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  1. The last post i'll have until v13. The last scene in ch 14 is so adorable i just had to draw them! Oh and i'll be posting this on my instagram if you want to see full res.
  2. Reina and Huey was supposed to be on the previous batch but, i forgot. Oh and this is my first MC which i did not finish along with my team. this was the second
  3. Hey another batch of fan art! There's only a few left, but please enjoy.
  4. Hey, it's me again. Sorry about the last one got lazy coloring and such. And did i say that, that fight scene was epic!
  5. First off, i am sorry for only finding this thread(? or was it topic?), i am still not used to this kind of platform. Anyway. like i said on my own post, i am really into this and i plan to make more fan arts. (I have scenes in mind) Hopefully i can execute them the way I imagine;
  6. I really, REALLY am into this and i am so gonna make more fan arts. Though some of the post and future post might contain spoilers so yeah. I have more in plans and scenes in mind. Other than that, do enjoy.
  7. I don't know if I am doing it right by posting it here. Or in this kind of platform really. Sorry this is my first time here, please contact me if i am wrong. Anyway, I would like to give some feedback on the game. For starters, i had the game since last year but don't have the time and energy to play the game. I started one but never got it done. On my second try, not continuing the first, I played casual, because i love stories and it got me hooked! Anyway.... THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!!! This game is getting better about everything! The team is very dedicated about this, i can feel it. Man, it is rare to see something like this. I liked games with story and boy am I in for a big surprise! I really love everything about this game. From the characters, cutscenes and the overall story. Gotta say, i love how every plot points feels right when it was presented. I just regretted not doing every sidequest, specially the hidden library. The mech game is a surprise i admit but it was fun! Now, Angie was my hardest fight i had faced seeing most of my team are not effective against her type.) I learned a hard lesson there, good thing there's an audino trainer. There is one battle as well but i can't remember whom did i battle... Moving on! I agree, on something I red about the Grand Dream City being an arc itself (it might by the walkthrough guide i found here). And did i mention that i still haven't memorized how to go to one place to another? GDC is big! I am going to start playing it on intense I also loved Aelita's arc so yeah, here's an art: (I might post this on my instagram, but anyway please just ignore the username there)
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