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Found 3 results

  1. So apparently in earlier versions of the game, Sirius's name was Tyron. Why was it changed? I initially thought it was supposed to be a crossover and that he was the same Sirius from Reborn. This made sense, considering we first learned that he was trying to create an entirely new world--the same goal that Team Meteor had been working toward. But then you find out that Sirius is hence not at all the same Sirius from Reborn. So why the name change from Tyron at all? This just invites confusion with Reborn. Was he at one point intended to actually be the Sirius from Reborn, and then that got thrown out? Does the game WANT you to think he's the character from Reborn, just to throw you off? I'm very confused about this.
  2. So when Lin battles you in Titania's gym, she uses an Alolan Ninetales--leading one to believe she took Ame's for herself. Later, she uses a Gardevoir to suck Samson into the void. This, of course, is leading to speculation that she somehow broke Gossip Gardevoir's will and is controlling her now. That would make Lin terrifyingly powerful, since Gardevoir was so intensely loyal to Radomus that she had sacrificed herself for him just ten minutes earlier. But wait...haven't we seen Gossip Gardevoir being disloyal once before? Oh right, that was a Ditto. So what if Lin's Gardevoir is also a Ditto? And the same with her Ninetales? What if she's just screwing with you to make herself seem more powerful than she really is?
  3. Hello everyone! Since I bothered a little these days, I wanted to share with you my opinion about Reborn. Well... to be more precise, I would like to speculate about the future that could await us in Episode 19. As a result, I couldn't resist to make a top 10 of characters for whom fate could possibly be unfavorable in the last part of the storyline. This contains some major spoilers, so please be sure you played Episode 18 til the end before you read it. 10 - Zero At the end of the raid in Devon Corp, you, the player, have no choice but destroying the PULSE-Magnezone created by ZEL to escape the vicious penalty game set by Lin. Doing so will eventually force Eve and Lumi to be expelled from Zero's body, leaving him alone and horrified by the loss of his comrades. After that, he leaves for Agate City, and is later found with Bennett in the Glass Factory alongside with the PULSE Pokemon responsible for Agate City's sleepy veil: PULSE-Hypno. But this time, Zero appears to be more troubled than usual, and keeps talking to himself as if he still had Eve and Lumi inside of him. Signs of schizophrenia, maybe? The destruction of PULSE-Hypno won't arrange anything to it, and he'll go to Labradorra City to report the events of what happened to his superiors. And here is the thing, we all know how intolerant and vile Sirius can be. I assume he will be the one around there, Lin being too busy working on the finishing touches of the Arc-PULSE. Also, according to Bennett, Zero would not have become a high-ranked Team Meteor member without Eve and Lumi's work, as if he was just a simple grunt before the Magneton/Magnezone event. This plus his loss of sanity and lucidity due to his multiple failures with the PULSE machines risk to play a lot in his disfavor when he'll make his report in Labradorra, which could even lead Zero to a gruesome fate if Sirius is not in a good mood. After all, Zero was here everytime we destroyed PULSE Pokemon, PULSE-Camerupt, PULSE-Avalugg and PULSE-Swalot being the only exceptions. All in all, it would not be surprising if Sirius grown tired of Zero's incapability of protecting his own creations and attack him on an impulse (bad pun intended), not considering him as a safe bet anymore. 9 - DJ Arclight He already played a major role with the raid in Devon Corp, but got his eye torn out by Team Meteor as a penalty for having lost against the player. Even if he recovered, he's still seriously injured. Additionally, in case you didn't know yet, there is a fortune teller in Neo Reborn City. If you ever finished the quest she's involved in, she will gladly accept to reveal your future. In a somewhat implicit way, sure, but she will. It will be told to you in the form of a prophecy including things of the past, things of the present, and things that haven't already happened yet. Among them, she will mention a "man with spiked bracelets" who is supposed to step forward to destroy the chaos in town, cut the tainted roots away, purge poison from the lake and chase fire from the mountain peaks alongside his partners. But then, she will also tell you that the city streets will crack and the spiked bracelets will splinter in the fissure below. If you analyze the prophecy carefully, you can identify DJ Arclight as the man with spiked bracelets. Well, at least we can assume it's him as the prophecy mainly refers to characters we already met at some point in the game. In the end, there might be a case where Arclight could eventually decide to face Team Meteor again in an urban zone, either in Labradorra or under the Grand Stairway. If so, he would probably suffer an ultimate penalty in an attempt to stop them since the evil organization is almost about to achieve their final goal. Except this time, this penalty sounds more like a matter of natural disaster ravaging Reborn from its core, like an earthquake or something like that. But since the fortune teller tends to use a lot of allegorical figures to express herself, everything remains very hypothetical about Arclight's case. However, if such an event had to occur in the future, so it would probably happen in a scene close to the activation of the Arc-PULSE. 