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  1. I think the inclusion of Magby and Elekid for me is not just about difficulty, but actually more about how their duo felt more... I don't know, iconic. The two Rockruffs just don't feel quite as special. . . so there's clearly some "canon" reasoning in my own thinking I guess, or nostalgia, rather. I would rather vehemently argue Victoria receiving Emboar back though. It really, really suited her.
  2. Hearing Redux won't get fit into hard mode because of canon teams is... rather ironic, since you devs, however otherwise amazing, did in fact change the teams for Gen 7 mons, making them overall less fun. Specifically Aster and Eclipse. I miss, dearly miss, their Elekid and Magby. That was a highlight fighting those two up until their final stages. And pretty much all of the teams of E16, frankly. And with all the work Commander's done... not that I know anything of programming to deserve a word I type be minded for two seconds, but wouldn't that mean he's basically handing more or less completed team changes already? And yes, a Stunfisk would be a nightmare. But I still prefer the horror of Togedemaru.
  3. Ok, so my scripts file looks significantly different in gemini than yours. In it, there is no settings at the top. There's also no RGSS2Compatibility, for what that is worth, among several other things. What is there is also in a different order. Here are some pics.
  4. Wow! Thanks for the quick reply to help! I really appreciated it. But, from what I can tell, settings just doesn't show. I'll try it again right now and see, using your pick as a guide this time.
  5. So I ended up downloading gemini for this. Now, my confusion is with settings. Where do I find it? There doesn't appear to be such a thing in the scripts.rxdata. Where do I write $DEBUG=true ? That's the part that's getting me right now.
  6. And I'm back. glad whomst'd've'n't is still working on this. I got the hinkering (is that even a thing) to try this again. However, this time I'm finding issue with following my own steps and those DreamblitzX proposed to me. Specifically, I cannot open Reborn 18.2 in RPG Maker XP. This is a problem because I cannot get to the scripts file to add $DEBUG=true. So frustrating. But Queen Shelly appeared in my dreams and told me I MUST buff her Yanmega. In fact she even ordered me to buff ALL Yanmega, everywhere! Please! Someone help me! I must obey the Queen!
  7. Oh I have no interest nor was it my intention to mention such a trope! It would be abhorrent and heretical for me! But my point is that Giratina is actually Lin's goal. Because she is all about power. And if she's so violent, it matches with her being associated with Giratina rather than an infant Arceus (Assuming she wasn't just trolling us with that line. Lin is a troll). And yes, absolutely yes to your words on Ubers. I would be very disappointed fighting something like Dialga on the Elite Four just because it's difficult. But Lore-wise, I see it as you do. The Legendary Birds are fine. They always felt like... well, "legendary", just really rare and powerful animals like the other pokemon, and not "I AM THE gOD OF TIME!" stuff. It works in Reborn, but only if I'm not catching it. Which is one reason I dare hope Arceus is never actually fought properly in a "perfect" or true state. Because it should literally be the God of Pokemon, untouchable in the most strict and literal sense. Maybe a vestige or something. Anyway, the Birds, Dogs and Regis feel fine to me. Regis especially since the anime has kinda made it clear there's lots of them out there. Speaking of vestige, maybe this New World stuff IS the distortion world, somehow? The remnants of creation? Wasn't there something about that in Platinum? I seem to recall it being in the film about Giratina at least. Maybe that really is Lin's goal and the Arceus meteor is all just a means to an end. And Shade, being a Ghost Trainer, is actually trying to stop Giratina because he understands the profound danger. He just also happens to have a creepy smile that puts people off.
  8. It may be that in the Ideal route, he and Laura will side together for a double-Elite Four battle. Whereas in the Truth route, it will be one or the other, depending on choices we made? Perhaps Benette being told the right answer at the Glass Factory will trigger a different outcome? I could see Lin killing him to be honest. Though that is as likely as anyone else dying at this point. The more I think of her, the more I feel like Lin is trying to free Giratina and Arceus is just in the way. I don't know. That passage in the Subseven Sanctum about "The Darkest Beast lies at Light's End." just sounds so epic. It would be awesome and an amazing twist if maybe Lin IS Giratina, through some proxy. Or perhaps she and Shade are working together, with the latter being the proxy. And their goal is actually a good one: stop the eternal time-loop or at least complete it. But to do that they had to reach the goal by hard decisions. Or something. Possibilities abound. But all this conjecture does one thing for sure: HYPE! I am hyped for 19. But also sad. Knowing this will finally end. Also, Merry Christmas to Reborn's devs! Thank you for updating the AI! It was my biggest complaint and one of the key features of the game that I most anticipated getting fixed or at least addressed in some way. THANK YOU! It is a present well wished for!
  9. I'm one of those who prefer the Elite Four to be literally the ELITE FOUR strongest trainers. So I'd be cool with it. Of all battles that should have all Ubers...
  10. His Aya experience made my day. I loved it. Almost word-for-word how I reacted to her. As some of us have said, Aya is where the threat level spikes. She was harder with the Tentacruel though. But Toxapex is still pretty nasty. Anyway, he's really enjoying the story now. Funny though that his carelessness is now getting him into trouble. He did better when he agonized over every move. Who wants to bet he gets desperate enough to resurrect Tiki?
  11. It's all in good taste. We Reborn players have too much class. Worse could be going on. Just look at all those star wars threads lately... Though now that portentious Absols like me have invoked heavenly Entities to this plain to Burn the Sky with Lights, and exceptionally good move puns are being deployed, it's easy to grow alarmed quickly.
  12. Sounds more like Dynamaxing has just outright changed the metagame as a whole. Though it sounds like certain mons are indeed just outright broken beyond belief. What is the difference between regular dynamaxing and gigantimaxing? What exactly gets boosted in the standard dynamax, vs. the gigantimax? Or is the special form some pokemon get just esthetics? (Not game related, but it's funny how there really always were dynamaxed pokemon since the original anime, and it just... fits the roleplaying world my niece and nephew fell in love with. I would think it awesome if Ame or maybe the Rejuvenation team decided to add boss fights with a dynamaxed factor. Boss fights. Because so far adding these things into regular battles is a mistake. And of course Gamefreak immediately ran for that mistake like a man hugged by slugma would to a cold lake...)
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