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  1. someone gotta make a family tree outta this!!!
  2. so what's the difference between the current build and the mk build?
  3. hey, found this game rn and it seems interesting. can anyone tell me how much content is there and how much do the devs plan on adding?
  4. i checked the pokemons who could learn defog and the ones who learn it naturally, we get them late in the game and that amount is only 6 excluding galar poke(10 including) . the others need to be breeded or taught by a move tutor.
  5. so defog can now nullify terrains in gen 8 (stated by bulbapedia). will it also nullify the field effects of rejuv??
  6. is there any way to know what andwhere the different bgms were used in the game?
  7. Okay so i was thinking that there are basically two reasons that people use party debug for: 1) to get pokemons they cant, 2) to train the pokemons. And that is pretty obvious though. And i can understand why jan wouldn't want the 1st point as it goes against to how the devs want the players to play the game. And i totally support this reason as well. But then there's the 2nd reason of using it which saves a hell lot of time. Though there's a manual way of grinding pokemons in the game i.e ev training and those audino trainers but its really time consuming and many people may not actually have
  8. okay so first of all, thank you for this wonderful game. i really love what you people have done and how much invested i am in this. i can only imagine if you had the budget of an actual studio and these were your primary jobs what could've been the result. and then more of a question its like a request if an eternal flower floette could be put in the game with its signature much. i really wanted to use that pokemon but havent been able to so far in any game at all and i was hoping i could use it in rejuv. ik its a silly request but if any way it could be possible maybe you devs could think ab
  9. I I don't mean to demean you or your hard work in any way, but i don't think you can really sell them. Yk, the copyright issues.
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