8 - Noel From my perspective, Noel is by far the most silent, recluse as well as the less highlighted Gym Leader of the entire game. The proof of that is that he doesn't even have his own gym. Well... at least, not yet. But in any case, there is a lesson that the last episodes of Reborn have taught me: all the characters have their importance in this game, none of them should be ignored. And yet, this is how Noel feels in the Glass Workstation when he reunites with Radomus who turns out to be his biological father to him and Anna. Alas, in spite of being together again, Radomus' son feels a little left out and seems to resent his father for pulling Anna away from him. Plus, before to leave the factory, Radomus gives his daughter the amethyst pendant instead of him, which doesn't seem to be interpreted neutrally by the young prodigy. Speaking of prodigy, it's been stipulated long ago by Ame that Noel has Asperger's syndrome. For those who don't know what this syndrome is about, I highly recommend you to click here. As a result, Noel is extremely talented in some specific disciplines like Pokemon training, but not very communicative and not as good as neurotypical people to express his feelings, which means he won't systematically tell someone when things don't go well with himself. At least, for many people affected by this syndrome, it's far from being anecdotal. After the destruction of PULSE-Hypno, there is a moment during which we can see Noel taking some distances from Anna and Radomus in Calcenon City. This could indicate that he keeps holding resentment against what appears to be favoritism and don't know how to explain it. If he doesn't confess soon enough, it may concern him too much and prevent him from paying attention to more important priorities, let alone the fact that him and Anna are close to an area where Team Meteor is still in activity. The more you keep things for yourself, the more you become unpredictable, and sooner or later, this can have an impact on your entourage and yourself. Hope the little guy won't do anything wrong on a whim. 7 - Cal or Blake The last time we saw him, Cal helped us to take Heather's ring back from Blake as the latter was about to leave Ametrine Moutain by helicopter. The mission was a success. Then, Cal offered us a flight back to the city and flew away afterwards. For now, we know nothing of his current location. But we can expect to meet him in a place where Team Meteor will surface again, and it would not be surprising to hear more about Blake if this had to happen. Take note that Cal also appears in the prophecy proclaimed by the fortune teller in Jasper Ward as an azure hair boy. However, things turn out to be a little gruesome for him in this part of the prediction: "Shining armor strikes, azure hair is re-dyed red." The term "Shining armor" sounds odd, but this could possibly be a subtle reference to Titania, since she's the only character to be seen in the game who strikes fatal blows to her opponents with weapons or weapon-like Pokemon, just like she did multiple times with her Aegislash, and she's wearing an armor armband. Alas, things remain extremely uncertain about it, cause she does not wear full armors, Lin and Taka being the only exceptions. However, this could also be an allegorical way to talk about Titania, since she often appears to be a knight-spirited woman who has deep hatred toward all forms of injustice and evildoers. But let's get back to Cal. His relationship with Blake can easily be related to the legend of Cain and Abel where Cal is the Abel to Blake's Cain. Plus, Cal originally had blue haired but then decided to dye it red to stand out from his brother. Later on in the story, his hair color is returned to its natural blue color. This is why the word "re-dying" hit me the first time I met the fortune teller. Cal is the only known character of Reborn who physically dyed his hair in an azure color so far and had it red before to do so. Maybe Blake dyed his too, but I seriously doubt he did. After all, we saw him and Cal as children when we were trapped in the black hole generated by Gossip Gardevoir, and he used to have blue hair at this time. This was definitely a vision of Cal and Blake's childhood. Also, the way the prophecy unfolds brings some ominous vibes, cause things that get dyed in red after a strike are usually done so with blood in fiction, so this could imply a death. Death of Cal, perhaps? The circumstances of this potential fatality are unknown, but we know that Cal still have scores to settle with his brother and Solaris, and the chances for him to get back to them in the next episode are not insignificant. Consequently, he's not immune to a sudden twist that could put his life in danger. We can also imagine the possibility that one of the two will die, and the Whitaker family will be left with only one brother alive. 