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  1. I... I did not complete the Honac Woods quest. Which is bizarre as it gets. I think somehow I ended up not saving after doing that quest in particular, and then reset later without thinking. Only explanation that makes sense to me. Although I unmasked the Malamar but did not go back to the ranch. So maybe that had something to do with it. Oh well... and I uncovered a bug. If I use Golden Wings to fly back to Yui's Ranch, Ben does not finish his sentence about the weird scientist leaving the letter. Instead, he stops mid sentence after saying all the miltank were returned, and the q
  2. Yep, I did that, but I still need to check on Yui's Ranch and see if there's anything left that needs triggering. Or maybe I didn't save after that quest. Will see soon.
  3. Uhh... I already did that, like, loooong ago. I was following the 100% walkthrough here. Many thanks to the one who wrote it, and forgive me but your name escapes my brain right now. But anyway, I followed that walkthrough, and did the Yui's Ranch sidequest already. Maybe there is something I'm supposed to do at Yui's first? After the Quest completes? I will check there right now just to be sure I needed to confirm stuff with Ben. Maybe that is the true "ending".
  4. I am having trouble activating the Goomink Quest. I've visited the kingdom of Goomidra and talked to literally everyone. (I have completed the main game). And so far, I cannot figure out how to get into the castle. The guards won't let me in. And Goomink does not battle me. He just sits there like a player character and does his "....!"... whatever that means. And the guards say I am a stinky human! The nerve! All help center requests in Neo Gearan are complete. Actually, with this particular save file, ALL help requests period are complete, as are all requests I am awa
  5. Maybe the end result is that all these factions are aware of the timeline basically looping, reseting after each final bad outcome, or something similar, and are battling to ensure whatever future is ultimately reached is one of their design. I think Flora's backstory may be very important. She knows more than she lets on. She knows details she shouldn't, like the Xenpurgis. She is trying to save Grand Dream City, and her goals are noble. She is just... broken. For reasons we don't know. I wonder if maybe she's going to have a more thorough explanation for why she is this way... ma
  6. Likely, it was the Core being destroyed. The Interceptor's survival and reincarnation is based on the Core. If the Core is too damaged... there will be no coming back. That was the gist of what the submerged Garufa Inc documents state regarding the Interceptor Project. Grr... I HATE the Garufa Inc stuff. I'd rather the Interceptor be a true agent of Existential forces, like the MC in Reborn is apparently an incarnation of Arceus' Divine Will.
  7. I'd weigh in here, but I don't have the time to articulate my feelings. It'd be a long essay, almost a full-game review. I will state that my biggest criticism is the separation of Aelita and Kenneth's backstories to Where Love Lies. I have been doing my third playthrough, but playing in the scenes of WLL at the right moments. So far, the games flow almost perfectly with each other. Everything wrong and out of place I felt when in Sheriden disappeared when playing, and felt that chill of enjoyment when playing Kenneth's part of Where Love Lies. That ending scene of Kenneth and Taelia holding t
  8. Amethyst used Shave-off! ai suffered 28something damage! ai used CoMpLiCaTe. "Bugs are gathering". ai is now br@kEn type. ai restores over 90000+ lines of code.
  9. i have changed my opinion. I now am very firmly sold on the idea that the red-haired mysterious figure is in fact Saki Blakeory. Her personality is just too snarky and similar to Saki's, but with more class. The whole incident with the "whale" and the sharpedo as Saki relays it seems very awkward and time-loopy. Too suspicious.
  10. So close... I can feel my beta senses tingling. So close... I'm such a masochist. I think I find the agony of the final wait more enjoyable than the game. :P
  11. Hail, Octavius! You are heard! We will whet our talons for the prey. I would join discord but somehow my password is still missing there and I'm ever the procrastinator.
  12. It was a hard fight, but I beat the Trevenant with Fomantis and my birds. Also, I want to say to the devs, again, that I absolutely love the rebalancing to the pokemon. It really improves on the usability of all the various mons.
  13. I still suspect Maria is the four light siblings, including Melia, split into 4. But that may be overthinking it. We know that Melia could not be sacrificed successfully by Angie. That may in fact have relevance. Perhaps Maria could not be successfully sacrificed in the proper way either, and the split was done to somehow whittle down her power to sacrificable increments? Also, Anathea does not react to Melia as she does whenever Maria is nearby (like in Hiyoshi's underground temple). This indicates that Maria and Melia are somehow different beings. Maria is also a genius while Mel
  14. Hopefully it works for me then. Reborn has been harder for me to play with the new engine. As in, it doesn't work at all. But my laptop is weird with how its graphics work. It plays games nobody else can get running easily, and yet violently refuses to play something like reborn without hiccups. Oddly, Rejuv played really, really choppy for two days and then became smooth and easily played. I know nothing at all about graphics or anything like that so I guess that's normal? The computer's getting used to the program and allocating more attention to running it right? Perhaps this ne
  15. You think Neved is Anju's son? Why? I was sure it was Kreiss... and he just doesn't realize because she was taken by Indriad while he was an infant...
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