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  1. Justine nodded approvingly, not looking quite as distracted as she had a few days ago. The incident with Ferdiad still weighed on her mind, but she was hard to keep down for too long. "I think I can help get the man talking. Spin a tale or two, do a bit of tumbling, it'll be just like the old days." It'd been quite some time since she'd put on a real performance, but she was confident her skills in that regard hadn't gone to rust. "Anything you'd like to hear of note? Other than trying to find hints about his supplier, of course."
  2. The power welled up inside Tsubasa as she turned to face Medusa. Having that power with which to slay demons and guard her friends from peril would be useful, but it would mean giving up her humanity for good. In other words, it would defeat the point of the journey she had taken to get here. The swordswoman turned away from the strange new feeling and back towards the warmth of who she knew she was. Tsubasa prepared to guard her newfound allies just as she had the old, calming her mind for the remainder of the upcoming battle. Second Form: Eye of the Storm. Tsubasa gains 1+Yin (currently 0) damage reduction for the remainder of the battle. Yin: 0 Yang: 0->1 Breath: 14/14
  3. Hakugyoukurou The door they're at already looks like the front door, but being an ancient Japanese manor, it doesn't have a door buzzer. Following the path around leads to a white-haired girl in a green dress, looking concernedly at a bonfire that looked to be fueled by some chopped-up saplings. The fire was swirling about with shadows in a less than reassuring way. The girl looked like she wasn't a fan, either, judging by how her hand hovered over the two swords at her waist. The Palace of Earth Spirits The catgirl snorted a bit at Rory's reaction before smoothing her expression out to something at least vaguely resembling seriousness. Her expression became rather more genuine as she processed what the hunter said. "Blue orb? It didn't happen to be attached to her by what looked like string, did it? Or look like part of it was sown shut?" Youkai Mountain Momiji's Swift Guard activates, granting her a Basic Defense! Momiji deals Osada a swift rap with her blade, dealing [16] damage! Momiji defends. Osada strikes Momiji with a flurry of blows for [34] damage! Momiji catches the attack on her shield! Momiji bashes Osada with her shield and knocks him off balance for [20] damage! Initiative: Status:
  4. Heidrun let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding. "I. . . I think I did it." She clasped her hands in front of herself and looked down, as if she were praying. "Although I didn't know your name, I hope that you can rest in peace, and find happiness in your next life." The healer stayed silent for a moment before looking back up at Navin. The brief moment of bittersweet happiness she'd found in helping the ghost began to drain away once more, replaced with the familiar creeping anxiety of the situation she found herself embroiled in. "Do you, um, think we should keep looking around here? I doubt there are any criminals hiding nearby, with that thing making this its hunting grounds."
  5. "Hi, Toriel," Lucine said with a wave, fairly certain she remembered the name correctly. "Sorry I couldn't help with the pie." The girl gestured vaguely at the large tiger man standing next to her, still marveling a little bit at his new appearance and lack of. . . well, there wasn't really much of a polite way to put that. "This is Nader, by the way. I, um, think him and Asgore should talk a little, probably?" There was no reason that conversation should go poorly, yet she had an odd feeling about it. She was acting normal for the moment, but Lucine had quite a few emotions to try and process at the moment. It was difficult to describe how much had happened to her in such a short time. Trying to save the King of Monsters, getting shot, then absorbing seven SOULS and using their power to fix (almost) everything. . . She still wasn't sure how she felt about Nader. Certainly, something had changed, but the girl couldn't really say what.
  6. "You will try." Mitsurugi raised one arm. There was only a brief delay before the room erupted with power, magical energy flying about in a manner reminiscent of roaring winds and crashing waves. Mitsurugi herself dashed into the fray, showcasing her speed as she made cuts at each of their foes. Storm Sign centered on the Ubume, dealing 1d4+DEX damage to it, the Onryo, and the Bud Ogre!
