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  1. "Just be careful. I've learned not to trust 'helpful advice' from mysterious strangers if I don't have a way to verify it myself." Kusuke shot the book a suspicious look despite its innocuous appearance. "Doing what you're asked without stopping to ask how or why is the quickest road to hell."
  2. This could be really bad. She felt like she could still breathe just fine, but reality warping around them like this meant it might not last for long. We brought it, so I may as well. . . Reason and logic aside, it simply felt like the right decision. Tsubasa took the strange, powerful mask she'd been instructed with and placed it over her face. Just like wielding a blade. Clear your mind of everything but the flow. The calm will guide you to the cut as long as you are there to give it form, and give no thought to anything but the cut. The words didn't quite reach her conscious mind as she foc
  3. Mitsurugi The disaster goddess gave a polite bow to the mirror, despite the lack of a figure in it. It was deeper than her typical, one indicative of their equal, but high standing. "Greetings to you as well, Guardian of Kamiki. Meeting a helper of Ōhirume-no-Muchi-no-Kami herself is an honor, especially given the other denizens of this land we have encountered thus far." And a powerful relief as well. She wasn't sure what to draw of the vision the artifact had shown her. The eyes of Orochi were upon her, that much was clear - but was it a warning, or a sign that she could be saved
  4. Mitsu A mirror. . . It reminded her of Amaterasu; the thing was likely some shrine to her. She doubted she'd leave her own mirror just laying about. . . but then, given the way her miko acted, perhaps it wasn't that far out there. A reflection of truth, and truth only. When I look into it, what will I see? Mitsurugi gave Spray a polite nod, before silently moving to gaze into the mirror, walking at a somber pace.
  5. Justine gave a slight nod before pulling herself in for a closer hug once again. She said nothing, instead simply relaxing against Arthur. All things considered, she was. . . surprisingly light. The dancer put most of her weight on the prince with a sigh, closing her eyes. She seemed content to stay where she was, taking slow breaths while nestled into Arthur's shoulder.
  6. The Streets of a Former Hell "Hell isn't a great place to hang out in, but I saw your little entrance over there. Even the evil spirits are smart enough not to mess with the gap hag." Yuugi thinks for a moment, placing her fingers on her chin. "Most of the oni aren't fans of humans - gee, wonder why - but they won't bother you if you don't bother them. And maybe if you're not an asshole, you could even makes a few friends." Muenzuka "So you're shinigami. Or, working for shinigami. And Joan is a human turned into a youkai?" At this point, she's completely ups
  7. "You're doing fine. More than fine. . ." she murmured, before she buried her head further into his coat. "I, er. . ." Just as quickly, she drew back - not far enough to escape the hug, but enough to let them see one another's faces. Justine's held a slight blush as she cleared her throat. "I'm really glad to hear that you'll always stay. Hope is hard to find sometimes, even for me, but I feel better with you around. Anger and all."
  8. Masako's House "Hey hey hey hold up. I didn't admit to being a thief. I give things back when asked as long as people don't come at me with torches and pitchforks." Marisa folded her arms. "And look, I know my way around supernatural creatures. I didn't just want to call you a demon right off the bat because of all the multiverse rules, plus the fact that you haven't eaten my girlfriend's face yet, but you're definitely a similar sort of entity." Her expression set itself into a small pout. "I didn't break in, either, I just took an entrance you can't." She looked as if she were ab
  9. Justine's arms slowly returned to life and wrapped around Arthur, as she cried quiet tears into his arms. It felt right, even amongst all this pain and doubt, to be where she was. "It seems. . . I have not brought happiness to people in some time. It feels hypocritical to be happy when you say that to me when I've failed to give it back to another in return for so long." She inhaled, the sound muffled by Arthur's coat. Justine's head shifted to give her a small amount of room to speak without this happening, though she didn't break contact. "I just want to create joy in the world. T
  10. "I do not know." Mitsurugi closed her eyes. "End me if I slip further, or find some kind of purification ritual sufficient to cleanse a spirit of my stature." She shook her head. What a useless goddess she was, incapable of answering a single question for one of her charges. A guardian spirit who threatened more harm to them than anything the foes they had faced thus far could do. "This is not meant to be a problem foisted upon you." Her eyes opened, narrowed with a quiet anger. "This is not how the natural order should be. Each exists to perform their own duty; humanity provides prayer, devot
  11. Mitsurugi heaved her own sigh. This was all agonizing to contemplate. The others were convinced it was a ploy, but she could feel something chipping away at her. "You did not witness the destruction of the shrine. A shrine of Amaterasu-Ōmikami, foremost among the gods, and I sundered it while trying to ward off the same. And. . . the savagery." She didn't know what had seized her earlier; Lexiel's magic had stirred something, and she had slaughtered without mercy. Not to mention what had just occurred. That many wasted cuts on a defeated foe, for what end? The tale of an onryo was a tragedy, t
  12. Mitsurugi turned, the slight glow in her eyes visible in the dreary weather. "The injuries I have suffered will heal. The true wounds are beyond your power, unless you suddenly find yourself possessed of the will and charisma to bring followers to me once again." Her gaze fell and shifted away once more, staring out at the space before the inn. She appreciated his concern, she really did, but she wasn't lying. Spray could bind her wounds, and it would ease her pain and recovery, but the rents in her body were far from her largest concern. "Tell me, Maxwell Schiff. If you are in a burning house
  13. "Treat the others first. I am a being of faith, not matter." She looked at the black flower blooming before her. "Faith alone. . ." she murmured, moving to pick up the disc. Mitsurugi could feel the pain and anger that it represented as clearly as if she were experiencing it herself. She stood, staring at it until her eyes drifted past to the other items. There she remained for a few quiet moments, before recoiling as if the disc had bit her. The metallic record clattered to the ground. Mitsurugi turned stiffly, toward the lift. "Divide these treasures as you will. I will be outsi
  14. "Be silent." The command - no, the declaration - seemed to echo about the room. A bloodied Mitsurugi turned her head to pierce the demon with a dreadful glare, eyes ablaze. "You have threatened my people and defied my will, and now you shall pay the price." She whirled, striking out with her longer blade; a red spray announced that it had found its mark, the top and bottom halves of the onryo separated with a sickening crunch of cloven bone. Her assault did not cease; the next strike was with both blades, pruning the vengeful spirit of its troublesome limbs with the wet sound of st
  15. Arthur looked down long enough for a lock of turquoise hair to drift into his vision. A gentle impact landed on his shoulder an instant later; Justine had leaned against him. "I just don't want all of this to come to nothing. It feels like everything is going to fall apart, and then all the suffering we've caused along the way will have no purpose. Hundreds of people caught up in our failure, most for the crime of wanting to defend their homes or find stable work." The dancer took a deep, shuddering breath. "And I feel like. . . no, I wish that there was something I could have done b
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