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  1. a certain sashila village quest proves you wrong unfortunately (legend of the void iirc)
  2. red haired time traveler (still don't feel like calling her freya lol) didn't want the maiden of reincarnation dead, her objective was to open amethyst cave. all the actions after that were to fuck with keta's mind, but taelia wasn't being targeted by her
  3. you might be right, but can't find any resource to prove whether it's from rejuv or not
  4. they appear in rejuvenation but aren't custom made, yet they aren't made for any game you're right about the last 3 though iirc
  5. only know the rejuvenation ones: Battle - Angie Battle - Machine Battle - Mysterious Figures Battle - Protector of Aevium citamginE - gnileeF (though it's a reversed version of Feeling - Enigmatic which is a remix of the Relic Song) Feeling - Enidfjshgskggsddkg Music - Amethyst Factory Music - Xenogene (i believe it's unused) Music - Despair Desert should be all of them. although a loophole in your request also would include: Mood - Dark City Music - Crescent Appears (neither are from any game)
  6. except you're locked out of any place that isn't west gearen until you beat garbodor lol
  7. neither of those can be obtained. this thread is, so far, not going to help you (obviously no offense intended to everyone here). smogon is useless without knowing what point of the game you're at and what is available (in general) and what is not (i believe mimikyu thought this was the reborn section) could you please say what part of the game you're at? it will make the work both easier and more productive.
  8. according to walkthrough it should update, troubleshooting section might be useful
  9. what point of the game are you at? otherwise you'll just end up getting suggested impossible to get moves
  10. 1st: 2nd not sure. thought it'd be from PMD, but i went through all the songs there and couldn't find anything (might be a cut ver, though i doubt it)
  11. might be wrong. looked at all the instances of erin/magnolia in the doc and didn't find anything, and in the q&a thread jan replies to a question regarding the meeting with erin in the library and doesn't mention a quest ("just makes the world feel more alive")
  12. anyways this glitch is well known i think, might be good to go in the troubleshooting section, specifically this thread so that someone might fix your savefile (major/fatal bugs thread too might be worth posting in, though i've seen multiple reports of the bug already so not sure if it'd clog up the thread)
  13. (all considering intense + no items/set mode) lorna was disappointing, but my team did have a really good matchup vs her (also everyone says zetta+geara is the hardest but i found them to be very easy) ryland was hard because i had no true strat (then i 2 tried it with ditto) aod was the only fight which required cheese strats (destiny bond inkay), so i'd say it's the hardest (if i had misty terrain sylveon or something along those lines it could've been easier i guess) angie was also the hardest leader, again i didn't have any strat so that hurt me definitely
  14. 1 - mc is canonically around the age of 18. unless they became a champion at like 13 or something this theory doesn't hold up 2 - you'd expect someone from the league to take notice (yeah i suppose you can argue that more recent leaders wouldn't remember the mc but unless all leaders have been there for no more than a few years it's unlikely) 3 - wll shows that keta became a gym leader not too long before the mc arrives in sheridan for the first time (aelita looks the same age as she does in chapter 2), the league being established has been therefore a somewhat recent event
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