6 - Dr. Sigmund or/and Sirius They are the only high-ranked members of Team Meteor we fought once so far, and seem to get along well with each other. By the way, Dr. Sigmund would probably have never teamed up with him if Sirius didn't made him a proposal after we escaped the orphanage with the children. But yet, Sigmund told us in the Yureyu Building that he doesn't completely consider himself as one of them. The irony is, Sirius prefers to team up with him rather than with Solaris who doesn't share the same ideology as him. Depending on if you fought Taka in the Water Treatment Center or not, Sirius will expose his thoughts in front of Solaris during the assault in Agate City, considering him more like a "commander" than anything else. This implies that he's way closer to the doctor than to so-called "Leader" of Team Meteor. After that, it's very likely to see Sirius and Sigmund together again while they lead the operations of Team Meteor in Labradorra. They also could be the perfect keepers of the last two PULSE machines. But regardless of what they'll do, they have yet to deal with several common enemies. Saphira, the Gym Leader of Labradorra City, is probably the fiercest of them. She holds considerable grudge against the doctor for what he did to her sisters, as well as against Sirius after the latter burnt down the manor she once lived in with her whole family. And I doubt we'll have a gym battle in Labradorra as long as the two will still stroll around in the city with PULSE-Mime and PULSE-Clawitzer in working condition. It's also important to notice that in one of the routes available during the attack commanded by Sirius in Tanzan Cove, Saphira sends out her Dragonite and orders it to use Hyper Beam directly against Sigmund, which is another hint of Saphira's level of brutality when foes threaten her family. This plus Sigmund possibly having different motives compared to Sirius risk to lead them to some dangerous confrontations. Who knows, they could also both have a hard time as the story unfolds. 5 - Fern In Episode 13, Fern joins Team Meteor and claims it loud and clear from behind the barrier that separates Labradorra from Calcenon City. But as with Arclight, Fern is also mentioned in the prophecy of the fortune teller in Jasper Ward. He's referred as a "boy with beaded tooth necklace" or "beaded hope", but not just that. He's supposed to be the hero that will save Reborn from its tragic end, the one that is supposed to repair damage caused by Team Meteor and fight them. But in the end, he's none of that. Why? Simply because as we stepped near Blacksteam Factory at the beginning of our journey, we directly interfered with Fern, and somehow changed the course of history. It's as if we became Reborn's savior instead of him at this point of the game, and the so-called "hero" turned into an antagonist. Also, it's important to notice that "beaded hope" dies in the prophecy, or at least suffers a tragic end: "An enemy of his own blood stands before him, and beaded hope breaks apart upon the tattered stones of a city forced to live up to its name once again." An enemy of his own blood... interesting, isn't it? Well, let's proceed by elimination. If beaded hope is really Fern, so the only character of his own blood we know at the present time is none other than his sister, Florinia. However, the prophecy never stipulates that Florinia will kill him. Let's remember what Fern covets more than anything: attention and respect. By joining Team Meteor, he told to himself that he could remain stylish, popular and likable just as he once was with the trainers of Onyx Trainer's School. But as of Episode 13, it's revealed that he decided to make a name for himself in a lawless way. To make matters worse, if you defeated Solaris on the top of Pyrous Moutain, you'll have access to one unique conversation between Fern and Florinia during the assault in Fiore Mansion in which Fern shows all his contempt against her in public and claims that he has no sister anymore. Afterwards, Fern leaves and Sirius sends out his Seviper to bite the poor Gym Leader who didn't see the Snake Pokemon coming. Since this relationship as brother and sister looked already tense, this event would make the gap between Fern and Florinia even deeper, which could possibly result in a total absence of compassion of Florinia for him. And since Fern seems not to be an easy-going person, if he ever finds himself into trouble, whether during an operation led by Team Meteor or not, this could let him all alone when help is most needed, and in essence eliminating any possibility for him of escaping a fatal ending. 4 - Solaris Right after we left the Glass Factory with Radomus and his children, we're told by Florinia that the civilians in Agate City have begun to wake up. The destruction of PULSE-Hypno made it possible. But the news also reached Team Meteor which decides to attack the town. There, we meet Solaris once again, accompanied by his minions, Sirius, and Lin. To free the city, we have no choice but facing Solaris in a single battle. Note that if you chose not to fight Taka in the Water Treatment Center, he won't be here to attend on your battle against his father. And if that's the case, then something slightly disturbing will occur. In the Reshiram Route, Sirius will taunt Solaris about his failure, revealing to him that Taka has been killed as a result of Lin's actions. But it won't stop there. He will also question Solaris' leadership with no remorse, insisting on the fact that the grunts he's teaming with have essentially been acquired under the terms of an agreement with Dr. Sigmund. Thus, he states that Solaris is nothing but a "commander" blinded by his own goals who didn't have achieve anything by himself from the beginning. Afterwards, Sirius