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  1. that sounds really cool! I'm looking forward to those battles, honestly. I might not have the skill you speak of, since I haven't played pokemon since I finished playing the latest reborn & rejuv updates, but eh, that's for future me to deal with lol No u
  2. Spedy


    once again, gotta say I love how you write posts in here lol though I'm not sure what makes "weasel slash" so funny. am I missing context or am I just dumb? eh, I enjoyed the read anyway
  3. Now my game doesn't freeze for a second or two before every move animation, it's instant! It's a miracle! As always, very fun post to read, cass, though I dumdum so I didn't completely understand everything. Y'all are amazing
  4. nice! I guess that gives me a reason to replay reborn once again. also, I find the way you write these posts to be really charming lol
  5. I've been here for like 2 years and I didn't know about this lol. but I could wipe out the entire competition in never have I in 3 turns, or whatever amount of points the players start with because I don't to anything other than being on the computer all day
  6. Spedy


    exsqueeze me, I have like 7 points with titania, the psychic thing was probably bugged or something, but I can dream. also It'd be cute to have a quest with rejuv characters for one of the legendaries maybe? preferably the best boy, Ren and yeah, thanks for all the effort you all put into making this great game.
  7. Ren is a billion times cooler and actually likeable now, so that's nice. can I marry him? cliffhangers are bad though. this one was especially evil.
  8. My username is Spedy Idk about time zones (?) UTC -3 CLST I'm free from monday to friday I use a monotype but I won't use a field effect unless I agree on one with my opponent Pm or reply if you want to battle!
  9. @Velthomer21 for some reason I don't think Ame would like that...
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