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  1. Before I go into the water factory place I want to get a blue moon ice cream because I want the 2 extra relationship point values with titania. Thank you so much!!!
  2. Alright thank you so much!!
  3. Hey, so recently when I boot up my reborn I can't hear that lit ass music that hypes me up so much, because-well- its reborn. I play on Mac and run it on wineskin, and ive also checked may audio filed and everything seems to be there but when I boot it up, it doesn't play. SE sounds (like the scroll selector noise thing?) work but the music doesn't any tips? Thank you so much again
  4. Alright I have both of those mons so ill be fine haha.
  5. Yeah im ready for it Also I did some research and found out that the shinx is for type null but I couldn't figure out what the helix fossil was for. Do you happen to have any idea? Also request me at Super_
  6. Yeah I just trust u haha. Oh and yeah that for the two side quests from 7th street
  7. Oh I mean Starry just responded but thank you so much anyways!!
  8. I mean I can right now, do you have a helix fossil
  9. Im currently doing the side quest for the aether foundation, which I didn't even know it was a thing lol. I think I'm at her last required mon which is Luxray so if anyone has a Shinx, cause im not trying to spent 10000 years in the gamecorner lmao. Thank you so much!! Also-Also if anyone is willing to trade it with a helix fossil I will love u forever
  10. I would recommend a Kingdra, Ludicolo, or maybe a Swampert
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