  7. Former Hell "Yukari sent you? What for?" The woman didn't seem pleased at the mention of that particular woman. "Ah, don't even tell me, it's not worth the effort. She gives the word 'shady' a whole new meaning. But no, there's nothing wrong with just looking around." She shifted her focus to IP. "Hoshiguma Yuugi. I'm probably... the most dangerous thing down here, if I want to be. If I don't want to be, it'd be that idiot crow." Yuugi visibly thought for a moment. "There's other youkai down here that aren't the friendliest, either. Some of the oni aren't fond of humans, and there's always the evil spirits too. And if you're wondering why I'm being a nice tour guide, it's because I'm bored." The Palace of Earth Spirits The cat sniffs Rory's hand. His continued speech seems to confuse it a bit too much for the cat to just be a simple animal, not that it wasn't blindingly obvious that this was something supernatural. The feline visibly sighs in a very humanlike manner, then steps back. Smoke swirls around it for a moment, and predictably, when it clears, a red-haired girl with cat ears and a dark green dress stands in its place. "Do you have to get in there for any particular reason? Satori's not a big fan of visitors, especially not humans. You're not quite human, but you're not really a youkai either, so maybe you don't want to go in there?" The Netherworld: Hakugyoukurou On closer inspection, they find the structure is in a Japanese style. It looks positively ancient, but not poorly-maintained. It was surrounded by a lush, well-kept garden, or as lush as anything looked in this world of the dead, anyway. There was smoke rising from the far side of the building, though not much. A simple, yet elegant stone path led around the building, and a sliding door looked like it would permit entry. Youkai Mountain "A duel?" Momiji pondered the question for a moment. "I guess the shogi game isn't going anywhere. Don't think that this means you can just wander around the mountain regardless of how this goes, though." Before she responded, however, Masako received her own Look that informed her that said bothering would be swift and relentless should she not report all the information back to the proper authorities. Then, she gave a rather more pedestrian glance to Isobel. "Thank you for letting us know. We'll be on watch for anything really strange going on. . . not that it's always easy to tell. . ." Momiji then gestured to a spot with no particular distinguishing features just to the side of the road, then walked over, waiting for Osada to take up his position. Once he did, she dropped into a ready stance, shield held protectively forward. Initiative Status Sanae stood off to the side, watching with interest. She shrugged at Masako's question. "Pretty much. I was going to watch this guy get kicked around by Momiji, but other than that, I don't have anything to do. I missed out on the incident and everything."
  8. Tsubasa nodded briefly at Edmond's question, though she had the distinct feeling that this was going to happen regardless of her consent with how quickly it happened after she did so. The speed at which she was hurled at the temple was enough to make even her uncomfortable, but she quickly adapted to it. Around the apex of her trajectory, she spread her limbs out, slowing her fall. Close to the ground, she tucked her limbs back in slightly to rotate herself such that her feet were pointed at the ground, relaxing to allow her legs to absorb the shock rather than fight it. She breathed deeply as she flew, feeling the strength suffuse her limbs - she hit the ground hard, but managed to avoid hurting anything important. Tsubasa goes to place the stones in the altar after she lands.
  9. Mitsurugi was quiet for a moment, considering the youkai's words. Youkai were dark creatures, yes, but at least where she was from, they were keen on oaths and contracts. It was unlikely this woman was lying. . . but not impossible. "And just as you are deeply connected, as you say, I, too, cannot disobey my nature. It is my purpose, among other things, to protect humans from youkai." Her eyes narrowed slightly. "I will ask you another question: why should I believe that a place such as this run by vengeful spirits would not mean ill towards the humans tempted into resting here? You may have no intention of harming them directly, but it is the nature of a youkai to hunt humans. It will happen."
  10. "I don't know if this will help you, but. . ." Heidrun held her hand out towards the ghost, allowing the energy to flow in her direction. "I have to help if I can, and it might. So please, take this." The feeling in her guts wasn't helping her maintain much control, anyway, and she wasn't exactly fond of the pollution that Heidrun had just picked up. Still, Heidrun was a a healer: it was her job to ease suffering, even if it was too late to do anything but that.
