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  1. It's Corey's gym. Which can be considered abandoned, depending on the point of view (?)
  2. Wow this IS a christmas present. Santa Delibird has definetly come (?) Its very cool how big v13 seems to be going to be, and I, for one, don't mind a little bit waiting. Keep it up, the hype is still going
  3. You paste the scripts file into the Data folder (the one that should already have a Scripts file). A message should appear bc you can't have two files in the same folder with the same name, so it will make you choose. Choose the one you're pasting, and that should be it. PS: I usually just rename the old scripts file (like "scripts 1" or something" so I don't just lose it)
  4. You can download the two last released episodes here, actually! in the original place and not going through romstation lol
  5. I guess Crescent being in Nightmare City after the pyramid could be a remnant of the original time the player entered Nightmare City (like how most NPCs maintain their place in old maps). But then, after the pyramid giving us flashbacks about what happened with Crescent and Delpha and de others, it supposedly happened long before the PC visited Nightmare City, so... Zetta was transformed into a Solosis and is still a Solosis (probably in Crescent's power). NC's Zetta is there as an actual nighmare of Melia.
  6. I'm very sorry for all Rejuv team but each time I read Eclysia Pyramid I think it's calling it Eclampsia pyramid 🙃

  7. Well, Zetta-Geara are the standard hellish bosses on their own due to the MC having to battle basically at 1vs2 the whole battle. I also found myself a little bit against the ropes when fighting Erin In the gym leader variety I think late-game leaders are more easily countered bc we've got access to more pokémon, but I found Marianette to be what it's called a Wake-up-call Boss more than Keta
  8. Somehow EP19 being completely deleted was right on my bingo card of things happening on 2020, and not even the wildest one (?) Anyways, it's cool to see development being advanced, be it fast or slow. Reborn is a great game and can't wait to see its final act! (actually I do. I will wait don't worry)
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  10. So you say its too much for one update, then you go and say that both updates are going to have more content than before? I think we would be good with just normal v13 content split in two updates (bc it truly looks like a lot) so this is very very cool and not at all something to be sorry about! Thanks! I hope this year doesn't throw more crazy stuff at you! (or all us, for that matter haha)
  11. Hello! I've been loving this mod so much, and it's great every time I see any update on it However, I seem to have a few bugs with sidequests (or maybe I'm just too advanced in the plot to do them, I already completed everything):
  12. I'll try! Quagsire Crest: Increases its bulk, and gives it Simple. Flygon Crest: Applies Sandstorm by entering battle, giving it a x1.5 bonus in evasion Bronzong Crest: Multiplies x1.3 the power of sound moves; applies the Ability Regenerator. Spinda Crest: Hitting Spinda with physical moves or being hit by its physical moves results in confusion Golurk Crest: Exchanges Atk. for Def. and Sp. Atk. for Sp. Def. Landing any special moves on it triggers a 1/16 damage from it (Rough Skin with special moves instead of physical) Shiftry Crest: Leaf-based attacks p
  13. Uhhh I may had missed that Applin early on hahah I caught mine in the glade... Where does it appear?
  14. It's in a tree in the Secret Glade where you can find Applin!
  15. Yeah that's my problem too lol Or maybe the old man is in other place?
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