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  1. Yeah I thought I refreshed the map but I guess not, that's that issue solved. TY! I do still need to figure out how to change the chance you have to encounter each mon if you have any insight there.
  2. I had figured out the PBS compiling stuff, though I was lost on the numbers so that helps I'm having a couple problems though, as when I tried to compile encounters in a given area (Opal Ward) to all be Bulbasaur as a test, it said it compiled fine but nothing changed Also, how do I open the Map file in order to add encounters? Every time I try RPGXP says "unexpected file type"
  3. Oh this looks really neat actually Also, how did you get the encounters to change? I've been trying to do it and can't figure out how to get anything to work, much less encounter % rates.
  4. Hey, sorry that this isn't exactly about the mod itself but I've been trying to find an answer to this question for the past couple days. How did you manage to change or add encounters in certain areas? I've been trying to do so myself to no avail and I'm pretty lost
  5. Not 100% certain this is where I should be posting this so sorry in advanced if it's wrong. So I'm starting work on an enhanced version of Pokemon Reborn that'll be far more optimized for Hardcore Nuzlocking, and I'm hitting a small wall. I've figured basically everything I need out on my own, except I just do not understand how to edit wild encounter data the way I want to. Specifically, I don't understand how to change the % chance of encountering specific Pokemon. It works different from how it does in base essentials, so if anyone knows how it works in Reborn, could I get some help there?
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  7. So, both in my playthrough and a Let's Player I was watching, there was a bug after defeating Noel where it seemed like leaving the Belrose Mansion before talking to anyone caused the events that allow you to progress to Route 1 trigger without ever talking to Noel. This makes the dialogue that the characters say if you head back into the mansion very out of place and, as was the case for the LPer, a bit confusing. It's as if Noel's already told you to go and find Saphira even if you didn't know to do that.
  8. Is there a way to disable opponent EVs without setting their IVs to zero as well? Because what it seems like is the passwords for either or turn off both anyways. Unless I'm just wrong about that.
  9. Quick question, if I were to want to change Samson and Hardy's themes around, what program would be best to edit the file with? I tried with a couple but it ended up causing the game to snag when getting in battles, so I'm wondering if there are any programs that wouldn't cause that to happen.
  10. Hot take: The Mirror Arena is a good field

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    2. doombotmecha


      I didn't have as much trouble with Serra's field, but that was because I prepared extensively, I can imagine the gym being incredibly frustrating to someone looking to take it on with physical mons, but I can also see redeeming qualities about it. For one, it's the most flavorful field in the game, by far. It's so much Serra's field, and it's one of the effects that really takes center stage and adds character to what has historically been kind of a bland gym type. I also like how it boosts Hone Claws, making HC Night Slash Drapion a strat I really want to try sometime.


      Now, all that said, I never want to see it anywhere outside Serra's gym. If it was a surprise or digi-ame was less forthcoming with field info, I would have been a lot less accepting. It's also really limited in it's ability to be obnoxious by the type that it's tied to; if it was a bulkier type the battle would be a lot harder.

    3. Azeria



      nah, worst field in the game. Easy fight but frankly I don't enjoy having to play an RNG game of whether my check to this +3 evasion, 100% crit rate behind Aurora Veil Pokemon can even do it's job properly without missing, taking a fourth of it's HP in damage and then being crit to death.

    4. Angelkitsune


      I agree, the Mirror arena is a great field....




      if you are the one abusing it *cough*mirrorshot*cough*

  11. I mean they've done it before with Challenge Mode, who's to say they won't do it again
  12. I didn't play before E16, but he didn't have one then, and I've never heard about it before now.
  13. image.png.306f33cecb96e687c7a7214c41a2de01.png

    Nice battle. Was worried for a moment there about the badge.

  14. Unless he literally hits it dead on like he did this episode.
  15. image.png.edcd207f1bca9da7d46b4fb4bf02c983.png

    I am completely unashamed about setting up and sweeping here. GG EZ badge.

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