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  1. This is truly the most blessed image Iโ€™ve seen in a very long time.
  2. Hey so, I heard that you play this game on Mac, and so do I. But ever since I got the game, Ive had to turn the animations off because of the script hanging messages I get whenever ri am mid battle. Do you have any way to fix this, that isn't turning my animations off? I really want to see the new animations they implemented into the game.ย 
    Thank you

    1. Tacos


      Unfortunately, I have yet to find a solution for this.ย  If I ever find one, I will be sure to post it in the Mac Guide.

    2. Super__


      Oh alright thank you

  3. Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ˜„, i hope that you will have a fun day ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿฐ

    1. SilverAngelus


      Happy Birthday~

      I hope you get to eat cake and tacos~ ๐ŸŽ‚ย ๐ŸŒฎ

  4. @nano doesn't get it feel free to message me or follow up here if you have any questions. I donโ€™t really use mods but the process for installation seems simple enough, so I could probably give you some help.
  5. I, for one, am glad to see this. As someone who admittedly used to make occasional jokes with friends about this (though really only if other people started joking about it first), I was glad that as I came to know more people in the trans community and people who identify strongly as allies as well, I was educated about the damaging effects of these jokes and the terrible stigmas associated. Part of life is the personal growth of discovering new perspectives to different topics and learning about the different issues plaguing those of different identities and cultures. For those who used to make jokes and feel as if their speech is going to be incredibly censored, I ask that you, instead of expressing your annoyance or frustration immediately, take the time to have a discussion with someone who strongly opposes your position or do some research on how these jokes affect trans people, most specifically those who are MtF. Perhaps weigh the importance of being able to make a joke or use a word in certain contexts over the importance of people of a marginalized group feeling safe. Yes, most people understand that the word's use in the context of jokes isn't particularly the same as calling someone by that name and therefore isn't particularly targeting someone, but what it does do is contribute to a stigma that people with genitalia differing from their outwardly presenting gender are undesirable and/or demonizes them by implying they wish to deceive others. In my opinion, if me simply removing a word from my vocabulary in certain contexts has the contribution of decreasing the stigma against trans people and by association, easing their already absurdly plentiful and ridiculous struggles by even a fraction of a percent, I'll gladly do so. There are derogatory words targeted towards those of asian descent. A simple google search would find you results on that. And perhaps instead of asking "what word we're gonna use," perhaps consider the alternative of not making jokes at the expense of marginalized groups. I hope that approach may have more fulfilling results for you. Don't take my word for it since I'm not a staff member, but I think it would be safe to say those words in those contexts won't fly either. From the experience of being the person who originally wrote up the post regarding rule 4, we tried to make it clear that variations of some of the listed words were considered bad as well, considering we all know the words themselves aren't dangerous, but rather their societal connotations. Of course these words aren't entirely banned as they are words that didn't originally begin as derogatory terms, but I'd assume that in the specific context, they'd also be frowned upon.
  6. I have no solutions for that unfortunately. It's a commonplace occurrence for pretty much everyone regardless of the computer's performance.
  7. It's one of the settings you can access from the menu.
  8. I'm never too big on using this as a solution unless I have to, but from what it sounds like, it might just be your computer's inability to keep up with how intensive Reborn can be for Macs. One solution that may help, even if it unfortunately reduces the quality of the battling experiences, is disabling battle animations. For Macs that are weaker and/or on the older side, like my previous laptop for example, things like that tended to work. I wish I could provide more of a solution outside of being sure to save as frequently as possible and potentially giving your computer a break for a few minutes after brief intervals of playing to ensure it's not overheating. I've yet to run into much else that specifically helps these sort of issues, but please come back and let me know if none of that is making any difference. I apologize once again for my lack of solutions here, but I hope this doesn't turn you off from the game!
  9. Hmm... And it's consistently at the end of turn 2? Does this occur with other battles as well? What moves are being used by your opponent?
  10. Does your Torchic have speed boost by chance? I've been seeing that stat-changes seem to be quite demanding on Macs for whatever reason and are contributing to script hang errors. I'm not quite sure of a solution as of yet, but I'll try to contact some people and get some more information.
  11. I've experienced this before but never really quite worked out a solution. It was something I specifically experienced using wine method before I switched to wineskin and eventually updated to a newer Mac. But just for clarification, is this coming from the animation of the stat-affecting move, or the animation of the stats being affected? Is it for stats being increased, decreased, or both?
  12. Can't believe I forgot Frank Ocean existed
  13. I'm probably high key the worst for pointing this out but I really like seeing things as up to date as possible and I noticed that in the Pokemon Reborn FAQ, the question about playing the game on macs is linked to the old guide and refers to me as a moderator. Now I do love that my moderator legacy gets to live on in the FAQ but my old guide no longer requires a legacy cause it's dusty and old so an updated link might be neat. Also idk what the deal is at this point with the Showdown server but having a link on the site that just leads to a dead place just makes me a little sad. At the very least maybe make the E16 discussion room up to date for the current episode so it at least looks like Clarice has been trying her best to keep the place tidy.
  14. Hunger games was rigged I'm telling you. That award isn't my fault.
  15. Oops, sorry for a late reply. I'm glad you figured it out though! For the sake of clarity, when you said save file, did you mean your game.rxdata file or the wrapper you created to play the game? Just want to familiarize myself with the issue if it turns out to be important/common.
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