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  1. Your team only has 2 somewhat bulky pokemon, the rest are frail. You might have to leave the area and go hunting for pokemon, hopefully you have pokeballs otherwise you might need to sell items/farm money using pick up pokemon or battling the XP trainers. You might find it useful catching a lunatone/solrock found in Amethyst cave and I'm sure you can get a bronzor in the mansion itself by unlocking all the doors and speaking to the maid on the couch. Cosmic power gets a double boost on her field, can be useful. Utilise held items like Chesto berries etc too.
  2. You have to utilise what you have at that point in the game. Aevian parasect with a telluric seed made this thing quite an easy target for me. I won on intense set mode/no items in 2 goes, like other have mentioned its about planning meticulously.
  3. I believe you need to progress further into the story for this side quest to open up further.
  4. mega-z ring i'm calling it
  5. SSJG Goku

    v13 and MKXP

    The work you've all done is really unimaginable when it comes to the actual depth of how much you've done for this V13 release. Thanks to all the developers for making this happen. Very excited!
  6. SSJG Goku

    v13 and MKXP

    Cass coming in with the save yet again
  7. It is a quote from the red haired girl from the Where Love Lies storyline.
  8. one of the beta testers did state its definitely not the 9th, but whether or not to believe them is up to you. I'd happily like to believe they're lying to throw us off course but it would undermind the work trying to put a time limit on anything left to be done (unless already finished)
  9. The official discord and there's a rejuv chat in it
  10. it's confirmed it isn't the 9th, following discussions in the discord. The 9 isn't something quite as literal as a date/countdown. As mentioned the devs have worked tirelessly on perfecting this update and gone through rigorous testing to ensure it is right. As the beta testing phase is underway it would ridicule their work to put a time limit on those who are beta testing and for the devs to resolve any bugs found by the 9th/9 day time limit people seem to think this 9 means. Sorry to rain on your parade, soonTM
  11. I'm sure the normal Ninetales Pokedex entry had something like if someone touches its tail then they're cursed for 1000 years. Spooky and theme-fitting.
  12. Yeah I think so too. My initial reaction to the number 9 was that it somewhat looked like the numbered doors in the older wispy ruins. Not sure why it just gave me those vibes. No further forward with what it symbolises though.
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