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  1. You ever just stop for a moment in the playthrough and think "What a heated mess that i have"? Cause that's me all day everyday in Rejuvenation specifically. I think most, If not all of my favorite mons are locked in some shape or form, whether that be temporary or permanent. Rejuvenation and reborn mostly encourage using more that 6 Mons and that is something I really like, but I feel rejuvenation Just goes a bit far in the limitation department. Having a main 6 Puts my soul at ease, but I just can't do it in Rejuvenation :') My current team is: Swampert-Noivern-Hariyama-Lycanroc-Malamar-(Shifting sixth slot between a LOT of stuff. Including but not limited to: Sylveon-Arcanine-Talonflame-shiftry-...) I don't really need help in the playthrough, i always seem to find a way out... but i iust wanted to rant a bit i guess. Thanks if you managed to read all of this :')
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought it was a level trainer so i never bothered to check :') The quest's name was "Research" but i dun goofed. Thanks again!
  3. I found everyone except the one in the jungle. I looked Everywhere i can... Would be really appreciated if someone pointed out their whereabouts. Thanks in advance!
  4. MedoTS

    PickUp Teams

    I see.. Thank you!
  5. MedoTS

    PickUp Teams

    Okay so, I just won against Hardy and therefore finished what exists of the story up till now as far as I know at least :'D And I was planning to make a pickup team to grind till the next episode. My question is, where's the best place to catch already high-leveled pokemon with Pickup as the ability? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ah. I wish you the best of luck then
  7. For Future reference, That happened to me before, but i managed to use the Backup savefiles to "Time travel" To the point before trading away my Exp.share
  8. Ah... Hope everything is going well with you :') It's not really that necessary I guess... I just wanted to try Aurora Veil on A-Ninetales. and needed an Ice stone :I I already have a double screen Meowsitc anyway.
  9. ...Does the process get interrupted if I play the game? It's Kinda boring without it :'D
  10. Game.rxdata Here, Thanks in advance for thyst time sensei :')
  11. I hope this is the right place to ask >.< anyway, I cannot access the 8th and 9th Floors from the Dept. store, even though i finished their missions according to the sticker guide. and when I talk to the NPCs that give them they just give me the post-quest Dialogue Thanks in advance :')
  12. MedoTS


    Hello fellow guys and gals and non-binary pals! Just a new player joining in after a long hiatus I just wish everyone a good day and that hopefully I can make some friends on here! May the odds be with us all!
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