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Found 8 results

  1. Prologue – Wanted: Virtuous Taking the usual paths is about as safe as a normal, unwanted person wandering into a heavily armored fortress for you all, so you strayed off path for your next mission of causing chaos while simultaneously helping to bring down the corrupt society. You were Virtuous, the infamous band known for causing trouble around the world, notably in the northern regions. You were a blight upon the world as criminals that could not be caught no matter how hard people tried, and in the minuscule amount of cases someone succeeded, they’d find themselves knocked out
  2. In the olden days of the continent of Purgus, there was peace. Everyone was unified under a single religion, a religion of seven gods. They were benevolent beings, believed to show themselves to the rulers of the seven kingdoms of old and offer them advice for how to tend to their kingdoms. These were the most peaceful days of the world. What happened afterwards was lost to history; nobody bothered to figure out what happened and why it happened. The religion split apart; instead of a religion that believed in seven benevolent gods, there became seven religions that believed in one
  3. Chapter 1: Break Out! Teacher vs Pupil! Year 1420, Month ??? Day ??? Your endless toil continues. After that strange boy talked to you no short time ago, nothing happened. Was he just some sort of lost soul who went mad? Maybe it was just your imagination. Either way, this doesn’t change your current situation. Those physically able help lug huge slabs of hellstone bricks into place, some help chisel out said bricks or cast them into molds, and others toil away at the ground making the ground level and fit for construction.There is no time for rest as all souls are whip
  4. Fire Emblem on Forums: The Lost Lands Once, the dragons ruled the world. They were gods made flesh, beings that could not be harmed or die except by the claws of one another - no sword could cut them, nor bow pierce their scaly hide. Humanity was beneath them, their servants and slaves. For a time none can measure, this was the way of the world. To the oppressed it seemed as if it always would be. Until the intervention of the White Dragon. The White Dragon was different from her brethren. Unlike the cruel and greedy drakes around her, she saw something in humanit
  5. Prologue: Rescued by Darkness Year 1468, 27th of Nitren The sun rises once again and you are dragged out of your cells. Another day of grueling work lies ahead of you. The sun beats down on your back as you work tirelessly on the Temple. Occasionally people drop collapse onto the floor but are quickly whipped into shape. Some are dragged off, too weak to work and unfit to waste resources on, but the tower is nearing completion. Some who have been there from the beginning say that it took almost a year and a half to get it this far. Rumors fly by as you work, the inner most p
  6. Long ago when the universe, when the universe was a black sea, the Goddess, Undia, came down and started creating the universe. She began with creating a plant full of life, the planet we reside. First she created a bountiful nature and then small creatures to reside within. Next she filled the land with light, bringing forth the sun, the moon and the stars. However, as she took care of the little planet she noticed that some of the small creatures had evolved into intelligent life. She found this very amusing and intriguing, she took to calling these new creatures “Humans”. Howev
  7. Act 1 Begins! The Dark Descends, 'neath the Wings of Terror Prologue: The Last Quiet Night. lt was just another peaceful evening in the holdings of Padstow. The stars danced happily to the music of the crickets. Lanterns lit the small collection of buildings, a warm glow of fire that was welcoming. The embers still bright-eyed and full of life. They battled with the stars for attention, a friendly competition of sorts. Twinkling lights bathed the area in firelight and starlight in the calm of the night. A lovely evening. As it had turned out, The Lord of this Manor had so happen
  8. Howdy Folks! Hukuna here! Normally, this is where i would put my forward, however as this is a FEF… l don’t think it needs such an introduction so… let’s get into things shall we? Plot: The continent of Draestria is a quiet land, full of verdant fields of greens and tranquil forests. it is a land not truly ruled by any central government, Even cities that could have the means of such express no effort to do so. For Draestrians, they enjoy their peace and quiet. The simple life. Lords rule their fiefs, the common folk work for their wage and the peasants farm the land. Simple, easy,
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