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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

  2. This is what happens when you log in after so many days.Ame already released episode 18 and I only found out now.Have to check the other games I follow.

    Time to start playing again.

  3. Happy birthday XD

  4. Basically what I am listening to this entire week:







  5. You are literally talking about Pokemon Desolation in the Desolation topic. Only thing that is different is that MC's mom didn't travel with him/her. Also Caz please come back .
  6. Finished Rejuvenation V10 and I am very happy with it.

    I think a journal option could be really useful in the game.There are so many characters that we have met so early in the game and maybe even more in future updates.

    I mean does anyone remember Ren,Kid Narcissa(from the rotom sidequest).So a journal with a simple pic with description could be helpful.

    Because everytime I see a char,I am thinking "Yes,it is him.....

    Wait who is he again?"

  7. My favorite theme: 

    One of the best themes and

    moments in naruto anime.

  8. Congrats,that was very well done. I was only a week late to read it.Damn it.
  9. Yes,you can evolve both of them in the current version. For magmar, go to Cellia department store and buy magmarizer and a link stone.Let it hold magmarizer and use link stone on it. For magneton,you can only evolve it after beating Rosetta,the final gym leader(in the current version).After beating Rosetta in the battle tournament,go to oppsite direction of the place and talk the npc walking near a box. He will give you a key which unlocks a room in Cellia power plant.Use a rare candy on it and it will evolve.
  10. Even after 129 votes, geodude has exactly 0 vote. Also gardevoir,metagross and flygon in top 3 atm.
  11. *Sees that LykosHand missed one*


    Happy Birthday,BRS swag :D.Have a nice day.

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    2. PESH1


      Happy Birthday :)

    3. BRS swag

      BRS swag

      Thanks people. So there are races like these for fun. :)


    4. LykosHand


      @Jess Lol xD

      You're welcome ;) 

  12. TFW you google for "Kyurem Path" and get this:


    Damn why do they look so cute?

    1. Wolfox


      yare yare daze...

    2. Paul25


      So sweet!! XD

    3. Q-Jei



      Reshiram : Who did it?! Who sided with Taka in the desert?

      Zekrom : You’ll find him soon, I guess.

      Reshiram : But why? I clearly don’t understand.

      Zekrom : Neither do I, to tell the truth. This person let him all alone a few days before, then decided to team up with him. Do what you want with this guy, I think I will just get out of this story, meditate, and take a nap.


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