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  1. Can this difficulty be chnged retrospectively? As in I am doing a playthrough and think the game is too easy until the 4th gym, so I'll be able to change it to dark? ;o E19 hype!!!!
  2. REEEE haha nevermind, bred the dragalge now I've finished the quest
  3. ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!! Can you remind me which spot that was? It's been so long since i've been here I don't remember which area that exactly was
  4. I was stuck on this exact thing...and have been fishing for a skrelp for 4 hours now in Honec woods.... Have found 3 shiny remoraids though?? f**!"£!"£$
  5. Very excited for this....spent a shameful amount of hours grinding some pokemon for a good roster in anticipation for this next ep. With the expected integration of Gen 8 pokemon and mechanics, are we also to expect Dyna/Gigantamaxing? If so how will this coincide with mega evolution and z moves? We've yet to get the mega ring yet and would hate for all the mega stones and z crystals we've gathered to be rendered useless or not as effective due to busted Gen 8 stuff. Any insight on this yet? P.S. Love this game, by far my favourite pokemon game of all time. Keep up the amazing work
  6. There is a bug by switching from V 12 to V 11 when buying the EV reducing berries from the lost camp side quest. If you've rescued enough children, one of them will sell the EV reducing berries for 20ea in V 11. Due to their exclusivity and value, Jan made them cost a lot more in V 12 raising them to 600 each. By buying a ton in V 11 and then reselling them in V 12, you can make a nice amount of money to be able to buy all end game (current version) items such as the crests/fossils/rare candies to build your roster up faster. However please don't exploit this ridiculously as you could just cheat and buy unlimited revives and healing items, which would take the fun and challenge out of the game.
  7. Outside of the toybox in the dream/nightmare world is a good one. A healing device is inside so it's probably the best one IMO.
  8. Is there any way to change IVs of a pokemon? I have everything I already need from grinding in game I just wish my mons had better IVs
  9. How do I make the debug menu visible? I'm a little confused as it's not working for me
  10. Waterfall isn't usable in this current version, although you can purchase it from the department store.
  11. 7th floor of the derpartment store. Talk to a girl there.
  12. New dive spot in the secret shore base
  13. Go to the computers in the library in Scholars District
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