  11. "Don't worry, you'll get to see plenty. I won't lose another one of these challenges." J4, explode Fiend C
  12. Youkai Mountain Momiji shot Masako an irritable look at her continued insistence on the usage of that particular term. "Almost entirely isn't entirely." "So you really are from another universe? That makes sense to me. Well, it doesn't, but that's why it does." Sanae cut off whatever Momiji was about to say next, though the wolf tengu seemed to be polite enough to not cut her off back. "That would explain why you don't know about fairies. Around here they're just nature spirits, and not very bright ones. Kind of annoying, but you can blow them up and not feel bad, so it kinda shakes out to even anyway." "Well, either way, don't go wandering around the mountain. Even if Yakumo sent you. Especially so, even. Some people aren't smart enough to avoid annoying her, and since you're Outsiders, there are youkai who'd be happy to snack on you." "Do you mean Rumia? She's kind of harmless. Where has she been, anyway. . . ?" "It doesn't really matter." Momiji gestured broadly at the group. "Even if you came in some weird way, I'm going to have to ask you to stay off the mountain unless you're on the path to the shrine. This is tengu land and we don't like trespassers. Though, speaking of. . . the ones you mentioned seem important. Chichimura, have you been taking notes on them?" Sanae elbowed Osada, gesturing between him and Momiji. "Are you going to ask, or what?" The Palace of Earth Spirits A few moments after Rory knocked, he heard a meow from behind him. The cat from the window was here. Now that he had a better view, he could see that it had a ribbon tied to one ear, and perhaps more notably, two tails. A glance upward answered the question of how it got there, at least in part: the window was now open. The Netherworld The meister-weapon pair found themselves seeing a fairly calm landscape. It was deathly silent, and animals were rare, but it was mostly serene rather than creepy. A large mansion atop a hill dominated one direction, with a path heading directly away from the river leading past it.
  13. "Yeah. I think it is something with how she's built, and Law looked at her a little bit, but I still haven't figured out what the actual problem is. If it is just one problem." Lucine sighed. "She's kind of a disaster. I don't think it's the changes I made to her, at least. She hasn't done anything really bad, either. Opal is just mean for no reason and she's not supposed to be." Lucine kicked at the ground a bit as they continued toward Asgore's house. "She keeps getting worse, too. It's almost like she's trying to make me hate her or something."
  14. "Our purpose should be clear, youkai." Mitsurugi maintained an even tone as she spoke, despite her inner turmoil. "This is a place of refuge for humans, and I intend to ensure it stays one." She did not draw her weapon yet; even in this, there were certain formalities to observe. "I will offer this one chance to leave this place and renounce your connection to Yamata-no-Orochi."
  15. The River Sanzu Komachi shrugged. "Things have been weird lately. The yamas have all been wound up by something. Makes Eiki look like a patron saint of kindness next to them." She pursed her lips. "Not that she isn't kind in her own way. . . she just goes about it in the most annoying way possible. Anyway." A slight bump sounded as the rowboat hit the other side of the river. "Try not to get killed too messily. Or, if you do, do it somewhere else, ghosts with organs hanging out are annoying. Just keep going that way and it should lead out of the Netherworld." She waited for the two to disembark, then gave them a wave before pushing off and floating off towards Higan once more. The Palace of Earth Spirits The trip over to the palace is fairly uneventful, or at least as uneventful as traveling through a lava-streaked hellscape could be. There was no gate guard, but the gate itself did look rather large and imposing. Now that he was closer, he could tell it was in a Western style much like the Scarlet Devil Mansion, though the relative ages of the structures were impossible to guess. He could, however, see a two-tailed cat watching him through one window. Former Hell "That's a little disappointing, I was hoping for something interesting to happen." Behind IP and UB-65, with no ready explanation available, was a woman in a white shirt and long, but somewhat sheer blue skirt. More notable was the red horn jutting from her head and the fact that she looked to be over six feet tall and quite muscular. "You're not oni, not evil spirits, and probably not someone's pets, so what exactly are you doing down here?" The stranger's tone was curious, not accusatory, though it did hold a faint note of suspicion.
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