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  1. Yeah this happened to me as well. Honestly I would just wait, because the devs are currently working on their own debug that they’ll release when they’re done but testing.
  2. So as I’m finishing up EP 5, I thought I’d ask some lingering questions about side quests and such that I might have missed. What are the prizes you can get for beating the elite trainers in the Night Club. I’ve battled Amelia and don’t want to fight another 3 or 4 elite trainers. Is there a current side quests for the scraggy and scrafty in Cellia City? Ive already gotten a scraggy so I don’t get their purpose. Where is the 2nd secret vendor who sells Choice items and such? What is the Mysterious Key used for? I’ve had it in my inventory for a while and I’m not sure what I used it on, if at all. (I wish single use key items would disappear from your bag when used.) In Blackview, there was a building where the back room was blocked off because someone (I think Bill) was acting up and causing a scene. Was that a side quest, or just regular dialogue? On Route 1, there was a locked cabin to the north of the squirtle side quest. Is that unlockable?
  3. So I will preface this by saying that my main problem probably came from using the debug version so I could catch up to where I was originally. I have been unable to start my game for a couple days and was hoping that Specific would be able to help, but he/she still hasn't responded so I though I'd try here. Im pretty sure the problem started the day after I used "Warp to Map" so I could speed up the process. Its happened on both of my save files. Any help would be much appreciated. Game.rxdata Game_2.rxdata
  4. Download the debug file and replace the regular data file with that one. Then go to where the summary, item, swap menu and itll be there. Also @Specific Ive gotten this error when trying to start up desolation and Im not sure why. It was working fine yesterday and I havent changed anything. Any ideas? Just to add some context. I was using a second save file which is now non accessible, and started to use the first save file. Now that one has stopped working as well. It seems like once I stopped playing the game, the files became unplayable. I've added the game file and 2nd save file if that helps.Game.rxdata Game_2 - 42 - Chip - 15h 31m - 2 badges.rxdata Game_2.rxdata
  5. @Waynolt Idk if this has ever been asked, but is their a modpack that is compatible with Desolation? I doubt it since it's not as well known, but just wanted to check since it comes from the reborn forums.
  6. Just curious @Specific but why have desolation under spoiler lock until the 14th, but not LoTA when they came out at virtually at the same time?
  7. How does one use the search function to search all 190 pages? Do you have to go through each one?
  8. Can you do one for Black Cinder as well?
  9. So I’ve finished the main story but can’t find any side quests. Any idea where?
  10. So I followed the instructions and the mod works when creating the eggs, but when I go to hatch them I get a script error. Anyone have any ideas?
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