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  1. "Our purpose should be clear, youkai." Mitsurugi maintained an even tone as she spoke, despite her inner turmoil. "This is a place of refuge for humans, and I intend to ensure it stays one." She did not draw her weapon yet; even in this, there were certain formalities to observe. "I will offer this one chance to leave this place and renounce your connection to Yamata-no-Orochi."
  2. The River Sanzu Komachi shrugged. "Things have been weird lately. The yamas have all been wound up by something. Makes Eiki look like a patron saint of kindness next to them." She pursed her lips. "Not that she isn't kind in her own way. . . she just goes about it in the most annoying way possible. Anyway." A slight bump sounded as the rowboat hit the other side of the river. "Try not to get killed too messily. Or, if you do, do it somewhere else, ghosts with organs hanging out are annoying. Just keep going that way and it should lead out of the Netherworld." She waited for the two to disembark, then gave them a wave before pushing off and floating off towards Higan once more. The Palace of Earth Spirits The trip over to the palace is fairly uneventful, or at least as uneventful as traveling through a lava-streaked hellscape could be. There was no gate guard, but the gate itself did look rather large and imposing. Now that he was closer, he could tell it was in a Western style much like the Scarlet Devil Mansion, though the relative ages of the structures were impossible to guess. He could, however, see a two-tailed cat watching him through one window. Former Hell "That's a little disappointing, I was hoping for something interesting to happen." Behind IP and UB-65, with no ready explanation available, was a woman in a white shirt and long, but somewhat sheer blue skirt. More notable was the red horn jutting from her head and the fact that she looked to be over six feet tall and quite muscular. "You're not oni, not evil spirits, and probably not someone's pets, so what exactly are you doing down here?" The stranger's tone was curious, not accusatory, though it did hold a faint note of suspicion.
  3. "Out of my way!" Her anger was reaching a boiling point as Korinna stomped forward. Tension was visible in every single muscle on her body as she whipped her axe at the skeleton with a thunderous crack. The undead creature practically exploded on impact, becoming nothing but a spray of dust and bones. She moved up to yank it out of where it had embedded itself partway into the stone. "Anybody else want some? I'm not playing any more!"
  4. Youkai Mountain "Eh? Slipped by?" She glanced over her shoulder, then back at Masako, then whipped her head around to Osada. "How did you get there?" Momiji gave Sanae an accusatory glance. "A random outsider human somehow gets past all the patrols on Youkai Mountain without any of them noticing at all? Sounds like a miracle to me." "Hey, I'm just as confused as you are. He doesn't know how he got here, either. Maybe it was the gap h-" "No no, don't call her that, not with me standing right here. Go fulfill your death wish somewhere else." She waggled a finger at Sanae for emphasis. "Speaking of, Chichimura, you better not have upset her somehow. Do you have any idea how long it took to clean up the last time she decided to express her displeasure with the tengu?" The wolf girl made a face. "I swear, I still smell it in my dreams." "Aaaaanyway. . . so yeah, have you not seen the other fairies around? They're tiny." Both the shrine maiden and the guard looked at Empi strangely. "I know you're from Outside, but you haven't seen fairies anywhere yet? Especially if you've been with this weirdo and the bigger weirdo that sent her." "What did you do to get her attention, anyway? I'd think Yakumo Yukari of all people wouldn't have much need for a detective, no offense." "Maybe she's just a fan of film noir." ". . . What?" The Hell of Blazing Fires The landscape had quite a bit of variation, and it seemed the village was located in the lower parts of the enormous cavern. It wasn't hard for the pair to get a view of the town. It seemed worn down, but not in a way that made it seem totally abandoned; nobody seemed to be out and about right now (or IP hadn't managed to get close enough to see,) but the paths seemed well-worn, and there were a few loose bottles that didn't look dusty or cracked left about. . . Actually, that's a lot of bottles. And barrels. And what looked like the occasional busted table. The surest sign that this was all fairly recent were the bits of food that had been left out, like there was a huge party here recently and nobody had gotten around to cleaning yet.
