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  1. I'll try! Quagsire Crest: Increases its bulk, and gives it Simple. Flygon Crest: Applies Sandstorm by entering battle, giving it a x1.5 bonus in evasion Bronzong Crest: Multiplies x1.3 the power of sound moves; applies the Ability Regenerator. Spinda Crest: Hitting Spinda with physical moves or being hit by its physical moves results in confusion Golurk: Exchanges Atk. for Def. and Sp. Atk. for Sp. Def. Landing any special moves on it triggers a reaction from it (Rough Skin with special moves instead of physical)
  2. Uhhh I may had missed that Applin early on hahah I caught mine in the glade... Where does it appear?
  3. It's in a tree in the Secret Glade where you can find Applin!
  4. Yeah that's my problem too lol Or maybe the old man is in other place?
  5. Is it possible to complete the Monster House (i. e. getting Dreepy) event after renovating the city?
  6. Randon moves in lieu of HMs does happen in Insurgence
  7. I would usually go to the latest save and that's all. The problem is that (i don't know if it's due to how the multiple slots are managed or by the nature of Game-z files) there doesn't seem to be any last saves from the last hours. Thanks anyway!
  8. When getting to a new area my screen just went black, as if loading, but it just doesn't change. There is no answer from any key, menu or whatever but the fast save, which I regrettably did, so I can't go back my previous save (I think Game-Z just doesn't do saves the same??). It happened while exploring an Alternate Form Mod's area, so I'm not sure it belongs here too. But if someone could help I would be grateful. Game_2.rxdata
  9. Uhhh I think I may have found a bug in the Northern Undernet the part where Galarian Meowth's spawns, after going through a Rock Climb wall, the screen goes dark while the soundtrack keeps playing. The bad thing is that it prevents me from accessing the menu from wich I guess I could have just Escaped. And I don't think I could restart an older save bc for some reason (the fact that I was using the Game-z file?) the last backups didn't exist. So as this happened into the Mod area I'm reporting the bug, and also leaving the file here in case someone could help me Game_2.rxdata Thanks! P.S: Also Octolock is bugged, displays an error message and doesn't have any effect, but this isn't probably new lol
  10. Hm, so doing a Grass Monorun in Reborn, would it be more worth Chlorophyll or Harvest Exeggutor in a Sunny-themed team? 🤔

  11. I remember on my first playthrough (maybe EP14.5 or so?) fighting Charlotte over and over, until I had burnt myself up, then resting until the next day and giving it another try. And that lasted like a week. The next one I had troubles with another entirely different gym leader while Charlotte was a walk in the park.
  12. They look amazing! I can't wait to play v13! (jk I can and I will I love the work you guys do)
  13. Hi! I just wanted to thank you bc I love this mod and am doing a monotype grass-type run actively using it Mi question would be: is there any way to enter the cave system under Onyx School after Reborn City's been renovated with the underground railnet?
  14. Hi! I'm having a little trouble facing Aya in a Grass monotype Run! I should share that I'm using the Alternate Form Pack Mod which will explain some things about my available pokémon. These are the ones I've trained: Roserade (poison point, Rose incense) Giga Drain, Magical Leaf, Nature Power, Toxic Gourgeist (Pickup, no item) Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Trick-or-Treat, Shadow Sneak Carnivine (Alternate form Grass/Fire typing, Levitate, no item) Nature Power, Crunch, Leaf Tornado, Incinerate Venusaur (Chrolophyll, Miracle Seed) Nature Power, Poison Powder, Leech Seed, Petal Dance Kantonian Exeggutor (Chlorophyll, No Item) Psyshock, Egg Bomb, Giga Drain, Nature Power Leavanny (Chlorophyll, no Item), X-Scissor, Sticky Web, Protect, Shadow Claw Sunflora (Alternate "Firecracker" form, Grass/Fire, Drought, Heat Rock), Heat Wave, Solar Beam, Leech Seed, Giga Drain Tangrowth (Regenerator, no item) Giga Brain, Knock Off, Ancient Power, Poison Powder Ludicolo (Rain Dish, no item) Mega Drain, Bubble Beam, Nature Power, Mist I trained the Alternate sunflora trying to get Chlorophyll on Exeggutor for a chance of its Psyshock but I never seem to go past of her Drapion or her Salazzle So I'm not sure if modded games are allowed in this thread but in this case I may need help lol Edit: Somehow, trying again after making this post, I actually managed to win by not using Drought for after defeating Salazzle lol
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