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  1. go into the saves folder and find the save just before you encountered beldum. delete the most recent save(named as game.rxdata) and rename that earlier save as game.rxdata. beware that you'll loseall your progress since that moment. but i guarantee you its worthit coz that beldum has saved my ass alot in the game
  2. hey, found this game rn and it seems interesting. can anyone tell me how much content is there and how much do the devs plan on adding?
  3. i checked the pokemons who could learn defog and the ones who learn it naturally, we get them late in the game and that amount is only 6 excluding galar poke(10 including) . the others need to be breeded or taught by a move tutor.
  4. so defog can now nullify terrains in gen 8 (stated by bulbapedia). will it also nullify the field effects of rejuv??
  5. there's an entrance to the cave on that ashy route that leads to the beach. enter it and purify it. forgot which move needs to be used (see the field effects manual). the enter the cave from safari zone.
  6. so if it was a big landmass and it broke away, then the borders are certainly dont need to exactly fit into each other. and the breaking up off the island would have resulted into new landmasses on the broken up islands. so what i'll suggest is that you start from whatever we have in past and try to fit the present into it and not the other way round. oh and btw, i looked into the voidal chasm and the boat there says gregorian so we definitely know the location of gregoarian lake and its even close to zone zero(present)/hiyoshi city(past). take this as your reference point and try to extrapolate the other places from this reference. you definitely are onto something and i'm loving your posts
  7. dude. idc if this is all false. this is one hell of a theory, a game theory :3. though about the gregorian lake. wasn't it that dried up lake in the voidal chasm(zone zero desert) with that wrecked boat in it? i'm pretty sure it was that one.
  8. are the boosts given by these crests permanent? what will happen if i use haze on any of these like the boosts to the stats? will they be reverted?
  9. is there any way to know what andwhere the different bgms were used in the game?
  10. Okay so i was thinking that there are basically two reasons that people use party debug for: 1) to get pokemons they cant, 2) to train the pokemons. And that is pretty obvious though. And i can understand why jan wouldn't want the 1st point as it goes against to how the devs want the players to play the game. And i totally support this reason as well. But then there's the 2nd reason of using it which saves a hell lot of time. Though there's a manual way of grinding pokemons in the game i.e ev training and those audino trainers but its really time consuming and many people may not actually have that kind of time. so what i suggest and actually request anyone here to make a mod that combines both and cuts upon the time for grinding. maybe increasing the level of pokemon in the ev rooms acc to the level cap?
  11. use the sylveon!!!!!! miaty terrain, calm mind X 2/3 , moonblast/. in that order. boom, match won.
  12. okay so first of all, thank you for this wonderful game. i really love what you people have done and how much invested i am in this. i can only imagine if you had the budget of an actual studio and these were your primary jobs what could've been the result. and then more of a question its like a request if an eternal flower floette could be put in the game with its signature much. i really wanted to use that pokemon but havent been able to so far in any game at all and i was hoping i could use it in rejuv. ik its a silly request but if any way it could be possible maybe you devs could think about it please? and again thank you for rejuv. i absolutely love it.
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