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  1. Zumi quick question.. Is there a Mac version of rejuv because due to the update I couldn't continue my game. I just beat the rift volcanion and im sad Im missing out. Thank you so much!!
  2. I started replaying the game and forgot that there was a guy in the grand hall who says he remembers you from somewhere and to keep trucking. I don't know If this is a reference to something In the future of the game ( specially cause I've beaten it, but a while ago). just kinda sat in my mind for a while wanting to know If this meant something lol.
  3. Yea it is. Thank you anyways!!
  4. So even if I download the 18.3, I can't transfer my data from 18.2?
  5. So I have my old computer where I haven't done the Catalina update, and on it I have my reborn save file. Is there any way that I can save it and transfer it to 18.3, after I do the Catalina update? I have a USB I can use, but idk how to transfer the save files. Thank you so much!!
  6. I would honestly suggest poison Its not the hardest but its definitely not the easiest. Its really fun with early access to nidoran male (right before Florinia from the game corner) makes the run super fun. I also think that if you want a real challenge I would do the dragon challenge easily being toughest (toughest is an understatement). You rely on treecko if you think about it since mega sceptile is dragon, and on noibat, who is not good in the early game.
  7. so it doesn't work with the Mac version?
  8. hey so I want to randomize my Mac game but every time I load the game after I replace all the files It doesn't let me start the game. any way I can get it to work?
  9. I recently downloaded the Mac version of the game and it works fine, but whenever I copy the files into the data folder it doesn't let me open the game. Can anyone help please thank you so much.
  10. Hey so, I heard that you play this game on Mac, and so do I. But ever since I got the game, Ive had to turn the animations off because of the script hanging messages I get whenever ri am mid battle. Do you have any way to fix this, that isn't turning my animations off? I really want to see the new animations they implemented into the game. 
    Thank you

    1. Tacos


      Unfortunately, I have yet to find a solution for this.  If I ever find one, I will be sure to post it in the Mac Guide.

    2. Super__


      Oh alright thank you

  11. or a magikarp

    1. Super__


      No, im sorry, I recently reset the game just to test out different mons that I haven't used before. 

    2. Super__


      And I believe you get magikarp really late in the game 

    3. didajpa


      and a link stone
      i need 2 link stone

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