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  1. And one more thing. I have played several Pokemon fan-made games in the previous years (like Insurgence, a great one). But none of them hooked me to its story anywhere near how Reborn did. A very compelling story, very relatable characters to grow fond of, ... oh, and I have Gossip Gardevoir's art as font screen now :)
  2. My turn : Adrienn 0 Amaria 0 Anna 3 Arc 4 Aya 3 Bennet -3 Blake 1 Cain 6 Cal -2 Charlotte 2 Ciel 2 Elias 0 Eve 1 Fern 0 Florinia 0 G. Gardevoir 3 Hardy 4 Heather 3 Julia 2 Laura 1 Lumi 1 Luna 4 Noel -1 Radomus 2 Samson 2 Saphira 2 Serra -2 Shade 3 Shelly 6 Sigmund -3 Taka 5 Terra 2 Titania 2 Victoria 6 In good relationship with Shelly, Victoria and Cain, good for me. Apparently a good acquaintance of Terra despite
  3. I would second that, remembering the dramatic event he caused in the glass factory.
  4. There is still hope for them to come back!
  5. I for one hope to see Gardevoir come back. We need more gossiping!
  6. New player there, I just finished E18, and that was hard! between the fights and the puzzles... quite a dark story, but this does add emotions and make it very compelling! I sure am eager to get to the next episode. Now I hope - no I pray, the protagonist will be able to bring Cain, Luna and Gardevoir back, alive and free...
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