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  1. To be fair, Cassandra was only introduced near the end....and she REALLY hasn't been shown to be anything other than a bitch. So yeah, forgettable AF
  2. Madame X is also a really interesting character. There is much mystery and speculation behind her, and I'm personally really intrigued by the possibility that she is an alternate form of Melia, possibly one that was pushed into a lose lose situation. I thought that the time travel arc that took us into the alternate dystopian reality really did wonders to flesh her out. She's a bad guy, but one that you have to respect.
  3. The Admins have been given depth and character and shown to be more than 1D villains in Rejuv. Though some have been given less character development than others admittedly (ie, Geara), it is now possible to sympathize with some, if not most of them. Any one in particular that you guys like? I really like the mystery around Natasia. You can see that she clearly has her own agenda and goals to fulfill, and it makes you wonder if she will betray team Xen at one point. What type of development do you hope to see next regarding the admins?
  4. I was wondering why Melanie wanted Melia to bring her the time diamond. I know that the 2 are and that physical contact will result in the less mentally strong one being erased/assimilated, but Melanie did not have any insurance that I am aware of to ensure that she would come out on top, so I don't see the logic in that. What would she have to gain by touching and absorbing Melia? Was it just curiosity? Ego?
  5. by any chance, were did all of u learn that kukui was just a kid that admired shiv? I don't recall having had seen that anywhere
  6. its noibat. i found it strange that my pokedex didnt record me as having had met one, so i thought that it was later in the game. guess i was really unlucky as i spent quite some time in there
  7. how early is the dreamscape event? around what lv are your pokemon at that time? and around what lv are you when you can get rufflet or starly (either one works for me)
  8. by updating to gen 7, does that mean that pokemon get access to moves from let's go or only sun/moon? would really love a play rough arcanine
  9. by any chance, weren't certain moves buffed in previous versions? I recalled specifically that one of the reasons that i almost went with growlithe was that rock smash was more powerful, giving it more coverage. it has been a long time, but i doubt that i would make a mistake as glaring as that.
  10. anyone know where i can find the move remeberer? my roserade is now lacking a grass move. also, i noticed that shiv's aipom had access to rock blast-did the aipom line get a moveset revamp?
  11. I decided that i dislike rejuvenation's sprites enough to shop around for anyone that can do custom sprites. If anyone experienced in making custom sprites would be interested in making the whole set for me (biking, surfing, walking, etc,), please reply.
  12. Not a big fan of the playable characters, so I decided to do some googling and settle on renaming sprites to repurpose another character as my avatar. i chose ren, but im just wondering: while i like ren's look, something tells me that his "edginess" may be a vital part of his personality/characterization, and he may make less sense as a character if i swap his sprite with say..............the redheaded male mc?
  13. i have played insurgence but on normal mode. i think i could handle that. if the AI is anything like insurgence, I may even love it; one of the main appeals of insurgence was the aggressive style of the ai
  14. i am on the fence about this game. i heard its awesome, but i am a very casual player. If i play easy mode, how had is this game's version of easy?
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