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  1. i think she might have aligned herself with indriad before going with the stormchasers, anyways she have had a temporary alliance with indriad (or even not an alliance, maybe she was forced to seeing as through angie we know indriad has a tendency to know others' secrets) or indriad's ideas changed over time (seeing as it would seem like initially his goal was to make a new world). she could've also lived through the alternate future as well and stopped following him, but i doubt. jan has said that we'd know more about indriad's backstory, which might give some insight.
  2. vitus was inside and working on some shady stuff, it's already known from the dufaux sidequest. but i believe that burning it down was meant to be some sort of symbolism, seeing as the other 2 events that lead to keta's demise (the gearen city incident and sheridan burning down) are related to fire also yes, we can say that crescent helps the player, or atleast does that indirectly in carotos mountain (where she saves the player and aelita from the cave's collapse) and when she brings aelita to the healer (+ defends, or attempts to, against the mysterious figures). debatably she helped the player on the ss oceana, gothitelle could either just have been stupid and sent them off to augustus' room as a joke (as trolling the player is a gothitelle trope) or only could send them there. i think a possible reason crescent doesn't want us to learn anything (even if she isn't aligned with indriad) might be because of the mc's past: remember, we don't know anything about it so there might be a detail which explains why we can't know anything (repressed memories like in the hiyoshi city town possibly, or even memories from a past interceptor).
  3. first question: cursed body for sure, i think endure works too valarie imo isnt too unfair, you have an alright selection of mons before her even outside of floria (ie: vikavolt, amoonguss, can get tangrowth and abomasnow in blacksteeple, jumpluff). first audino trainer also is in goldenwood town, not the ship disagree with the entire madelis fight portion though, melia having to rely on rng makes sense in context (melia's mons are all ko aside from her weak hapi). it happens both in the fight (which is meant just to be a way for the player to be more immersed in the scene imho) and outside (when hapi uses teleport), though you're right some other non-MC battles being a bit unfair (can rly only think of aelita vs ren though), but i think they're still a good tool to train your strategizing skills if anything
  4. maybe that's why she would leave indriad then, because she'd figured out that indriad wanted to destroy the world. could also be just a temporary alliance (like time travelers with madame x, even though i'm not really sure that's a real alliance even)
  5. the ways iirc arent different, it's usually just the strongest/most relevant trainer in town, either according to the league or by referral anyways, question: is/was crescent aligned with indriad? if we assume that indriad was the one with the yveltal who set keta's house on fire (wll), and crescent the one who set on fire wispy tower, wouldn't it make sense? although there is one weird detail which should be pointed out: indriad was apparently able to spy on team xen (an organisation which for most of its existence has been underground) but couldn't use it to figure out who vivian's reincarnation was and that nora wasn't at the radio tower? this is probably stupid though, especially since the red haired time traveler says the other person hunting down keta (or rather taelia/aelita) was a he, and the only person who's a he and has/is linked to yveltal is indriad. also, almost all actions she's taken against xen also indirectly benefit indriad (with madame x being opposed to him and all that), but it's probably not too relevant that also begs the questions: - is she still aligned with indriad? - if yes, why does she help the player? - part 2: is indriad then far more connected to the player? - if she isn't still aligned with indriad, why? finally, putting this here to not necropost, but there's another piece of information which could actually prove this, specifically melanie killing the "children of nymiera". that would imply that either melanie or the person behind her (indriad?) would bear hate towards nymiera (otherwise why specifically name nymiera?), given that most people in alternate future either don't know about her or respect her
  6. by generation: poliwrath: has sheer force. alolan ninetales: priority moves fail alolan sandslash: when it's hailing, 1.25x sp. def + half damage from fire type moves mantine: restores 1/8th of its max health each turn. girafarig: after a contact move, 1/4 chance of its tail hitting the opponent for 1/6th the damage taken (inspired by dex entry) froslass: under hail, +1 speed emolga: 1/4 chance of setting encore on the opponent when hit
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