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  1. Personally I feel like: Danielle - super energetic and cheerful Sienna - pretty calm, maybe kinda a nerd lmao Robin - kinda sassy, not taking anyones bs hehe Chad - is surely edgy, maybe a bit like Connor? Diego - would be quite the risk taker, probably similar to Danielle Avery - sophisticated, quiet, but can also be a bit blunt Though, anything can work since they're just the protags~
  2. Yep! They probs wont be done super quick tho since there's a lot of charas left and I want them to be a big post together OTL
  3. Protagonist art and icons have been added, along with two new faces!
  4. ~New Faces~ Hi all! aaa this is my first dev blog post!! I'm excited and nervous lol. Firstly, thank you for your patience with us! We've all had an incredibly busy few months apart from Deso, and we've now got a good steady workflow! Exciting! You all know me as the sole arts person for the team, and it was fine for the last episode, with the character overhaul and all. Now we're revamping a lot of old areas, and updating/adding more to the tilesets, which ups my work by... a lot lol. But luckily, we've got ourselves a new member in the team! She'll be
  5. So if you've seen my last post, you know I made my own Drawtober prompts list! I've successfully been able to complete another drawtober year (whew) so here's all of em~ a lot of kny spoilers LMAO The character name will be mentioned alongside the prompt uwu The prompts: Drawtober:
  6. Hi I've been posting my kimetsu no yaiba / demon slayer oc fanfic didya know 13 chapters atm and i update every Wed and Sat Read it on Quotev or AO3? I also made some chapter images to go along with the chapters!!! fic chapter art: *opens up trenchcoat to reveal my inner pockets full with memes* Ya want some... memes? (kny character spoilers nothing plot relevant btw): Drawtober prompts! i'm participating in drawtober this year but i hated the prompt lists many ppl made so i made my own lol seriou
  7. Youtube is down where i'm at and I'm really really bored so I'll just post these here since,,, it's been a bit. spoiler alert. i love garret Non-E5 spoilers: E5 spoilers:
  8. Thanks, and yes, I will be drawing the MC's! Might as well write it here, but sorry I'm taking time with these,, I'm really busy these days ^^;;
  9. Your art is so cute! I love how you drew Tristan~ I also realize I never responded, but I read your fic and I adore your writing style! It's got a lot of personality, and it was a really fun read!
  10. i keep making memes i cant stop myself someone help m No spoilers / spoilers up to E4 E5 spoilers
  11. Sorry for the late response! The separate icons and the pngs of the art are only available here, but I have twitter post / tumblr post which shows them all!
  12. Character art and icons for: Aderyn, Amelia, Hardy, Baron, Tristan and Emily has been added!
  13. Try using the regular game file. Game-z isn't compatible with everything, but regular Game might work. However, there still might be slight lag with regular Game in bigger maps.
  14. Yes! I wasn't sure if Caz wanted to reveal them in a cool way, but I just got the okay to do so~
  15. My former favorite moment was E4 but the whole archives thing and the battle with aurora/shiv. My new favorite is (E5 spoilers) I'm going to assume you mean the book sidequest given to you by a woman in Celeste. You have to have done all the rangers sidequests, and speak to Elliot. He'll give you a final sidequest in which you'll be able to access the library in the Weeping Hill, and you'll find the book for the woman there too.
  16. There's a hard level cap at 20 when you vs Connor. You can view the level caps on your trainer card, and the only way to go above the level caps is to use a rare candy.
  17. Heyooo We got some requests to make a fanworks thread on here, so... here it is! Thank you all for the support! Also note that any works that have to do with E5 have to be spoiler tagged. Memes are fine too, of course! And I might as well throw in some of the meme stuff I made, to start it all off \o/ these arent e5 spoilers until later btw I just dont like my images being huge lol
  18. i can never have one favorite of anything Hardy, Garret, Amelia and Shiv for me, haha Hi! I, uh.. Scarlett isn't a recolor of Ciel? aha... Transition sprites are hard to work with, so occasionally I've had to use others as a base/reference for help, but I draw everything from scratch! I'm playing around with completely making transition sprites from scratch without a base, and will be doing more of that in the future for other charas~ As for how to do it? well... I learned from trial and error, and I use Paint Tool SAI to make my sprites. SAI isn't free, but
  19. they actually have names! But some of them have been changed but I won't spoil it atm~ so i'll just refer to them as.. blue boy (lol): adventurous! heart of gold~ would probably be everyone's best friend green blond boy (the new guy!): lone wolf-ish! probably a bit edgy but punk-ish too~ (somehow he has friends) blue pink girl: Easy-going, but pretty hyper and brave as well! she'd be a risk taker~ green girl: I could see her being kinda quiet but also unexpectedly sassy and smug at times too!
  20. Hope you like it! Dont break the game, haha uwu
  21. Reread what you just called Ava and you might figure it out lol.
  22. Maybe he.... has a busy life? Very shocking information I know.
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