declares himself more fit to lead Team Meteor, and Solaris will flee to the northern part of the city. Meanwhile, Sirius wonders if it couldn't be better if this loose end was tied up. As a result, Solaris' credibility and greatness both fall into pieces, and the future of Team Meteor is more than likely to undergo a considerable change of direction, leaving the deposed man as a pale shadow of his former self. Although the game won't tell us directly, Sirius' declaration on the Reshiram Route could expose well what he silently has in mind on the Zekrom Route. He would be largely able to backstab Solaris to take his position at the most appropriate moment, which in both cases, could make Sirius a major threat for Taka's father life. Also, since Solaris doesn't seem to be appreciated by any friend of the player, except Taka, he has nowhere to go and will certainly not have any opportunity to switch sides, even if he wanted to do so. 3 - Taka (Zekrom Route)/Amaria (Reshiram Route) This isn't a secret for anyone, the choices we make in Reborn can affect more or less the development of the storyline. And as many of us have already noticed, those began to come into more visible effect as from Episode 17. Regardless of the decision you took about Taka in the Water Treatment Center, a split in the story will arise as soon as you'll have to vanquish the Legendary Dragon inside the Belly of the Beast, the dragon's grotto located under Titania's gym. If you accepted to fight Taka, the Legendary Dragon will be Zekrom, the Pokemon of ideals. But if you refused, you'll have to deal with Reshiram instead, the Pokemon of truth. The thing is, there are many significant differences that tend to be seen between these two paths. On the Zekrom Route, we, the player, got ambushed by Lin in the den. While she's asking us to give her the sapphire bracelets, Titania uses this opportunity to stab her with her Aegislash. But on the Reshiram Route, as the same scene occurs, Taka is mistaken for Lin and is killed by Titania by mistake. Thus, Taka dies, and this to Titania's biggest regrets. However, according to Anna, there might be a way for her to fix things about a "boy with broken wings who wasn't supposed to die". That's what she says in the Glass Workstation when she's found asleep in one of the beds at the first floor, and everything leads to believe that she's talking about Taka. This might imply that Anna has some unknown power that could help to bring Taka back to life. Take note that this dialogue appears only if you have defeated Solaris' Garchomp in Pyrous Mountain as you locked yourself on the Reshiram Route. But if you lost this battle, Anna will feel particularly worried and will apologize profusely, which is a bit out of her character. On the other hand, Taka stays alive on the Zekrom Route. He will even assist his father, Solaris, in one of Team Meteor's last operations in Agate City. And here comes why his fate might be more grim on the Zekrom Route as opposed to the Reshiram Route where there might be a chance left for him to be resurrected: at the last moment, shortly after we defeat Solaris, Taka rescues Ciel and Samson, betrays Team Meteor and runs off with Sirius chasing after him. Taka will inevitably be taken prisoner for having turned back on his father, there's absolutely no doubt about it. And we know how cruel and vile Sirius can be, just like we know how Sirius grown tired of Solaris' leadership. If we look back to everything I wrote about Solaris earlier, we can make the assumption that either Taka or Solaris will be held hostage on Sirius purpose. This could depend on the route we're in. Hence, the pyromaniac can obtain the authority he coveted so much to control Team Meteor his own way, even though Lin was the true leader of Team Meteor all along. Also, let's remember that Eclipse got her soul wiped away by Sirius for having deactivated PULSE-Clawitzer, so I prefer not imagining what happened in his mind when he deliberately got attacked by Taka's Chatot as the latter freed enemies of his own organization. The fact of not knowing what could happen to him in this route is more stressful in my opinion, because it's almost sure he will have a hard time, but we don't exactly know what his sentence will consist in. At least, on the other route, he's dead, and at this point, things can't be worse for him. Well... he could also be dead, and still be until the end of the main plot and beyond, but that's about it. Also, the reason why I put Amaria as number 3 in this top along with Taka is not anodyne. On the Reshiram Route, Taka is dead, and Titania is constrained to delay her return to Fiore Mansion as she has to give the poor boy a decent burial. By contrast, this somehow interferes with Amaria's destiny which yet appears to be more "ideal" to her on the Zekrom Route. Without Tania on her side, you'll interact alone with Amaria in her gym who will react more impulsively as you're seeking for a battle with her. Then, she'll try to lure you into the depths of her aquatic labyrinth and will lock you up in a room underwater to drown you. Fortunately, you'll be saved in extremis by Titania who will be upset at Amaria for having tried to kill you. Afterwards, Tania will abandon the water girl to her own fate and will cut ties with her to better join you and help you in your fight against Team Meteor. Amaria will eventually be challenged by the player, but her opinion about you will not change