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  1. I understand this "All Gen mod" will include/replace the Radiation Reborn mod we got now. Will saves from this one work with the All Gen?
  2. Trying to buy in Madame Meganium's (herbalist) actually crashes the game, The error apparently is in the item Mirror Herb not being valid. I'm attaching the error message:
  3. To be fair, I do consider games (even more, FREE FANGAMES someone is doing in their free time just for the fun of it) to be way less important to anyone's mental wellbeing. BlueTowel could just have left the mod like this and -while being a jerk- nobody would be in the right to tell him anything. To complain because someone shared the story of how they could simply not manage to cater to your entertainment for free seems a little assholeish, to be fair.
  4. Hello, the S-51ite is not working (it doesn't even give the option to megaevolve S-51A)
  5. I am having an issue, that I'm not sure is an issue with this mod exactly, but there are a few event pokémon that haven't appeared when they should, like the Murkrow in the Aqua Gang Alley (at night and windy) or the Zorua that should spawn in Beryl Gym. Others spawn just fine (like the Zangoose or Electrike that also spawn in the alleyways) so I'm not sure what would be the problem... The Mining For Rich modular mod also does not work when Radiation Reborn is active but I'm not sure I should be reporting this since I'm not sure how it works or if it's a known bug. Anyways, other than that, it's being a very fun and interesting way to play and I'm more interested in the Eeveelutions than I would admit to be when I started it, lol. Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to see this completed!
  6. Hello! I am looking forward to downlpad this mod since I liked Uranium, but, does it use the same savefiles as the Main unmodded game? I already had problems when mixing an unmodded save with a modded one and still want to play Vanilla Reborn...
  7. Thanks! I actually had a Prankster Meowstic with dual screens around and it did wonders! I'm looking into your ideas... thanks!
  8. I think the title is pretty clear lol. I'm right in the middle of the postgame (I just finished Lugia/Ho-oh quests) and I would like the rest of battles not thinking on how many Revival Herbs do I use. I know the game's pretty difficult and not using them is difficult, but a bit of help in team-building would be great! So these are the mons I usually have rotating in my team: Others I also have to help when needed: Sp, Attacker Lucario @Lucarionite Sp. Attacker Hydreigon Attacker Mamoswine Attacker + Wall Steelix @Steelixite Skill Link + King's Rock Cincinno And more (?) Also options: (I just EV-Trained Celesteela as a wall -and as my favorite Ultra-Beast lol) and Kartana for attack but with current results I'm unsure of results) Idk if it's something I lack in teambuilding, or if it's just lack of preparation from the player's side, but I just think I need help Edit: I just tried to fight Deoxys' anomaly and yeah, it's hard to try to win competitive battles with just Fake Out, having everything in the opposite side be just faster and stronger than even pseudo-legendaries/Ultrabeasts, so I need that help.
  9. I thought the only thing that happened to Geara/Gregory was that his parents lost him in the Voidal Chasm (the guy from Sashila sidequest) so he may have "absorbed" some ghost energy or something like that. But I like to think he is just a jerk, like jerks do exist without any theories to justify them lol
  10. The Toxtricity one wasn't originally a Mega but a Gigantamax form (which in Rejuvenation are implemented as Megas) but anyways it would be cool too
  11. It would be fun to battle them at the gate of GDC when they seem to be stranded in there without volta lol
  12. I always interpreted Lin's exploding as Titania's blow anime-style destroying her for an instant
  13. I consider Meteors to be stuck in the circle of "the only way to get out of the slums is to Join team meteor, who promises us that all those sacrifices will be unmade in their utopia. Coincidentally they are also the ones creating those slums in the first place".
  14. I'm not sure since I never played hardcore but when a gym leader was impossible the thing that worked best was to mimic at some extent their own strategy like souta is surprisingly easy when using tailwind. I remember trying Solrock for Marianette? But, again, I didn't play hardcore, so...
  15. Considering this is a videogame and all these characters are just fictional people I think Titania's no-nonsense thing is pretty cool even if she sometimes takes up to eleven lol
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