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  1. Tsubasa took a deep breath after the fighting petered out, feeling the all-too-familiar sensation of burning throughout her body as she did so. She opened her eyes after exhaling, dropping into a relaxed - if still ready - posture as the conversation continued. She gave the Makuta a casually questioning glance, before nodding at Gozer. "A part of me says I should apologize for cutting a hand off, but another says I should aim higher this time."
  2. "Your attack was deft, yet not sufficient. Tell me," Mitsurugi began, raising her blade up with the point towards the vengeful spirit. "Do you believe you can cut the wind?" An instant after she finished, she darted forwards with blurring speed, closing the gap between the goddess and her target in an instant. Shukuchi on the Onryo, activating Phase, for a total of 2*([3d8+33]*1.2) damage.
  3. Scarlet frowned. "Don't play dumb with me." She stepped back to match Harmony, visibly tensing. "Unless you're trying to hit me with some philosophical thing. If you know I'm, then you know 'what kind of being' I am. The guilt trip thing won't work, trust me." There's no room for more. "Better question is: who and what are you?"
  4. Arthur to H24 Justine to H22, perform Arthur Arthur to F22 and equip Sacred Fire
  5. The Palace of Earth Spirits "Kaenbyou Rin, but people usually just call me Orin." She frowned. "A phone is that thing Koishi started obsessing over during the whole urban legend thing, right? No, there aren't really any of those down here, unless she brought one." Muenzuka The pair doesn't get very far before they feel a hostile presence. The source of this, after a quick glance around, is an orb of pitch blackness that seems to drink in the light, slowly drifting through the air towards the road.
  6. The Streets of a Former Hell The shot cleanly struck the dish. Rather than shattering, it popped off into the air and flipped end over end. Yuugi dashed to catch it before it fell into an errant lava flow, but the sake within was all gone. She turned back to IP with a glower. "I take back what I said. Typical human." She stalked back toward IP; one couldn't help but notice that the earth itself seemed to shake with each step. Once she was back within normal conversation distance, she turned to answer Lotus. "It means I'm one of the four most powerful oni in Japan. And I could fold the other ones in half if I wanted to." Yuugi returned her glare to IP. "So, clever hero, now that you've triumphed over the brutish oni with your superior intellect, what do you want me to teach you, specifically?" Youkai Mountain The guard gave Masako a put-upon look as he rubbed at his nose. "I wasn't sleeping," he said with a pout. "If I get in trouble for letting humans in, then you're the one who's going to have to deal with Inubashiri, not me." He pressed a button as he slunk away to patrol another section of the wall; the gate groaned open ahead of the party. It wasn't quite shocked silence waiting for them on the other side, but more than a few odd looks came their direction from the denizens within.
  7. "Finer details. Sure." The explanation was clearly insufficient for the mercenary, but she didn't press the issue. . . yet. "And yes, we've been pressganged into working together. Not a typical associate of mine." Which wasn't quite true; she had encountered a number of characters over the years, and going legit had only made it weirder. Though, none were quite as insane as Walker. "So if you've got a file on me, you already know what you're getting into. That means we can skip the warnings, yeah?"
  8. Scarlet stopped in her tracks as the strange woman called her out. She turned her head, silently giving her an appraising look. The brunette didn't look all that threatening, but it was never the ones that did that got you. "You're perceptive," she commented simply, before turning to face the stranger more fully. "I don't think we've been introduced." Her tone was guarded, suspicious. Suspicion was a natural response to her; it kept you alive. It was something she defaulted to, questioning the intents of everyone as if she were a machine programmed to do so. Strangers that knew how long she'd been around were especially suspicious.
  9. Justine placed a hand on Arthur's shoulder. "Memories are a more complicated thing than some people think. I can't tell you what to do with all of yours, although I wish I could." She thought for a moment. "I think it's natural to wonder about what could have been. How things might have gone if we'd met someone earlier, or never met them at all. Especially when it's something as complicated and painful as this. All I can really say is. . . try to find the good in it all. It wouldn't hurt this badly if there wasn't just as much joy in it to start. Let yourself feel that pain, and then try to turn it back into the happy memory it once was."
  10. "And I don't give a shit whether you think I'm 'unique or interesting.' You're gonna have to try harder to piss me off than that." Scarlet rolled her eyes. "My dipshit tolerance is up." If it were a few decades ago, she might have risen to the challenge, but she'd seen too many kids high on their own fumes at this point. Instead, she just headed off to see if she could improvise something to . . . or find something powerful enough to get her drunk. Sometimes she wondered why she even tried to go legit. Things were easier when she just killed everyone that annoyed her.
  11. Hearing her name finally prompted Scarlet to turn around and acknowledge the newcomers. "Somehow, I also ended up being the only medical professional here. Which means I get to do whatever I want with you if you get any new and interesting orifices blown in you." Her dry tone didn't make it clear whether this was an attempt at humor or intimidation. Great, more kids to keep alive. She elected not to comment on the earlier exchange about hitting on her. The merc wasn't sure if she would even notice at this point. Not for lack of interest, but for the fact that most people who would do so were people she wasn't exactly interested in for one reason or another.
  12. "Arthur, it's okay to think about these things." She took a step closer. "I can't imagine the pain that memory brings, I know." Justine paused, considering her words. "But. . . if you run from it, it will never stop hurting. Suffering and grief are just as much a part of life as hope and happiness; if we refuse to acknowledge the former, then we won't ever be able to find the latter." She sighed, chuckling ruefully at herself. "I'm sorry, I might not be the best one to lend my shoulder at times like these. I think, though, that if you really want to hold onto her memory, you have to accept these awful feelings as well."
  13. A memory - or perhaps a vision - bubbled to the surface of her mind, at the bidding of the strange sight before her. A sight of warriors laughing at their foes by dancing in the most improbable locations; atop a downed Hydra, in the midst of no man's land, balanced on a speeding hoverbike. Armed with this idea, Thunderlord jumps atop the tallest object nearby and performs the classic Guardian dance.
  14. Scarlet's expression was a faint mix of horror and disgust. "Sapient life isn't a frivolous thing." She shook her head. "Lesson number one in morality, I guess."
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