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  1. Dont need to constantly be logging in to play a fan game lol jsyk
  2. Henlo so, my pc was messed up like the entirety of Feb, so this time there will be a good amount of traditional art cuz I've got a new found love for inking ;v; oh btw i got my pc fixed so its fine now yayayaya note that yes I'm still obsessed with kny/demon slayer and I'll spoiler tag the uhhhh manga spoilers within the spoiler at the bottom of the posts so no worries!! Ruby and Taka memes huhu: (srry i dont draw a lot of reborn anymore lol) Sumire memes+doodles!! (kny oc uwu) also scary how quick Sumi became one of my mains owo: btw btw I'm writing a fic with her in the KNY universe lol atm I'm at like 70k words (~220 pages lol) and I'll post the fic here when I'm done!! Inks!!!!! WHEW LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!! OTHER STUFF AKA MY SERIOUS DIGITAL STUFF LMAO (from before and after my pc died lol: aannnddd thats it lol seeya in a few months o/
  3. uwu watch me nominate the same few people lmao Member of the year: @Posty, @Azzie Carmen Sandiego Award: @Caz lol Sugarpop Sunbeam Award: @ZEL , @Plok (ily) K-K-K-Kawaii Award: @Azzie , @Alex Craziest Conspirator Award: @Azzie Writer of the Year: @Azzie >://// Biggest Grumpy: @Posty :3 Shelly Citra Award: @Azzie Most Likely to Gain a Gigantamax: @Posty Most Likely to Die First in a Killing Game: Me (remember summer party ) Cna't Spel Awrad: @Plok
  4. :0 Rebo taka/reju stuffs: Other bs!!!: Hibernation time zzz
  5. Quite heartwarming seeing this thread still around and alive occasionally. Aren’t we all a loyal bunch lmao
  6. Sorry for another q lmao but if Melia, Venam and PC aged naturally (/normally) while in the past? Then how old would Ren be since he hasn’t gone back as much as the original Time Travel Squad. Sorry if that’s confusing?? I ahxshhsja , Also does Nim have an age too?
  7. Will we be able to chose pronouns for MC in the future, or are we forever gonna be they/them? unless its already implemented and i just dont know lol
  8. I posted these in my gallery but since now theres a place for these......
  9. its been even longer... forgive me I graduated a bit ago eee Reborn/Rejuv!!! art: Other: Thats all folks! time to vanish back into my hibernation hole lmao
  10. I nominate Jan for Midsummer Queen, Kyle for Ember King and Posty for Sunlit Sovereign! uwu
  11. it's been so long... Other: sorry for the long wait ;~; hopefully I'll be able to draw a lot more since i'm only 2 months away from graduation, and exams are pretty much almost over!
  12. Was replaying desolation and I usually don't do the braille puzzle lol, but I remembered you asking about it. So by watching a random walkthrough on x2 speed it worked perfectly in my game (The walkthrough was posted by Mystic Linx if you're interested)
  13. i'm here to om the nom ... there are none reborn related this time omg,,, feels like i didnt draw enough these months lmao Other: the om has been nommed, and as I arrived I shall withdraw, back into slumber *dabs*
  14. i exist again with much taka art feat. other reborn characters art actually oh and uh I have now seen bnha and I love it so i made a bunch of bnha art and oc's xd Reborn related: Other: And yeah! that was all for this month~ Happy holidays!
  15. Y'all............. want some Taka's? feat. random Luna and suit Eve in conclusion: I draw many Taka cuz I have an emotional attachment to him as a character xd
  16. Most Likely to Take Over the World - @Dark Absol The K-K-K-Kawaii Award - @Mu7e Member of the Year - Kyle (the one and only from the server xd) Biggest Grumpy of the Year - Posty Smelliest Auth - Alex Award Award - @Ice y-yeet i am unable to turn off bold for some reason but alright xd
  17. Oh wow i havent posted in forever time to change that Reborn related art (or legit just Taka at this point): Other art: UwU
  18. I forgot this existed,, haven't been drawing much nowadays except for Taka/my reborn oc but idk if i should post her here lmao. i post that other stuff in my own art gallery on the forums tho lol.. in conclusion, 90% of my Reborn art is of Taka
  19. I exist again, hallelujah? Reborn related art: whew that was kinda a lot? lol Other art: and that's all folks! or atm at least lol, have a nice day~
  20. So ughghghgghhggh I've been dead but made a decent amount of art last month UwU Reborn related art: Other art: So thats it I guess lol
  21. asdfghj thanks y'all ;u; and yes I draw a lot of Taka
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