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  1. So close... I can feel my beta senses tingling. So close... I'm such a masochist. I think I find the agony of the final wait more enjoyable than the game. :P
  2. Hail, Octavius! You are heard! We will whet our talons for the prey.
  3. It was a hard fight, but I beat the Trevenant with Fomantis and my birds. Also, I want to say to the devs, again, that I absolutely love the rebalancing to the pokemon. It really improves on the usability of all the various mons.
  4. I still suspect Maria is the four light siblings, including Melia, split into 4. But that may be overthinking it. We know that Melia could not be sacrificed successfully by Angie. That may in fact have relevance. Perhaps Maria could not be successfully sacrificed in the proper way either, and the split was done to somehow whittle down her power to sacrificable increments? Also, Anathea does not react to Melia as she does whenever Maria is nearby (like in Hiyoshi's underground temple). This indicates that Maria and Melia are somehow different beings. Maria is also a genius while Mel
  5. Hopefully it works for me then. Reborn has been harder for me to play with the new engine. As in, it doesn't work at all. But my laptop is weird with how its graphics work. It plays games nobody else can get running easily, and yet violently refuses to play something like reborn without hiccups. Oddly, Rejuv played really, really choppy for two days and then became smooth and easily played. I know nothing at all about graphics or anything like that so I guess that's normal? The computer's getting used to the program and allocating more attention to running it right? Perhaps this ne
  6. You think Neved is Anju's son? Why? I was sure it was Kreiss... and he just doesn't realize because she was taken by Indriad while he was an infant...
  7. I just beat her on hard mode on the first try... (actually second, maybe, one of those two). Speed EV trained Qwilfish with Rollout, Toxic Spikes, Spikes and Minimize. I just avoided all her attacks and let poison and rollout scaling damage do the work. It turned out easy enough. I mean, I had all my other team members fainted by that point, so it's not necessarily a walk in the park, but it worked. First time ever I had no need to go back and switch to easy mode for her. Other then that.... yeah. I got no other advice. She's hard. Very, very much so. Oddly, she doesn't
  8. Yes, the pose and overall quality are what I'm referencing most when I describe a need for change. That they are from scratch might also explain some of the male sprite's awkward posture. The Celaena is great though, by comparison, with just some touch ups maybe.
  9. I think my issue more stems from how the sprite is drawn. It just doesn't feel like much effort was put into it, or that it is simply drawn awkwardly. My suggestion is to put the sprite in the artwork's pose. That would do wonders.
  10. I think it's more the sprite in-game. It just looks a little awkward. Future polishing should fix that though. The artwork for instance looks a great deal more memorable than the sprite, which seems more generic than quite a few trainers. Which is why I mention it. And the Princess is not blending in. It is impossible for her to mask such beauty without permanently destroying it.
  11. You are welcome. I was afraid nobody would read it. I noticed the artwork for Persius in the thread. It looks wonderful and evokes the old artwork in the pokemon franchise. But I just don't know. Exactly how old is the main protag in empire? It sounds from the way North talks that they should be at least 18ish. And North mentions dating. But the artwork shows a kid that clearly can't be any older than 14 by my reckoning. Also, I have a theory that the main protag
  12. I would suggest Pokemon Empire. I loved that game. Only 3 chapters in but it's got tons of content already...
  13. My recent musings has led me to believe EVERYTHING we have been playing is actually all part of the Archetype's Inner Workings. And we're trapped in it like it's a Matrix of some sort, and we must somehow work around a means of awakening the archetype without it going into a violent fit. Maybe fuse it with the original Arceus. (The one hit with the meteor is obviously the Reborn Arceus, and we can assume it's not going to come back... since the official release date for Reborn is after the apocalypse.) It just feels like the Inner Workings would explain everything. And why time is
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