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  1. A Gauntlet with PULSE Camerupt, PULSE Hypno, PULSE Mime, PULSE Clawitzer and PULSE Arceus in a row, yeah
  2. The Garufan Seal in Amberette was in Kanon's room, and he's since been revealed to be a living spell of probable garufan origin. Aelita and Erin were stared at, iirc, by Melia and MC after coming back from the back future, and Alexandra's Crystal was in her family's possession since at least Nymiera. Most likely the travel between Hiyoshi (Nymiera's house) and Sashila (Alexandra's house) actually happens between two instances of the same Crystal lol. The "proof" we actually get to the past is how we can affect the future with the tree sapling in Route 2, cutting it an producing another version of it.
  3. Maybe that it's not "bad future" so much as Alternate Universe. But I think it was just not followed upon
  4. Yeah I also remember it being effective regardless of HP
  5. I guess Rejuv is more Shonen-ish in that regard, like it's pretty easy to differentiate between good and bad characters, even with, like, Puppet Master in V13 or Crescent its clear. In the other hand, Reborn is more... Different. You got Shade, Taka, Amaría (who tries to outright drown the MC), ZEL... They're not meant to be put in any character binary. And then there's Fern, lol
  6. The field doesn't change but the terrain is generated. You can check it by pressing S (by default) and then selecting one of the battles, you get to see the field/terrain in effect
  7. Ah yeah I missed it. I never had it locked before. Maybe you have to try and find Spector first so he can go an check in they gym
  8. Yo go through the mirror and you have to go back, that's when you're teleported to her house
  9. I think a number of plot points changed in early game between E18 and E19, mostly polishing things. But yeah I think it would be worth the wait
  10. You'll need a Rift Fragment only when the game asks you for a Rift fragment, yeah, the problem is "how much Red Essence?"
  11. I had the same problem, put 15k, then had another 15k prepared, put them again without result, got a little more Red Essence, let it stay until night, tried it, and with just 1k, instant beldum. I think it may be bugged lol
  12. The older Narcissa Scene I think was badge locked, but it was in a previous version, so....
  13. It didn't ask me to throw Rift matter Fragments (the correct item lol) at all. I've got both Rift Matter and Red essence, but it only asks for more Red Essence. Edit: I got the Den working, and don't even know why: I had thrown like 15k essence before, then I got to the situacion in the last post, I let it rest for a while, then came back tonight, threw like 1k Red Essence and it was right there. Maybe there's a wait time or something.
  14. Is it badge locked or something? I throw essence, "it's got an incredible ammount of energy in it", throw more, "it's got a great deal amount of energy in it", throw like 3k more, "it's got a small bit of energy in it" like it shouldn't be available now (I just defeated Florin and used Teleport, which got me back into WG area, which I suppose is some kind of bug)
  15. I don't remember when did she say she hated her mother, but it wouldn't stop her from thinking Anathea sacrificed herself. And maybe Madame X is an Erin/Marianette from an Alternative Timeline, so her relationship with her parents may be different. Her dialogue doesn't seem to imply she knows personally the main characters.
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