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  1. Allen and Alice become part of the main storyline and Karen can be found in Alamissa Urben iirc, although I'm not sure if certain plot conditions have to be met for her to appear.
  2. The possibility of mimicking her is always there. Like at this point we got enough mon variety to be able to tailor a team just for the New World Field effects lol
  3. I think in previous versions of v13 the Rift Matter you "threw" into that den didn't get spent. Like you could take the total quantity of Rift Matter, throw it, check it and still have it in your Gather Cube lol. But sadly it got fixed so now you spend it.
  4. I think Beldum's quest changed in V13, you have to fill the Raid Den in the wetlands with, I think ,30000 Rift Matter (the thing you get from Raid battles on route 4) and then a purple glow lights up and you can battle it.
  5. tbh Endgame wishes I had for it half the hype I have for E19 lol
  6. I may have kicked three gym leaders' behinds in Rejuv v13 all thanks to just 1 crested mon lol

  7. Most of these things are just wild speculation. The prologe could be related with Marianette's part, or maybe not. Also most "present" events go on independent timelines from one another, like the main plot can be left hanging with everyone waiting for the PC to do something in a few minutes and then a whole sidequest that canonically lasts days can take place. Also sidequests can be done at different times in the game, so it all gets a little bit wonky at best.
  8. uhhh I remember its Sp. Atk using Sp. Def (which makes sense given it's its best stat) but looks like either the description or the actual item got changed. Either way, according to the wiki, Defense stat boosts do not modify Special Attack, while Special Attack boosts still apply.
  9. I would compare Taka with someone involved in some sort of cult: is the cult doing bad things? Yes. Is the person whose entire family is in the cult doing, by proxy, those bad things? Yes. But, to what point can you blame them if that cult is the only thing he knows? It's like individually blaming each grunt who wouldn't share the same degree of control that Sirius and Solaris had over Team Meteor's decisions.
  10. For me the difference is that I do feel sorry for Fern, like one can see how all he does is because some twisted inferiority complex. He started the game like a school jerk and just went down from there. He probably joined Meteor because he already thought he was the bad guy. Like in the final act, when fighting for the Fate of the universe and the likes, Fern will probably be just a speck of dust to sweep before facing the actual challenges. And he knows it.
  11. A Gauntlet with PULSE Camerupt, PULSE Hypno, PULSE Mime, PULSE Clawitzer and PULSE Arceus in a row, yeah
  12. The Garufan Seal in Amberette was in Kanon's room, and he's since been revealed to be a living spell of probable garufan origin. Aelita and Erin were stared at, iirc, by Melia and MC after coming back from the back future, and Alexandra's Crystal was in her family's possession since at least Nymiera. Most likely the travel between Hiyoshi (Nymiera's house) and Sashila (Alexandra's house) actually happens between two instances of the same Crystal lol. The "proof" we actually get to the past is how we can affect the future with the tree sapling in Route 2, cutting it an producing another version of it.
  13. Maybe that it's not "bad future" so much as Alternate Universe. But I think it was just not followed upon
  14. Yeah I also remember it being effective regardless of HP
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