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  1. I think the quest log is really useful for the people who do hiatus on their game and don't remember at what point in the quest they are lol About the path markers I'm not so sure an explicit warning about your decision being good or bad. In one hand, I would myself like to know where I'm going with my decisions (and sometimes you're going for a specific ending, for completion, etc) but somehow I also feel like irl decisions are not often marked or telegraphed like that. But its just my opinion. I think it's overall a pretty neat update!
  2. Well I would say that a "reward system for unlocking gameplay achievements" does already exist in Rejuvenation. At the least it could be implemented there. I think getting the whole pokédex can well be an actual achievement on itself, too, but I think getting something out of it can be a good incentive
  3. Did you check in the Undeground Railnet, right where the children were abducted? That's where the plot goes! And there's a Strength stone blocking the path...
  4. kithas

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    Considering Jan did put it three times in a row, in red big underlined letters, I would only bet for people asking for the DLC content, yes.
  5. kithas

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    It's a great great work! I saw them and they're so cool
  6. They were nice but I remember their factory being in Sheridan, destroyed when we went throught Keta's and Madelis' arcs, and again when in Sheridan's hidden coast (the swamp with the Gastrodon, the Factory, etc)
  7. kithas

    Minor Progress Update

    It has been answered already in its thread in the forumd: Gigantamax forms will be added as Custom Megas, but no regular Dynamax
  8. Edit: Well, thanks to you both, I thought I had the last patch installed but I guess I missed it. And yeah, I totally forgot Berry Kid hahah its all solved then.
  9. So basically EV-resetting berries are not available yet, nor are EV-resetting CDs who exist in reborn iirc and I would like to ask if there is a way (besides debug) of rearranging Pokémon's EVs. I would also want to know the conditions needed to get Whiscash Crest from Goomidra Kingdom's vendor, because it won't sell to me and instead it keeps giving me Bastiodon Crest, which I already own! Thanks!
  10. kithas

    Minor Progress Update

    I don't know if the first pic is something already seen but all the others are just *chef's kiss*, I love the idea of implementing Zumi's art into the game like that
  11. You have to break the rocks obstructing the flow of lava by the pillars (or defeat the pokemon in their place) starting at the "basement" (B1F maybe?) where there's a big lava surface and an "island" with two pillars.
  12. I don't know if it has been answered yet, but, are there any Main-Quest-affecting Side quest threads planned for the future? As in the hidden Library one, quests that you shouldn't miss if you want the full experience
  13. You have to put the grunt to sleep with Jigglypuff, but before you should deafen yourself (which can be attained with Whismur's cry).
  14. I would say Grassy Surge is more game changer than Libero So, are the hidden abilites going to be the actual ones even with one of them being just a field changer?
  15. I think the Claydol in the desert Oasis can sneak you in, it's connected with the one in the scholar disctrict's park!
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