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  1. MEOWSTIC: On the entry for Meowstic-M, the phrase "it just sets screens" is tossed around a lot but screens are extremely crucial and dramatically change the way the game is played. Meowstic is hands down the best screens setter in the entirety of Desolation as it is and opens your hands up to thousands of new strategies. If the concept of "making the game noticeably more easy" is the basis on which the list is formed, Meowstic-M makes ddance Flygon and SD Dodrio exponentially more powerful, letting the two set up in the faces of far more Pokemon than they could do without. Personally I would
  2. As many of you lovely beans may or may not be aware, Pokemon Desolation has an ongoing community shiny project. When it was first announced, I had said to myself: wouldn't it be fun if I made every Silvally shiny form in the style of those in Pokemon Reborn? It wasn't. The purpose of this thread is to poke and prod at all the brilliant minds of you talented gigantamaxed brained individuals out there to make the best Silvally shinies we could possibly create. I have technically made a shiny for every single one of the Silvally typings, but certain shinies are not quite up to the standard
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