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  1. On the Rejuvenation ride!

  2. Can't believe I'll have to wait so long for Pokemon: Legends of the arena will be released. Man it's going to be hard, but I'll be patient. Especially for wackyturtle making it alone.

  3. Pokemon Prism was a fun and somewhat degree difficult game. Sucks it felt slow and dragged down at post game, but I suppose that's what happened to unfinished fangames.

  4. And that's the completion of Pokemon Gaia for me. Gaia was casually fun to play and worth my few days. 


    Also the main female protag is pretty cute ngl. One of the best designs in any pokemon fangame/romhacks.


    I'll see if I will play the post game. I don't really care pokemon nowadays, but it's fun to check once a while.

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    2. Maqqy


      Oooh I’m really excited how the story will turn out. They nailed Gaia’s concept really well.


      Platinum design is all time best design


      Btw did you make the sprite on your avi? It looks really nice good job! 

    3. Candy


      Can you enlighten this smol candy about what key is the speed up button??

    4. Shing


      @Maqqy They really did that. The town, people and the regis just fits way too perfect together.

      I respect that opinion as I would agree with you.

      Nope. I only did add the transparent background of it. You can see the source on my "about me" page.


      @Candy It honestly depends on the emulator you have. You can find it by the settings or scroll down the list.

      But VBA = Space button and Mgba = Tab button. For mgba's case, you can control the speed of the speed button.

  5. Interested in Pokemon Gaia..

  6. I miss my old Reborn Savefiles. All that resets for nature and hidden ability, hours and hours for gameplay.


    I'll replay reborn soon, but I have to admit that reborn can be quite of a chore to replay all over again.

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    2. Shing


      Hmm, I have never tried that before. It wouldn't be a shame because I don't really mind the increased exp. But I don't know anything about reborn online play lol

    3. Candy


      It's pretty easy honestly, just go Online Play > create and account if you don't have one > request or wait for request > agree on a trade 🙂 I used to be a breeder and traded many shinies, 5IVs good natured mons. If you want something I might have it lying around, so let me know. Otherwise you can make a thread on the appropriate subforum, and other breeders will offer you mons 😛

    4. Shing


      Alrighty, I'll do it when I feel playing Reborn again. But now I got another fangame I am interested.

  7. And finished Rejuvenation, Where Love Lies. Both normal ending and true ending. And lemme tell you, that kinda shit was great for my blood. Jan, you got my feels hitting. Thank you for making that mini series.

  8. And finally played version 10 done. 100+ hours playtime, did most of sidequest and noted and screenshot every hidden items + good ones I thought in my doc.


    Personally, was surprised amount of content in v9-10, and then the development. V10 is definetly my favourite since somewhere like V3.

  9. ..And I am going in so much pain finding hidden power rock petilil.

  10. And finally, I found Petilil in Rejuvenation ❤️ 

  11. Climbing up at hackmons ladder, let's gooo

  12. Almost every decisions in Rejuvenation makes me so frustrated in it. God, sometimes it hinders me continue playing it because I just can't pick or I have the mindset the best outcome and don't want to miss important things in the future.

  13. Personally hate many choices = different paths that affects the game. I'm too straight forward and I almost never replays a game.

  14. I hate that I missed one thing and I can't get it back. It could be an item for something special or knowing more of the character. I forgot the anju's pendant ://

  15. I'll be so exicted when I get Petilil in Rejuvenation. 

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