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  1. I'm at narcissa's house when she asks whether to go to darchlight manor or nor before confronting dufaux. but when i tell her to go she tells me to go finish my unfinished business. what does she want me to do?
  2. that was neved in the blacksteeple castle if i remember correctly. Your assumption does makes sense though.
  3. never really considered that a possibility but this could very well be it. that would mean we have only 2 lights as of now.
  4. This still confuses me as to why nim even said the mc's name. what kind of connection is being established here. any theories anyone?
  5. Man i've been replaying the game and even my theory seems to be somewhat related to yours. I was thinking that it was nastasia's mother who was madame x but now reading what you said. it might very well as be that it is nastasia. I was really thinking that it was a big stretch to be thinking this but your theory seems a solid one
  6. Ren could be the dark prophecy one and i think he maybe obsession/ greed because of how he wants to be stronger and always emphasize on that point whenever we see him. due to this reina could be the 4th light, 'to fight for the lost one'. But this goes against born of man/not born of man clause so it maybe the vice versa that happens. Huey could be the 4th light but it think its a far stretch. A major reveal could be that he is not born of man and only then we could be sure if he's the 4th light or not. Someone mentioned cassandra and she totally could be the greedy dark. We have fought her once and she is powerful to say. And why is no one mentioning flora? she is alive and she is a psycho at the least to say. I think she could be raw evil dark. How about texen? That guy is dumb but he definitely has an agenda against mc and co. Can see him going totally berserk and doing dumb shit just to get back and with his sister dead too, the guy totally have a mental breakdown. I really dont see crescent joining the dark side. yes she is obsessed with the mc and her methods are unconventional but she wouldn't go against the mc at all. And then there's the case of our MC. We can join clear and kieran so in that case where would it leave us? We are not born of man so we wont be a dark sider but we definitely wont be a light. I guess in this case there wont be 4 lights and dark side wins and oblivion occurs. So if we do go by this logic, does there even need to be 4 darks?
  7. so i am replaying the game right now and there is one thing that is bugging me. when we go back into past, melia says we have gone back about half a century. could be 50-60 and i dont belive it should be more than that. The melia we see is 18(its on the rejuv wiki) BUT when she was diagnosed in that garufa machine, her age was 76 or something, idr exactly what. That would definitely mean that the machine gave the age of something that is in melia and not melia. It could be that she has maria's soul inside her and it has been 70 yrs from that point (which i think is weird because its just way more that half a century or maybe i am just taking things way too literally here). Melia could have been formed the same way our own MC was formed. And i say formed here because she was given to dr jenner by team xen. who works for team xen? nastasia. maria was nastasia's only friend when they were young and given how much her mother knew about things, she might have known about garufa and indriad and the co. Which is why when erin in the den of souls say to melia that you are maria, she probably sees her as maria (the same way the protags friends see them as different people based on the souls inside them) as she was when they were together . So i think that because of this melia is somehow connected to the core and has the archetype because of maria.
  8. We are at v13 and there are still 3 more versions to go. I think rejuv has mostly kept people glued to the game is because of its mysteries. 1) Team Xen Personally I believe that its good that we still dont know what team xen wants. All we know is that they wanna wreck havoc on the land but not just for the sake of it. Madame X knows something that the chars and we dont and it plays to the part of the mystery. Rest of the team xen is fodder when you take this into the picture. They are doing X's bidding and nothing more, nothing less. With 3 more versions to go, I think the best time would be to reveal this mystery would be v15, v 16 being the conclusion of it all. 2) the interceptor Now here I think where the devs have actually made everything boinkers. Until v12, interceptor was someone who was outside all that fate circle and whatnot. Now we do get answers in v13 as to who they are, but I wouldn't really call them answers. With what was told came other questions. During the obelisk arc, we were told that the interceptor has adrest's soul and is being co hosted by crescent. That the world has already been resetted once if the interceptor is here. This made sense as to why the third badge existed but was not recognized by alex. They went back in time to the prev world and got the badge from there. But then we do not get how long this reset happened. Then later on, the interceptor is now someone made by a black magic box and has multiple souls and is yet controlled by someone entirely else(the person we name at the start of the game). Oh and he has archetype too. If the world was resetted why do we see al these garufan tech and ruins everywhere? in what sense was the world then resetted? And adding to that, they used tech of the parallel universe to put the soul of our guy into the body of the protag. 3) Too many characters I totally agree that there are just way too many characters to even keep track off. I get that you can have countless side chars but everyone here is trying to be the mc. As the guy above said, making the story too much convoluted. It can be argued that with this many characters, it brings a variety and makes for a richer storyline but here i feel that a single type is being repeated by many different characters. 4) Sudden introduction of unreal mechanisms. The ligosomnia engine and the parallel universes. Not the time travel part though. I think it was given adequate time and executed nicely even though there are some plotholes left here or there as said by the above guy. But the big problems are the 2 I mentioned. We got introduced to the ligosomnia engine and then it gets destroyed in the same chapter. For something that has such a major role into our story it doesnt get much time nor does it get a good execution. And I fell that the parallel universe was more of a name throw to give an origin story to clear and kearan, and wont be more than anything. I maybe wrong here because obviously anything can happen in later version. Though now what i do want to know is who and where are tiempa and spacea. They could have been human manifestations of dialga and palkia but then you see how giratina is being treated in this game and it feels far off from that. The Story is good but is really very loose. We dont want a masterpiece as some guy above said but i guess a clear and crisp storyline has to be there even if there are 3 more versions to go. I remember the devs saying in some qna that the storyline has already been set and its not gonna be changed but i think that the devs do need to think about how the execution of it all is going to take place.
  9. so i'm stuck at intense? lol well at the last battle anyway. just wanted to get it over with.
  10. found luck but he's not changing the difficulty. anyone knows what to do?
  11. the rant about ai going on here? count me in. the ai is so broken. ughh it literally knwos every thin g about your pokemon. the geara fight has me on the edge of just throwing away my laptop ffs.
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