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  1. I'm currently playing crystal on the 3DS and need a trade partner to evolve my kadabra
  2. Reuniclus: Summons Trick Room when switching in. Qwilfish: Gains an additional rough skin effect. Crawdaunt: speed doubles in rain(basically swift swim) Drampa: Summons Holy Field upon switching in Hawlucha: Ability changes to Iron Fist and boost physical attack stat by 10. Honchkrow: automatically applies taunt on the opponent when switching in and moxie gives +2 instead of +1
  3. Yeah... that might be a bit broken. If Jan and the Team actually take my suggested idea and decide to put it in the game, they might want to exclude perish song from that List to balance it out.
  4. Here's is an idea for a primarina crest: Sound based moves(including perish song) gain the ability to trap the opponent (like mean look): This is based on primarina's concept: the Siren. Siren's where known to lure sailors with their enchanting music. This would be a great enhancement for perish trap sets. Primarina is mostly seen with offensive choice specs sets or defensive leftovers sets, so this would add some variety to it.
  5. more suggestions: Electivire: Motor Drive also boosts attack and special attack Wobbuffet: Counter can hit ghost types and mirror coat can hit dark types Froslass: base Special attack stat becomes 100 and summons hail upon switching in This would probably be to broken since Froslass has access to both snow cloak and aurora veil Roserade: Summons Flower Garden Field upon switching in and grass moves have a 30% chance to poison the opponent. Weavile: Opponents cannot use their held items (except mega evolution and z-moves of course
  6. my suggestions: Raichu: Increase both attack and special attack by 20 and change ability to speed boost. With proper support from teammates it could be a potent nasty plot sweeper. Or you could run a mixed set. Mixed Raichu could have some decent coverage since it can also learn brick break and knock off. Milotic: Has auto aqua ring and gains the ability Magic Bounce. I don't think that i have to explain much here. Milotic would be one of the best special walls in the game. Jolteon: Permanent Increase in special attack by 10 and has auto Magnet Rise upon sw
  7. I have a question about Version 13. I remember when Pokemon Desolation E5 had that issue where the moves of a pokemon would be different due to the change of the move ID. I'm assuming that this happened because gen 7 was added. Since V13 is adding gen 8 Mechanics which of course includes new Pokemon and new Moves, is there a chance that something like this might happen again ? I'm asking because i'm doing a custom run with Keldeo on intense mode. And i don't want it to lose secret sword because of a move ID change.
  8. hmm... what could this mean ? Is it a hint ? Or has our man Marcello finally lost it ? Meh... i'll just sit in my corner and see what's gonna happen.
  9. So has anyone figured out who the dark and fairy gym leaders are ? We already have saki as the steel type leader and Damien as the Dragon Leader. I remember there being a patient file in the hospital of hope. It didn't show the name. But it did show the Birthplace which is Kanto, Sevii Islands. Since that happens to be the birthplace of Kenneth and Daegen, it's a possiblity that Daegen is not dead and might come out of hiding. But what has he been up to all this time ? Is it Amnesia ? That would be the only logical explanation. And i really don't see who else it could be(unles
  10. Thank you. And i have a question for the devs. It seems that rock smash has been nerfed back to it's original base power. I remember it having 75 Base Power in earlier versions. What was the reason for that change ?
  11. She continues to be one big mystery. I don't even know how our battle against her will go. My biggest bet is the starlight field where her Jirachi will drop a Drac- i mean Doom Desire with 820 Basepower because of the field (don't know if that's the exact number so don't quote me on that). As for her Mega Pokemon i doubt that it will be Mega Metagross since running two pokemon with the same dual typing seems a bit redundant. Perhaps Mega Lucario ? A field boosted Adaptability Meteor Mash can certainly be terrifying. Keep in mind that Meteor Mashes Base Power doubles on that field.
  12. So i don't know if this has been discussed before but i decided to bring it up anyway. Recently i watched Leo's Reborn Nuzlocke and he discovered a hidden message in the Void: Does anyone have a theory about this message ? Because i have no idea what's going on with this one.
  13. I recently installed the swm modpack. So i decided to check my points. Adrienn -3 Amaria 0 Anna 4 Arc 3 Aya 0 Bennet -5 Blake 1 Cain 6 Cal 0 Charlotte 2 Ciel 2 Elias -1 Eve 2 Fern 0 Florinia 0 Gardevoir 3 Hardy 7 Heather 1 Julia 2 Laura 1 Lumi 1 Luna 4 Noel 0 Radomus 3 Samson 3 Saphira 1 Serra -2 Shade 4 Shelly 4 Sigmund -2 Taka 5 Terra 3 Titania 3 Victoria 5 So yeah my best relationships are with Hardy,Cain
  14. I'm planning to make a second save file to see all the changes. But before i start i have 2 questions. first one: Do i have to make specific choices to get venusaurite from Ava ? I got it in my current save file but don't know if it's tied to that. second one: Is the TM for Sludge Bomb still available in E5 ? Because i really don't want to use Venusaur without Poison Coverage.
  15. Thank you two:) I really hope that Mega-Lapras will get a new ability. It's my second favorite Kanto Pokemon after Venusaur. And this is the opportunity to make it great. I have faith that you guys will deliver as always. Though i'm also kinda sad because this means that Raichu will once again be outshined by Pikachu. Does Jan have any plans for a Mega-Raichu ?
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