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  1. Just made it to Celia City, and some of the buildings are not rendering. Am on Mac version.
  2. Moving Desolation to the Applications folder from the downloads folder worked for me. EDIT: Game is saved in C:\Users\(your user)\Library (for some reason this folder was hidden for me at first, if you don't see it try command+shift+period)\Application Support\Pokemon Desolation
  3. Purugly Crest: BIG speed and attack buff, but a chance to ignore orders. Scratch, slash, and other clawing moves have a small chance to poison
  4. When I try to load the game I get this error: Game.rxdata Backup saves get the same error, even back a hundred or so.
  5. When I try to start a new game, this happens: That's actually why I started using Wine in the first place. Edit: Sorry for wasting your time, moved the app to the applications folder and game runs fine. (I feel so embarrassed for not looking in the page you linked in the post before posting)
  6. Is Game-z.exe intended to work on Mac if using Wine? For me it just has a blank error screen and an 'OK' button. Game.exe works fine, although its a bit laggy.
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