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  1. Yeah, I JUST started doing that lol. I've been getting by barely with a handful of mons that I like, with absolutely disgusting EV spreads. I'm going to have to find some berries though, because I refuse to get rid of my bros. The only mon I've actually EV trained is my Sneasel, because I love Sneasel.
  2. Lol, I'm way farther in the game at this point. I'm grinding right now getting ready to fight Ciel. Because you get so little money in this game, especially early on, I've developed this mentality of "don't buy anything you don't ABSOLUTELY need to have," so most of the time I have no revives.
  3. I often find myself restarting every major fight anywhere from 5, to upwards of 20 times. The worst offender being the fight with Sirius in the Belrose Mansion. That fight took me three straight days of grinding. Now don't get me wrong, I love the difficulty. The thing I hate the most about the main Pokemon games is their lack of difficulty until you hit the postgame. This game rides you hard the whole way through, and I appreciate it.
  4. I got you. Go into any alleyway, and start catching Poochyena. Once you have one with the ability "Rattled", that's your guy. Evolve him so he has Moxie, and wipe her entire team. That's how I got her.
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