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  1. It could be bad, I've read about people whose Poochyena/Zigzagoon in RSE/ORAS was Shiny (and uncatchable) hahah
  2. I can think of two different theories: One, Prologue!Anathea and Past!Anathea come from different dimensions or timelines, like Melia and Melanie (And probably Marianette too) but Chrisolia Hotel's existance means the manor was there at one point.
  3. Yes, it is clear that Vitus, Sirius or Indriad is involved in some sort of age-stopping magic, as we saw him Kugearen City (Timetravel) and in Marianette's manor, which is implied to be around the same time period, that being roughly 50 years prior the beginning of the game, and the same happens with Nymiera's arc in Hiyoshi.
  4. Hmmm I don't think so, not remembering the details but she played it as "an old forgotten legend" that at best, ran on her family lore. I seem to remember it also sounded quite similar (or linked) to the story of Griselda, with the "Man" being one of the forces behind the treason by her sisters and daughter. Then again, Griselda being Giratina would make sense, as that story is like a cosmogeny for Arceus, Dialga, Palkia and her.
  5. This sidequest is complete, but the complete story about the Darchlight Manor is not. You may want to complete the quest that starts, iirc, by visiting the Goldenleaf Gym/Theatre after winning against Narcissa.
  6. I think you have to talk to her behind the house?
  7. Will be better to do an only event pokemon run on Reborn, or on Rejuvenation? 🤔

  8. AS it has been said, the girl in the pkmn center is part of a sidequest, so it's not necessary to advance the main plot. It's advisable to do, though. The girl you should be looking for spawns in one of the buildings/houses near the eastern train station.
  9. i think you can solve this giving the Mega Stone/Crest to a pokémon and then unequipping it, it should come back to the correct bag.
  10. I think you now want to go bear the train again, there or Oblitus Town.
  11. I know, because in EP 18 I was so close to breaking myself (?)
  12. EP19 is actually just a neverending gauntlet in which you have to fight every Team Meteor admin or boss without stopping
  13. In the same folder you found that one. You should find the 532 and all the way down (maybe not all 500, but you get me). Rename the most recent to game.rxdata and you can change it and use it.
  14. From what I recall, all the forest fields are the same except from darchlight
  15. First time I tried to just brute force my way through it with generic strategy and costed me a ton to win. Second time, I got my hands on Cosmic Power (happened to be on Solrock, but, you know) and it was walk by the park, if only time-consuming.
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