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  1. Damn, guess i was wrong then. Hopefully Reborn and Rejuvenation can avoid the ban hammer like zeta/omicron and insurgence. I mean suzerain completed insurgence in 2017, i think ? Perhaps Reborn and Rejuvenation aren't that likely to get banned because they target a different audience ?
  2. Wait, i thought nintendo stopped taking down fan games ? I don't remember exactly where i saw it because it's been so long but i do remember reading that nintendo stopped.
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  4. i don't know if this bug has been reported yet, but i'm gonna mention it just in case. It's about the virtual league challenge, mainly about the elite four and lance. I'm currently playing on the most recent patch (12.1). After i defeated Will, i decided to take a break to buy some items. After i got everything, i returned to west gearen to continue the quest. And to my surprise when the battle with koga starts i have my regular team with me, instead of the virtal league team. So i continued to test if this was just with koga or the rest of the elite four too. And just like with koga, i was able to use my regular team against bruno, karen and lance.
  5. alright, i have 2 questions for each member of the dev team, 1. What is your favorite mega evolution ? 2. What is your favorite eeveelution ?
  6. will we get more backstory on Flora's Father in the future ?
  7. a question about venusaurite and sceptilite. Will our choice in darclight woods impact the Availability of the stones ? Example: If we fight Florin, we will get sceptilite before venusaurite. And of course vice versa
  8. When is Angie going to make her return ? We haven't seen her since Version 8 when cera freed her from the ice prison
  9. oh, so it only swaps physical attack and physical defense ? I thought it swapped all four of them because of the plurals in the text. But if it only swaps the physical stats, it could actually become rather bulky with a calm mind set on both the physical and special side.
  10. thanks again. But i don't get the point of the infernape crest. What's the point of switching attacks and defenses ? The other four crests are pretty nice though.
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