since she assumes that you're the one responsible for her separation with Titania. At the end of the battle, she will leave, stating in the process that she will finally "be at peace". Note that all this drama does not take place when you choose the Zekrom Route where she remains confined in her gym under the protection of Titania, so there's no risk for her of getting harmed by Lin in this timeline. However, it would be odd from Amethyst to just let Amaria go away without her playing any role as the story keeps ongoing. Meanwhile, the situation will keep becoming more and more critical for the region of Reborn as Team Meteor will take giant paces toward their ultimate goal. Do you remember the prophecy of the fortune teller? She talked about the hero of Reborn. The one who's supposed to cut tainted roots away, purge poison from the lake and chase fire from the mountain peaks. Additionally, this same hero is not alone. There are allies on his side. And if we look back, it's heavily implied that we could be the one to liberate Reborn from the chaos. Plus, if we assume that this fire in the mountains has nothing to do with the eruption that was prevented at Apophyll with PULSE-Camerupt, so that means this calamity is the only one of the prophecy that hasn't happened in the game yet. If so, then I give you my two cents that the peaks in question could be those of Charous Mountain, the alpine ridge that surrounds both Calcenon and Labradorra City. Now let us recap the list of the said-allies that are involved in the stoppage of these calamities: "A man with spiked bracelets... Another azure hair... A girl blessed with a sleeping star... And a taciturn woman in a black and red suit." I would like to focus on azure hair. Previously, I thought Cal was azure hair, and he probably is. But seriously, what makes us think that azure hair should necessarily be a man? After all, there's no personal pronoun in any sentence of the prophecy that indicates it. And cerulean is known to be one of multiple shades of azure. Yeah... I believe you got what I mean: Amaria could be the one referred as azure hair as well. And the fact she could be re-dyed red might be another symbolic way to mention a fatal outcome that could affect herself physically in Tania's presence. In case you forgot it, Amaria was here when we had to make our way to PULSE-Tangrowth in Obsidia. The proof is that she's the one who gave us the TMX1, Cut, which allowed us to get rid of all the roots that sprouted across Reborn City. Then, when we met for the second time, we sided together in Blacksteam Factory to defeat PULSE-Muk and chase Team Meteor at the same time. To summarize, we achieved two of the three feats to save Reborn thanks to Amaria's assistance. And at this point, she could also be involved in the extinguishment of a fire in the mountains too, which would make sense since water has considerable advantage against fire. By the way, the situation might get worse and harder for us to handle if she stays in Fiore Mansion, which would later be a downside of the Zekrom Route. Thus, the most probable scenario to me is that Amaria will come back on the scene to redeem herself after she tried to drown us on the Reshiram Route. She will eventually intervene in a place close to Charous Mountain to prevent Team Meteor from causing further havoc, and in the heat of the moment, she would be killed instead of Cal and just before the eyes of Titania, which the latter is not expecting at all. But ironically, this could fulfill the prophecy in the end. 2 - Lin The most anticipated fight in Reborn is the final clash between the player and Lin. From the day of our first encounter in Tanzan Mountain, Lin was hinted to be the strongest as well as the main antagonist in the whole game. Needless to say, she's the true leader of Team Meteor. There's also a pretty popular theory according to which the Lin we all know is nothing but a supernatural being made by the real Lin to manipulate us. She's been hyped up as indestructible. But the time will come when we, the player, will manage to somehow defeat her. And most importantly, her "death" was forecast in one of the four video recordings to be seen in Shade's Gym, the other three representing Corey's fall, Kiki's execution, and Amaria's suicide. Lin's dismemberment is the only of these events that hasn't happened in the game yet while all the others came true. So, it would make sense if she gets destroyed at the end of the main plot. 1 - Us (The Player) Yes, you read correctly! We, the player, could be the prey to one hell of an unthinkable fate in Reborn. And overall, this could probably be the most enigmatic one. What leads me to affirm it is that many informative sources in the game are referring to a world where we're not supposed to exist at all. And most importantly, this same world is supposed to arise soon. Very soon. My arguments are as follows. Once the restoration of Reborn done, the Gothitelle who owns Beryl Ward's library tells us that we will inevitably embrace the void, and even Arceus can't know what will happen to us next. Additionally, if we do the connection with the prophecy of the fortune teller, it's implied that our future is difficult to understand, not to say unique, compared to the future of all of her other clients: "It's a future where you do not exist. A future where there were never any trace of you existing." The more we think of that, the more we can begin to wonder