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  1. I've just seen this post, it looks so good and it's always awesome when we get new challengers P.S. the league looks cool I might join it eheh
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Lorisaur


      Thank you!!!! You are so kind

    2. LykosHand


      Thanks! And you're welcome 😄

  3. Awesome. In 2021, we'll get poker eborn
  4. Hi guys did I miss any april's fool about the developement yesterday?
  5. Hi, mystery dungeon players. As you probably all know by now, the purity forest is much easier in rescue team DX. Wild pokemons have higher levels, but you can recruit and a use rare qualities. This is why today I've just cleared after a bit of tries the purity forest WITHOUT using rare qualities or recruiting in fhe dungeon. I did it with my trusted Masquerain. No rare qualities, without ever recruiting. Old style purity, but aganist stronger pokemons. I chose Masquerain because of his amazing options like stun spore or lv1 quiver dance, bug buzz and omnious wind. However, I might open a thread in the future for some best mons to do this, like Parasect or Ambipom, but for now wow I'm just happy with this
  6. 1) Venusaur 2) Suicune 3) Metagross/Latias 4) Darkrai 5) Hydreigon 6) Chespin 7) SILVALLY 8 )Hattrem/Hatterene
  7. Lorisaur


    Banned because someone reacted to your ban
  8. Lorisaur


    Banned for having banned me before I banned you
  9. Lorisaur


    Banned for not liking world of light story
  10. You are a very good person, just know it. You have all my possible respect
  11. I've started nothing, personally. It's just my cousin. He is 9 and he watches the anime. He says that the next season of the anime will be about reborn. And also, in gen9 budew will be removed from the game again
  12. Sorry to disappoint you, my cousin has alredy played e19 and told me that Saphira does not have MRayquaza but she has six lv100 Dialgas with all different sets and two Gigantamax Duraludons making your ice types pretty useless. And items are also disabled for the fight. I'd like to show you right now but my cousin says he's shy and he doesn't want to show that he got three copies of black lotus yesterday in a single pack
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