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  1. And here i am ! But not for long, school will begin soon. Now, come forth Starry !
  2. Yep, that's me ! Now, dare i call for Starry ?
  3. Honestly, i'm more wary of his secretary. I don't know, chairman Rose isn't giving me Lysander vibes, unlike Oleana. But it's hard to say with just the two seconds of screentime we have of them in the trailer of them.
  4. Siragon


    Banned for banning people due to their profile picture
  5. No Seki in view. But maybe this time this elusive Unown will show up !
  6. You're right ! Now, how about a rebellious ice princess ?
  7. Nope, still not here. Dare i call Raion ?
  8. Unfortunately, an Umbreon shows up. Said Umbreon sets sail and go look for the legendary loving-pastry flying blue cat.
  9. The wereabouts of the unown are still... well unknown. (oh my god, that was bad) But the umbrella might come this way
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