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  1. Talk to EVERYONE, if it doesn't work talk to everyone again.
  2. Are you EV trained? If u are not u should train ur EVs, Zoroark should be one tapping almost everything there and ur team seems strong enough to beat him if u can avoid the trick room.
  3. Download the latest version of the game, they patched this problem. If it does not work then try loading an earlier save file.
  4. https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Lists_of_TMs_and_HMs Here is the link with all the locations, the ones that don't have anything aren't available yet.
  5. The only thing I can think of when u talk about a sequence of buttons that makes the game go full screen is alt + enter.
  6. Well, you have a lot of moves that aren't available at the current version of the game for the pokemons you want it on. Anyway, a good addition to your team would be a bulky grass type for the FIRE/GRASS/WATER core and having a ground resist with it, just bullet seed on ambipom isn't going to cut it. Just please for the love you have for your team do not get a grass/poison, you need something to take a hit from ground types. Rock Smash is nerfed btw, 45 base power so I advise you to remove it from arcanine.
  7. It allows you to interact with certain event pokemon and makes certain events happen so you can catch pokemon. Just always have at least one in your bag, the game will ask if you want to use it when the time comes.
  8. If you have sun go venusaur, if you don't have sun go roserade.
  9. Try setting up growths before musharna comes to the field and defeat it with a overbuffed fomantis. DO NOT KILL THE MUNNAS BEFORE HAVING SET UP. Good Luck.
  10. Yeah, that's a game_2.rxdata file not a game.rxdata one, it happens when you have a save file active and click in "new game", reborn allows you to have multiple saves without having to mess around with files. just change from game.rxdata to game_2.rxdata or go into your game and click in "other save files".
  11. There was a patch that fixed it, download the game again and it should be fine.
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