  5. Lucine looked for a moment like she was going to reject Nader's words. She relented, though, apparently accepting that it wasn't actually her fault. Not completely, anyway. "Okay." Her voice came up slightly as she continued. "You owe me something big, though." She almost insisted that she be allowed to fire the Horsekiller, but recent events had left her rather less willing to approach and handle the thing. "Like. . . ice cream, or something. Lots of ice cream." The girl frowned, looking up slightly in thought. "Or maybe you can hit Opal for me. I still haven't really figured out why she's. . . like that." Her gaze refocused ahead. "Anyway, do you wanna go see Asgore now?"
  6. "Phoenix, I can take it from here." She interposed herself between Lucy and the man, drawing Joyeuse and preparing her own parry. "Knight, this is not you. The most stalwart and honorable among us, and you're attacking someone who won't even defend themselves." She shook her head. "I won't pretend to understand what you're feeling, but this is wrong. No person should be turned away if they are truly willing to atone for their previous mistakes." She didn't speak any more, but the look she gave Ferdiad said all she needed to and more.
  7. Thunderlord just sort of stared at their enemies for a moment. She hadn't the faintest idea of how to respond to that. As a result, she fell to her default method of problem solving. Shoot the Necrodancer with Thunderlord. Use Akimbo to throw a knife as well.
  8. Kusuke side-eyed Francis. "I can usually take care of that kind of thing myself. . . anyway, there's a job board around here somewhere. A few of the others have been going through them to check if there's something else going on. I don't know where everyone went, but most people here are. . . distinctive."
  9. "You can go ask him yourself, if you want. He's 'helping' his wife bake." The inflection on the word was subtle, but impossible to miss. Her cheery tone turned to one that was a touch more serious as she continued. The whole incident left her with a mix of emotions that she wasn't entirely certain how to untangle. Guilt about what had happened to Nader, but relief that he was back. Happiness that they'd freed the denizens of the underground without losing anyone in the end, but regret that she wasn't able to use anything but her abilities as a vessel to help. "I, um. . . I think everything is okay, now." She took a couple steps closer to Nader, looking down and away awkwardly once more. "I'm sorry about everything that happened."
  10. "Something like that. We're going around and making sure different worlds are in better shape to hold up against invasion." He had pried his hand back earlier with a small flash of irritation, but didn't say anything about it quite yet. "The last place we were. . . well, I'm not actually sure it was a world at all, but we're here now. Something usually comes along to point us in the right direction." Kusuke took a moment of his own to ponder the possibilities. His own universe would be a prime candidate - assuming the Black Beast wasn't already a Trespasser - but there were a lot of forces at play. "And I don't think you fell. It seems most of us were selected somehow."
  11. Kusuke happened to be loitering in the area, trying to decide whether he should track down Satomi and stop her from killing herself from pushing too hard, or find a place to take a nap so he didn't kill himself from pushing too hard. A lost and rather sketchy-looking man had appeared and introduced himself, providing a distraction from his current conundrum. "I think this place was called Traverse Town? It's a place between worlds, according to the one guy who's been here before. Not sure where he went off to, I assume he had some errands to take care of." He turned to fully face the man and stretched out one hand towards him, offering a handshake. "Kigane Kusuke. I'm assuming you got dragged into this Trespasser business?"
  12. Lucine approached Nader almost hesitantly. It didn't exactly look like the man she knew, but then she'd only seen Nader's face one time. The strangeness of being attached to someone that was essentially faceless to her briefly skated across her thoughts before sliding off into the void of irrelevance. Part of her wanted to run up and hug him, part of her recalled what had happened earlier and shied away. The girl eventually opted for an awkward, small wave in his direction. "Um. . . hi, Nader." She couldn't decide what else to say, so she simply looked around awkwardly as she waited for him to respond.
  13. Dani & Joan "Cozy as death itself." Komachi laughed as she undid the rope and pushed off the dock, sending the boat lazily sliding into the river. The water was almost eerily silent; if it hadn't been for the shifting beneath the surface, it could have been confused for a placid lake. "I can't remember the last time I actually took someone this direction. . . still not really sure how you ended up in Higan, but that's life. Well, not usually life if you mean Higan, but you know what I mean." Rory That's definitely a stab wound. Not a deep one; it mostly looked like someone stabbed him just to say they did.
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