if this future couldn't actually be an alternate future where things are not what they once were when we created a new game. As a result, many fates that I've mentioned could actually be part of the same world, and could have well occurred at a previous timeline. But strangely, these could also come true in a near future, which would make even more sense if Amaria was azure hair. Then, we played Pokemon Reborn and started to interfere with Fern, the former "hero" of the region. But storywise, the reason why we're strolling in Reborn at a parallel timeline is certainly due to one thing: Anna's Jirachi. The fortune teller mentions her as one of beaded hope's allies: "A girl blessed with a sleeping star." As the previous timeline unfolded, Anna had certainly witnessed many deaths, tragedies, and irreversible impacts on the region of Reborn, or worse. After that, she decided to take the situation in her own hands, and made a wish thanks to her Jirachi. And this wish was probably made to bring another hero in Reborn, so the latter could arrive in the region and change the course of history while the world Anna was in was reset back to a stage before Reborn collapses. It seems that we are this new hero. And our goal might consist in stopping something that Fern was unable to stop before Reborn's reset caused by Anna. What this something could exactly be is not clear for the moment. The destruction of the planet caused by Arceus completion, perhaps? There's no way to be sure of that. However, the player embracing the void could be an allusion to our own end. Have you never paid attention to this woman we saw when we were stuck in the black hole? A woman with long dark hair who was wearing red and purple clothes. Oddly, she shares some physical resemblances with Anna. Maybe she's one of Anna's relatives? Anyway. As we make our way through the starry path in the dark dimension, we eventually find her and she tells a story as soon as we interact with her. "Once upon a time, a belt of meteors swept across the universe. But one day, one of those little meteors decided she wanted to go further than any of the others ever had. So she kicked up her trail, revved up her spacedust, and off she went, sailing far, far away across the galaxy. Further than all her best friends, further than all her loving family, further than any meteor had ever known it was possible to even go. And when she was very, very tired of flying so far away, she found a little planet she liked, and she thought that she would finally rest. So, the little meteor started to descend to the planet's surface. But that planet's atmosphere was so hot, and so thick, and the little meteor was so exhausted from flying so many millions and millions of moons across space... that she burnt right up in the sky! And do you know what happened? All the people on that planet looked up, and they said: "Look! A shooting star! Let's make a wish!" And so, everyone on that little planet, which had scarcely seen such a star in its life, wished, and wished, and wished, and wished with all their might. And those people smiled, and knew hope like they had never known before, and felt happy. And by the time it would have come to the surface, there was nothing of the little meteor left at all... It had all-- poof!-- vanished! And even though it disappeared from the world forever, do you know what that little meteor did? It lived happily ever after, in the joy it brought, and the hearts it touched, and the smiles it inspired in its final moments as a shooting star. So even with its last little itty bitty bit of life, it never, ever regretted what it had done, even once. So, make sure to smile for me too, okay?" The last sentence of this tale could imply that she once had to take an important decision and had to act the same way as the little meteor she referred to. What it could be is beyond my understanding, but it still sounds like a sacrificial speech or something. A sort of cryptic message if you prefer. But this same analogy could also be applied to the player himself. If the timelines were truly reset, so it can't be a coincidence. Something or someone had intentionally triggered an interference to make the course of history different, forcing us to deviate from our own predetermined trajectory, so we could reach the lands of Reborn to achieve an assigned goal. And this would be weird if Lin wasn't involved in it. Maybe after we managed to counter Lin's doing, the reason of our existence in Reborn will be fulfilled, and we, the player, will simply disappear without leaving any trace behind us but a world where all the other humans and Pokemon will live happily ever after. Maybe the light Anna saw inside of us in the orphanage will vanish at the end of the main plot. So all in all, we could just be a means to an end. And all the major choices we made during our trip in Reborn will help to determine if we left the meteor belt as a shooting star or as a meteorite. This theory is inspired by research made by myself, and was made possible thanks to some clues spread here and there in the previous episodes of Pokemon Reborn. I'm not gonna lie, there must certainly be some flaws to underline, so we could probably improve it with different points of view on this subject. So don't be shy, and express yourself. Here comes the end of my prognosis concerning fates and omens of Reborn characters in episode 19!
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