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  1. She was already formidable and intimidating enough for me to consider her final boss material but this... now she truly is a nightmare. There needs to be dialogue regarding her later about how traumatizing she is to the Interceptor and his friends... especially poor Ren. Though he tries to save her. And no way in hell would anyone want to save that monster. Killing it would leave anybody falling on their face in a state of exhausted and spent relief.
  2. Technically an electric chandelier can burn things. I know my grandmother's can. It should still be able to learn stuff like that. I mean, Lots of ghosts can learn electric, ice and similar moves. Fire moves are even in A-Chandelure's bloodline.
  3. She wait wuh? Well crap. Imma go find Team Rocket. I hear they have an underground where I cam purchase some helpful assistants.
  4. I think a lot of the perceived negativity is really more "there is this or that bug" that got past beta. But yes, the game really is amazing. And V13 overall was worth the wait.
  5. Thanks! Also, an issue. I cannot seem to find the key that is now set to shift. And none of the new keys work with the pokedex search feature. . . Great to hear there is stuff about alternate forms in the dex entries that is planned. I really like most of the new designs. Though I have a new question about Aevien Musharna and Munna. They don't apparently learn any physical fairy moves? (I'd honestly go with making a balanced original move for them than just going with Play Rough. I really love how there's Aevium original moves and TMs. All awesome stuff!). A
  6. Someone call Jan! He needs to know this! I am standing within Neo Gearen's pokemon lab, and it is raining. The Chansey is soaked! I need to use the PC, but I'm leery about turning it on with this downpour! The Nurse Joy and Staff act like this is totally normal! All joking aside this is a weird weather bug. Just thought I'd mention it... Currently in V13, and I have just
  7. Spoilers for those who have not completed the game. This... this revelation changes everything. This is THE plotpoint of V13.
  8. Yeah... I just went back and changed quite a few tracks with the old magic from V12. The soundtrack in that game was just about perfect. The route music outside Sheridan particularly. As for fight music, well, I replaced quite a bit, actually. Especially the gym music, which was horrible. I am so glad I replaced it before fighting the gym in V13. The old gym music is perfect for Rejuvenation. Also, I could not agree more about the executives. Madelis' theme was GOLD for her. It brought life to her scenes and fits her character exactly. That one needs to come back. The new theme is
  9. THIS. THIS made my life. If I die in the next few months, or years, or perhaps centuries, know that my pokemon fangame dream has been achieved for me. Thank you Jan. Adding in Aevium regional forms is glorious. It is wonderful. I love it. And I love the gift. Quick question: how do I evolve regular feebass and Aevium Feebass? I do not regularly train Milotics, so I'm kind of at a loss. Anyway, that Aevium Ampharos is glorious. Tell me, where do these things originate in Aevium, and why do they look as they do? Will there be extensive lore / pokedex entries? I'm one of t
  10. I hope this is referencing Indriad... because I'd been theorizing on this discussion that he is stalking us, watching, waiting. Hopefully, if this is true, there would be scenes added in v13 that display this. Like maybe a Bisharp appearing after where Melia has gone. Like maybe it standing over the blanket we abandon, idly cutting it to shreds. Because the camera scene underneath the burned Whispy Tower is actually one of the most chilling moments in the game. A dreadful, quiet kind of chill, realizing that Indriad/Sirious/Vitus, may not be quite so far off, or out of the loop of
  11. that gif looks like a character, possibly Florin or Flora, dangling over a cliff or something. that, or a mermaid-esque thing. No clue what or who it is, unless the blond part is hair, in which case we are looking likely at Melia/Maria, Allen, Alice or Erin...
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