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  1. It wasn't long until the party passed into the Netherworld. The change wasn't obvious, at first, but there was a certain feeling to the place. The normal sounds of animals and leaves rustling in the occasional breeze faded to nothing. That's not to say the animals were gone; there was still the occasional bird flitting through the sky, and a pair of golden eyes belonging to a wolf tracked the party as Youmu lead them towards a hill. The fairies that had seemed nearly omnipresent were nowhere to be seen, replaced by and large by floating spirits. Youmu slowed down as they gained progress toward the mansion. Chen glanced at her nervously as she came to a stop, peering in the distance. "It looks like she didn't leave Hakugyokurou. I don't want to go any further if you have some sort of plan for dealing with her, though." Youmu looked at Masako and Rory expectantly. "She might be on her way right now, so you should do whatever it was quickly."
  2. Heidrun retched as she connected the sight to the smell, though fortunately for everyone involved it'd been some time since she ate and thus that particular process went no further. She backpedaled towards Navin (as the other two weren't exactly the types that invited going to them in a time of crisis.) While she caught her breath, she decided that the body didn't need any further comment than what she'd given, and instead tried to prioritize the information she'd just obtained. "Umm, by the. . ." A vague gesture at the hanging corpse. "There's a hatch, although it doesn't quite look like it's been used recently, and I can't imagine someone that does something like that would be terribly inclined to keep it clean, unless I. . ." She caught herself rambling, and inhaled - an action that sparked immediate regret, as set off a small coughing fit as she inhaled more of the stench of death. "Er, but there's something very worrying here. Other than, you know." Another flap of the hands at the body. "There's something. . . missing, here, something I can feel. Almost like the reactors back home, before they were all destroyed."
  3. The goddess remained motionless for a moment longer on being beckoned; the only indicator that she'd noticed someone had addressed her was her eyes flicking downward to look at Lexiel instead of staring off into empty space. "I do not know." She stepped off the gate and plummeted to the ground, landing uncharacteristically heavily (though still on her feet.) She waited for Lexiel to come down as well, before almost reluctantly speaking up again. "I am afraid of how this world may change me." Youkai recognizing her as a destroyer. . . was it a trick by Orochi? It had to be. The alternative was. . . unacceptable. "And that change cannot come to pass."
  4. Third Form: Sky-Splitting Flash on Travis, Halhi, and Nuparu, spending 1 Yin to increase intercepted attacks to 3. Yin: 7->6 Yang: 0->2 Breath: 8/14
  5. Youmu looked at IP as if the gynoid had grown a second head. "You know, the big bullet duels that everyone does to settle arguments?" She didn't seem particularly invested in explaining, especially as Masako walked off without any explanation. "Well, that was unhelpful. . . Let's go, before something else really bad happens." She began to walk towards the direction the party had originally come from, though she chose a road that seemed less well-maintained. "You guys are sure that once we get that thing away from her, she'll be okay? And that you'll be okay? Yuyuko is really powerful, especially if you're just a regular human." The road wound about, and seemed to draw hazardously close to a few trees that almost seemed upset at the presence of this many people. "Even for the ghost in your group, it won't be safe. She is Princess of the Netherworld, though I guess she doesn't actually do much ruling. . ." She trailed off for a moment as they backtracked through the woods, the air taking on the sinister feeling it'd had when they first arrived.
  6. Tsubasa blinked. That was unexpected, not that it would slow her down. It was time, and she had a perfect target. "Lightning Breathing: First Form: Bolt from Blue Skies!" Suddenly, seemingly near instantaneously, Tsubasa was midair just past the new threat, having slashed it at blistering speed with a now-unsheathed sword. She twisted about in midair, taking another deep breath through clenched teeth. "Fifth Form: Chain Lightning!" She darted back downward, slashing between the Bazelgeuse and the Nui-Rama haphazardly, but effectively nonetheless. First Form on Bazelgeuse, dealing (4d6+CON+DEX)*2. Expend Reaction to target Bazelgeuse with Chain Lightning, hitting it, then the Nui-Rama, then it again for 4d6+CON damage. Yin: 0->7 Yang: 5->0
  7. Tsubasa breathes, assessing the area around her and clearing her mind further, then leaps outward again to guard her newfound allies(?), using the large armored vehicle as cover while she baffles the attacks of the incoming beasts. Eye of the Storm (Currently 0 reduction), then Sky-Splitting Flash targeting Cicivexa and Cell Yin: 0 Yang: 2 - > 4
  8. The ghostly swordswoman glared at the tengu for several moments, sighed, and then rummaged around in her pockets. After a moment, she produced a small handful of coinage in approximately the appropriate amount.
