscene again by entering from somewhere. There was a similar bug at the end of the blacksteeple story, where before the Neved fight you couldn't access the pc. If you went outside and came back everything was normal again, you could get your Pokémon, then by reentering the courtyard from the west entrance the cutscenes played anew and the story would continue
  9. Mmh let's divide it into points: 1) Depending on the difficulty you chose, you may have to be selective with your starter and the other Pokémon. Nature, abilities and IV can pretty much influence the whole game. As in reborn, each starter may come with its hidden ability, so be sure to check for that. Always keep at hand an ability capsule too ;) 2) Regarding the previous point, training in rejuv is much easier than in reborn. Throughout the game you will gain AP by completing various tasks (walking a certain distance, hatching x eggs etc) ; at the casino you may use the AP to buy EV cards, which let you access rooms with EV enhancing items and trainers dedicated to a certain Stat. Aside from that, in many locations you will find an Audino trainer for the exp. These toolsay help you a lot so try acquainting them asap 3) the AP may also be used to buy other items. I recommend buying the HM items, which will let you use HMs even without a Pokémon knowing them, avoiding yourself useless Pokémon in your party or ruined movesets. 4) as the others have said, do the sidequests; speak to everyone, go everywhere, there's a lot of good stuff to be obtained. 5) Train more than 6 Pokémon. As training in this game is much easier you should always keep a variety of mons for rotation, as some battles may require specific strategies and you usual team may not do the job 6) Pickup mons are your friends. Especially while training they may help you a lot with money grinding and item spawning. 7) Breeding may also help a lot, since many moves may only obtained like this 8) Read carefully at least the main plot. There are many scenes that if you miss you'll have some problems remembering, thus continuing with the plot
  10. I confirm that in the alternate time line it is revealed the castle was Nymiera's
  11. Jeez almost everywhere. Search the walkthrough made by Bigjra
  12. Quest goes like this : you enter the gym and follow mew, you free dufaux, narcissa resigns to fight it and the gym gets locked. You do the west gearen help request and narcissa gets abracadabrad, while spector becomes the new leader, you go to narcissa's house and babycissa leads you to phasial cave. Try seeing if maybe you can continue from one of these points
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