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  1. I always interpreted Lin's exploding as Titania's blow anime-style destroying her for an instant
  2. I consider Meteors to be stuck in the circle of "the only way to get out of the slums is to Join team meteor, who promises us that all those sacrifices will be unmade in their utopia. Coincidentally they are also the ones creating those slums in the first place".
  3. I'm not sure since I never played hardcore but when a gym leader was impossible the thing that worked best was to mimic at some extent their own strategy like souta is surprisingly easy when using tailwind. I remember trying Solrock for Marianette? But, again, I didn't play hardcore, so...
  4. Considering this is a videogame and all these characters are just fictional people I think Titania's no-nonsense thing is pretty cool even if she sometimes takes up to eleven lol
  5. Fern looks like the type of person that would take that back the moment something happened to Florinia
  6. I think it had something to do with the overworld encounters? For me I think it got solved with v13.0.5, if its some help.
  7. It could be done easily with a "well this trainer/gym leader left a recording of their battle style and pokemon for you to battle with" feature like I hope we can do with certain trainers that are not around anymore lol
  8. yeah, berries grow like that. I'm not sure all time-based events get that though
  9. You can go back to the blue square at the beginning of nightmare city and it offers you to either heal your team or heal it and awaken you
  10. It's south-east of the surf zone. You will surf over a oval-shaped area with an oval-shaped dive zone that is not connected to other dive zones.
  11. My theory is that Lin is, in some way, the baby Arceus itself (or as you say, a manifestation/proxy/interface) and all that is happening is either to get free from its encasing under the city, or it's just playing like a child would (and, ironically, we, the players). And I think Lin already "died", at least in one route, by Titania's hand in her gym? It didn't stick, though.
  12. I had this happen to me not only in the dessert, but in most places with overworld pokemon (like Route 4), but when downloading v13.0.5 it stopped happening,
  13. That jurassic world meme except with three hydreigon heads instead of raptors And I guess the maps things look like the bugs are located in a specific version of an specific map (like I guess if a location gets destroyed there's a "destroyed" version and a "new version" which means a lot of time scrolling to find which exact map has the actual problem (and how can it correlate with other maps)
  14. I think one of the main problems with the sprites is that you can't make the pokémon's face out of the Plasma, so maybe it have to be another color, or with thicker lines.
  15. I guess you're talking about a plasma ball Electrode like the image. If so, I think it couldbe fun bc I don't think there's any plasma ball pokémon yet (the closest would be Rotom) and they look enough sci-fi/fantasy-ish so they could fit very well
  16. I'm having trouble winning the plater battle in the Beryl Bridge as it just gives me this message afterwards:
  17. Yeah, she's the true mastermind behind Lin and Team Meteor.
  18. Thanks! It seems that the same thing is happening to Firecracker!Sunflora. And it seems that badly poisoning doesn't happen anymore, not from Poison Fang, two rows of toxic spikes nor Toxic.
  19. Yeah, but there's the issue of who is occupying the Poison Leader position without Corey. I think the best way would be that he's still the gym leader, just he doesn't battle us in his gym or officially.
  20. You're right about wasteland's status. I could see Corey battling the player when ambushed by the cops, saying the same thing about going to the gym (so the police will follow him) and then skipping to the bridge scene
  21. Well it checks out the Puppet Master's battle form being a version of darkrai given that both are masters over the Nightmare Realm lol. And I also get Xerneas-Storm-9 since Xerneas is thematically tied to Nymiera (as Yvetal is to Indriad) and Storm-9 became... well, Nim, who is most probably a version/reincarnation of Nymiera.
  22. Thanks! I redownloaded it a few days ago (the Ep. 0 version) and was having that bug. I'd also want to report another bug, albeit (i think) inocuous: each time the game has to show the backsprite of Piranha Carnivine, it shows this error message, mentioning the backsprite name present in the folder: It can then be dismissed and the backsprite gets shown and everything without trouble. So I guess is more annoying than else.
  23. Aya's plot starts being about her relationship with Cain and how she's his replacement. There isn't really a lot of time between Crain's beginning (right when we have ours) and Corey's arc, from which we've got Aya as gym leader. So it's not a stretch that she's still new after taking over her brother's gym.
  24. I agree with OP that between the timer and the chasers, the puzzles are pretty annoying lol. I don't mind long puzzles to think (like the Carotos one) but having to think and move fast for a long time in a game whose battles are explicitly turn-based strategy gets old fast for me too. I don't mind a Quick-time event but I kinda liked that arc more before.
  25. Well, it doesn't matter what's in the Penthouse right now bc we know there's a reworking happening for EP19 so it might as well change lol
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