  9. Heidrun made a small disconcerted-sounding noise at the combination of the sticky floor and meat hooks up above. Certainly, it could very well be perfectly benign - meat had to be processed somehow, after all - but it took on a rather more sinister look in a darkened criminal hideout. "M-Maybe we should just go right." She started to move in the direction indicated, sparing a moment to glance at Navin as if waiting for the man to say or do something reassuring. Further glances were shot in the direction of Solomon and especially Venus, though those had a decidedly less expectant (unless fear counted as expectance) cast to them.
  10. Destructive One? Great Harbinger of Ruin? That. . . This cannot be, no no no. Dark, angry storm clouds started to gather overhead as the goddess froze in place. That is not, cannot be who I am. I will not allow this to happen. Orihime-no-muchi-no-Kami, what has caused this to befall me once again? The lightning rumbled overhead, as Mitsurugi felt that cloying dark within stir once more. I have refused thus far, I have protected them despite this. There are none who know of me here, and yet the evil spirits recognize me as one of their own. I thought this place was going to be my salvation, and yet it comes to this. And there she stood, frozen atop the gate, as the rain began to pour down.
  11. "I lured out the bloodsucking beasts." Tsubasa actually re-sheathed her sword as the monsters made their appearance, reassessing the situation once more. Judging by the lack of crazed bloodlust on the part of the group she'd just met, they likely weren't demons, which meant she could fall into the usual routine. She took up a ready stance, not unlike that of a sprinter. "Lightning Breathing: Third Form." For a moment, it almost seemed as if bluish arcs of lightning formed around her, before she suddenly leapt through the air, placing herself firmly between the monsters and the smaller people running for cover with a sound like cracking thunder. "Sky-Splitting Flash!" Sky Splitting Flash, targeting Halhi and Nuparu.
  12. The continued explanation would likely have done some good at calming the errant Demon Slayer down, if she hadn't very clearly noticed Hikari's method of sheathing her weapon. The weapon bursting into blood particles immediately prompted a leap backward and a hand hovering near her sword once again. One definitely melee, the other ranged. Weapons are unusual but that just means they'll have better reach. "You had me going there for a bit, but the blood sword's a dead giveaway, you know?" All this nonsense about another universe and whatever the hell had been done to her was going to have to be resolved later. Of course, if the worst case scenario was true. . . well, her sword worked on herself as well as it did anything else. Which gave her an idea. Her blade was suddenly darting out of her sheath. . . and across the palm of her left hand, scoring a shallow cut and flicking a small spatter of blood onto the ground in front of the group.
  13. "Yes. I've never met an American." Tusbasa continued to stare at Cicivexa. She was thinking about her response, yes, but mostly just wondering how the hell she was supposed to wrap her tongue around that name. After a moment of internal frustration, she gave up, electing to use the title instead. "Then, Black Mage, you should know that there's only one source of magic." Things could be different here, of course, but his behavior wasn't inspiring confidence. Especially given his stature: an adult bearing and voice, but a childlike size almost always meant a demon that had been transformed as a child - and survived long enough to mature, to boot.
  14. Tsubasa glanced back and forth between the others that addressed her, the short one and the one with the. . . something. . . each getting a glance. Particularly the short one. She let some of the tension out of her stance, standing, sweeping her blade in front of her in an almost lazy fashion, and sheathing it. They'll probably assume they're safer that way. As she did so, she took a deep breath, before looking back to the one with the big metal thing. "Sanada Tsubasa. A foreigner, then?" I suppose we're all foreigners, huh? "I don't know who you are to lie to you. The reason you have to trust me is that I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and not shortening you on the assumption that you intend to unleash some sort of Blood Demon Art on me with that." She nods at the rod, which she assumed could hurt her somehow with how it was being pointed at her. Realistically, she likely couldn't fight all of them at once if they turned out to be hostile, but she refused to let fear creep into her mind.
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