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  1. Iron head can be learned by move tutor, but I don't remember if the tutor is available in Agate or only post restoration. Anyways, you can still give it different type coverage. Anything will work for now, just not dragon tail since low priority conflicts with dragon dance's speed boosts. I'd say roost, but iirc the tm is in tourmaline
  2. As always, I have no idea where to post, especially with Victory Road not being around anymore (or at least I can't seem to find it) I like making posts to analize Reborn's meta, a meta I really appreciate because it's really balanced thanks to the unavailable content and greatly rewards variety and creativity thanks to the field effects enabling countless strategies. I originally wanted to post a tier list here, but I'll do it another time. For now, I want to talk about some of the biggest winners of this metagame, as well as some pokemon who usually are great, but he
  3. Lorisaur

    hi again

    The bars were nice and all but they didn't make the game come out faster. What's relevant is a thing: Welcome back Ame! And also good job Cass being a very good Ame this year
  4. Ok a couple things First: no, this is NOT the usual "when's e19" post Second: I have no idea where to post this shit but it seemed a fun idea to do it here So, you know when there is that short time before lunch when you kinda don't know what to do because it isn't ready yet but it will be in seconds? I have always checked the devlog during those times because it's fast and it's a cheap way to get me hyped to see if there's anything new But that's not the main point of this. The main point is that some days ago, the devblog now features a nice picture of Spaghetti. I
  5. This is intense self buffing. I love it
  6. The new league that uses Pokemon Reborn, the Devolved League, has recently passed its first year of activity! It has been a long and tough year for everyone, especially because of the pandemic, but the league was here and the community was always warm and very active while most of our lives were completely frozen by the lockdown. Most of you probably alredy know what this league is: we are the only current league based on Pokemon Reborn, we have a Gym Leader for each type (and reserve leaders ready to battle in case the main leader is not available), who are allowed to choose
  7. If you love difficulty, you can play pokemon memeborn, a Reborn mod that GREATLY enhances its difficulty. I am currently monotyping it and it is... you will see with your eyes how hard it is. You can find the download in the mod market If instead you want to try something different from a game playthrough, what do you think of joining the reborn devolved league? You'll have fun, make a team, get 18 badges aganist good leaders and try to claim your champion spot! It isn't a game but those two are the hardest things that came to my mind right now. You can find a post abo
  8. Game Freak lies: "dlc will feature level scaling" But there was NOT Reborn lies: "update will NOT feature gen 8" But there was I was kinda expecting it for some reason but I LOVE IT THANKS CASS you are all of us
  9. Well the medicine as a whole is only obtainable after serra... did you mean after noel?
  10. Nope. It's crystal rage's turn now, right?
  11. I've just seen this post, it looks so good and it's always awesome when we get new challengers P.S. the league looks cool I might join it eheh
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Lorisaur


      Thank you!!!! You are so kind

    2. LykosHand


      Thanks! And you're welcome 😄

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