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  1. This is such a beautiful update!!! So excited for V13!!
  2. There are walkthrough videos which can be found here -
  3. So in the available Pokemon guide it states Articuno is obtained by doing the Silver Rise side quest/event. Can anyone help me out here as I've spent several hours down there before and not seeng the beginning of such event... furthest I've been to is the Articuno statue and surfed past it to get Glailite.
  4. Great work as always Jan, appreciate all the efforts you and Zumi and all the other developers put into this game! Just a question more than a suggestion, as obvious as it may be, but wil getting the bad/worse ending affect anything seriously post game? Like I know certain characer roles may be affected but I'm more thinking about what is available such as items or Pokemon? Do we get a handicap for it for example.
  5. I think this is a good idea but not to make some pokemon stupidly powerful or annoying. Needs to be balanced but would be exciting to have some other pokemon be more usable? I would opt against changing stats though, but boosting move strength/move pool and abilities to make a pokemon viable is a good idea.
  6. Not sure if this has been asked before but obviously the new Sw/Sh DLC is about to drop next month and then the part 2 in winter/fall. Are the new pokemon/items in this going to be implemented into the game in some way? I assume with the current game progress there may be time to add them or is it going to be for v14? Edit: Also will the Gen 8 starters be available from the beginning of Rejuvenation if we were to start a new game? I'd love to run through the game with a Cinderace!
  7. omg I'm so glad you're okay and on the road to recovery Jan. The polished content looks great!! You do whatever you feel is necessary, slow progress means nothing when you're making such an amazing game so take all the time you need, it is your game after all. Stay safe and get well soon.
  8. Sorry if I'm a bit behind on the status on v13 but are G-max + dynamax moves coming with the integration of dyna/gigantamax mons? I love the difficulty of this game and spending a while doing hard battles makes it really enjoyable, but if we do get gmax gen 8 stuff, without the ability to fight it from the beginning it'd be quite a tedious addition to fight. If it is getting added, do we have any information on where it will be implemented and how will it be balanced for lower tier gyms and enemies if it is being added into the early game. Also want to say a big thank you to all the devs for their hard work over the years on this amazing game. It is quite possibly my favourite game on par with Reborn!! Keep up the amazing work, don't feel rushed, take as long as you need to craft this wonderful masterpiece!!
  9. SSJG Goku

    18.3 beta

    Little things like this often go unappreciated... Not today!! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing all the hard work you have all put in to this mid-release update and then the Episode 19 finale.
  10. Hi all, whilst waiting for the next update for Reborn and Rejuvenation I was looking for a new game to start playing. I've completed Insurgence before and looking for another difficult game to play along the lines of those mentioned before. Are there any games which are quite far through development which fit the role which someone can recommend?
  11. Is this game still being worked on or is it a dead end? Don't wanna start a game if it's not going to get updated and finished
  12. Where can I download Debug Mode? I wouldn't mind using debug mode to get TM shadow ball as my save ran through a few versions where shadow ball TM was moved around with shadow claw and I missed out on it.
  13. Can this difficulty be chnged retrospectively? As in I am doing a playthrough and think the game is too easy until the 4th gym, so I'll be able to change it to dark? ;o E19 hype!!!!
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