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  1. But Shadow Gyarados is not evil per se, but the psychic typing would be appropriate because it's said to be a whole bunch of magikarps together with rift energy
  2. I particularly love Claydol's Crest. I did like Claydol's design and idea before, and the crest gives it the ability to use its firepower accordingly. I also love Ledian for similar reasons: Cool style, poor mon. Crested Ledian is probably still not an Uber but it's more of a threat now
  3. I mean it also depends on which mons are your favorite, like if your faves are tyranitar, garchomp, lucario, blaziken, etc, yeah, it may not be a challenge at all (more than reborn usually is) but if you just love pokemon that do mediocre in battle (say, Ledian), it WILL be a challenge lol Specially in Reborn
  4. I do suffer bc the new field/terrain distinction somewhat nerfed my Misty Clefable but I'm also eager to see the changes, like Route 4 (which won't be complete until 13.5, I know, I don't mind waiting)
  5. When at 100%, v13 will be completed but there will still be testing and polishing it!
  6. tbh I'm about to lose count, between mega-evolutions, Z-movements, primal reversions, stance changes, dynamaxes and Gygamaxes, I would gladly do all the game without new battle changing dynamics lol. And I haven't mentioned crests because crests are good, actually. We need more crests.
  7. They should also sell repels (and everyday objects like balls and potions) in the mall in the shopping district iirc
  8. Tbh I think considering everything that has been happening and the size of the game, I don't think neither Reborn nor Rejuvenation have been in development too long lol
  9. Half-Life 3. For anyone who doesn't know about it, here's an idea of what would we be dealing with xD
  10. kithas


    So that's why it's Absol's signature move (or, was), because Absol is just a weasel with a razor on its face?
  11. I think the game would let you go from Route 9 to the Tournament by train (like the first time) but, well. Now you should be able to move freely between fly screens with the equivalent of PgUp or PgDown then...
  12. Then you should be able to exit the Tournament building (or to return there by train) and find the ship that should take you to the plot
  13. The last version lets you fly from GDC to other GDC districts only and from outside of GDC, to other outside of GDC places either. But after you exit the tournament you're not supposed to be able to enter GDC (that's why it's on lockdown) but the plot takes you from the tournament entrance itself.
  14. I think you have to actually use the yatch from other places to get there first?
  15. Wow I don't mind waiting at all if it means getting those cool designs!
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