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  1. Great advice! Never really have been good at colour theory myself. The sprite of yours looks extremely official! Nothing in particular I could think about to improve it imo. A lot of hard work would be an understatement lol, it's been over a month now since I started spriting for this character alone, have definitely learned a lot since!
  2. Update 4: Drastically improved vs sprite and trainer sprite! Credit to @scrub on Rebornevo discord for the suggestions and edit to the visor on the sprite below: Before After Also if you haven't noticed I've created a avatar and channel art based on this, as I'll be uploading reborn/rejuvenation/other fangame content within a few weeks!
  3. Spoilers for early game (Act 1, before Terajuma Island) inbound! Pirates of the Caribbean theme blasts loudly in the background
  4. Comrades! I come with more quality content Rejuvenation memz! Not really a spoiler imo but just a fair warning it's a scene from V11-V12 so (spoilers)...
  5. I can finally meme, and meme I shall! (very early game spoilers) https://imgur.com/a/0mlSXNJ Downsizing it to the required file size would have produced so much .jpeg Geara would be claustrophobic
  6. By Arceus, Mew and Lord Helix this is phenomenal! Glad to be of inspiration! (Context: I'm SinnohianGible, renamed to my character Backbone). Like seriously, I only made one frame for the backsprite as I thought it would be hard to make the throw sprites but you did it seamlessly. That and the custom pokemon sprites to match Autumn! Hopefully this inspires other people to do the same! Here's the sprites that inspired rosaheart below for reference:
  7. Update 3: The summary sheet The camo on the mugshot I think could use some work, but considering it was an attempt of a original character from scratch with little knowledge on pixel art I'm pretty happy with this. I hope this inspires more creative work in this community. Please feel free to use this as a reference, though crediting me would be appreciated The on/off is for the lighting on the visor meant for stealth/vision If you are confused on what this is, you could consider it to be a sifi knight/samurai hybrid suit because plot armour is overrated, also so
  8. Here are some of the .pdn files for reference as requested:

    By far the trainer card sprite was the longest to make as you had to think of the design, but after that most didn't take long 🙂

    Also, if you're wondering why there are only 1-2 references under each sprite, they are the main concept while I had many other sprites also open in new paint documents to use as references to pick colors and so forth. Hope this helps!



    vsBackbone.pdn Back.pdn

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    2. RosaHeart


      yeah it said it wasn't a proper bitmap or something.

    3. Blinci


      Apologies then, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a solution but it may take some time. 🙂

    4. RosaHeart


      is no prob. been trying my hand at editing walk sprites for character using the same character the trainer sprite based off of. It's been....slow going lol.

  9. For the creation process, there's this one that I found created by Light-Fox that seemed to be the easiest for me to understand and basically covers all of the fundamentals: In my case, had about 4 reference sprites for poses and after that had to do almost all of the "editing" part by hand using a concept photo which happens to be my profile picture as a reference, mostly because my "character" is basically all armored and no sprites existed that are remotely similar! Yay! Will also send a few of the .pdn files that can be opened w/ paint.net, though I will warn you th
  10. Thanks! Your sprite seems most impressive as well! It took way longer than it should've as I had to make the armor/helmet from scratch, but surprisingly was able to do it all with just paint.net and can share the .pdn if you wanted to see the process for yourself. Update 2: Retextured a Volcarona sprite and edited my walk sprite so it would be riding the back of it (to resemble something like Lin on Hydreigon) to use as a Bike/Surf sprite but found out that like Ridley from Smash Bros (before Smash Ultimate) it's too big so I had to scale it down to 50% to get it to work. It look
  11. Update 1: Finished trainer v.s mugshot & back sprite, just leaving the Overworld sprites: Run, Bike, Surf, Fishing & Fishing while Surfing
  12. Much appreciated! Only took an entire day on krita/paint.net Should have probably learned to use GraphicsGale or Asesprite, perhaps one day!
  13. imo... Aelita because she bestows justice against the blasphemous heathen Texen! Madame X Heretic #27 because like Lin Heretic #26 she's actually intimidating... and Tesla because do I need to explain?
  14. Greetings! Relatively new to the community recently, I've gotten into spriting after a few playthroughs of Reborn and Rejuvenation, and would like to dedicate a thread to showcase the progress of the sprites that I am creating for a character. It would be great to receive feedback as well as inspire others even! Might differ from some of the typical sprites but can't say much aside from I tried really hard to make something original: "The Backbone of International Police" or simply referred to as Codename: Backbone comparable to Codename: Looker. Note: Currently
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