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  1. Hello! I see that you trained a offensive team. It's a very good one indeed. Here are the few changes I would consider : Give the Life Orb to Nagadanel and consider Draco Meteor. Run a bulky Volcarona (HP, Def, Leftovers) with Roost instead of Tailwind or give Psychic and the Z-Move that you like Give Roost to Gliscor instead of Facade? Once you have Earthquake, Facade will be almost useless. Drop pseudo Ash-Gren because it won't be in the game and run a mixed Protean Greninja, maybe with a Z-Move. Otherwise, give him an Expert Belt. Give Fake Out to L
  2. Beware that Reborn will stay on Gen 7 for the moment, so Shell Smash Blastoise won't be available since it's a Gen 8 feature. Otherwise, Charizard with Solar Power and Venusaur with Chlorophyll work well under the sun, whereas Blastoise is good only when he mega-evolves with Dark Pulse and Aura sphere. Without mega-evolving, Blastoise won't perform well in Gen 7. I think you should drop Mega-Garchomp who is not that good compared to plain old Garchomp who is faster and break noses no matter what.
  3. I can only second that. The game takes a whole new dimension when you switch this simple option. The rest of your post was entertaining :) I like how you managed to work with your Pokemon as you made progress in your playthrough. Concerning your last slot... Since you play on Set Mode, I think a Pokemon with Volt-Turn would bring momentum control. I see that you lack a special attacker so maybe a Choice Spec Voltali with Volt Switch when it's available, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball and something else could work. Other options are Manectric who needs to be mega so it's a no, Heliolisk
  4. Hello! This is incredible to see that you guys manage to pull off this amount of work. I will definitely give it a try to see how it looks like. I have been working myself quite seriously on a french translation with other people for a couple months. We have done 40000 out of the 92000+ lines so far. So, your post gives us motivation! However, we know nothing about RPG Maker and stuff. So, I might PM you to understand how to mess up with scripts and maps if it is ok for you. Great work again!
  5. Hello! Additionally, don't be afraid of level too much your Pokemon. I see that Torracoat is close to evolve. If you have a spare Ability Capsule, you can switch his ability to Intimidate, which will help you in every Double Battles. If you get past level 35 during the fight, your Pokemon will still obey you. Otherwise, you can grab Common Candies in the Sweet Kiss Candy Store in Obsidia Ward.
  6. Hello Reborn! Any french speaker out there interested into translating the game? There is a project going on and a lot has been done so far but one or two extra people could help :)

  7. Why not both? There are few things that your Pikachu soon to be Raichu needs, right? If I had to make a choice, even if Discharge is cool in double, you'll need the good team mate. Otherwise, I'd rather see my frail Pikachu to K.O. with a stronger move instead of having him taking hits back...
  8. As for E4, I like to think that the player will follow Lin in mind-blowing environments, fighting people along the way. You climb a mountain. There is a building at the top surrounded by wonderful garden. You enter inside to discover it's a religious building with its holy energy. Then, a portal opens to the void. Lastly, you witness the new world being created.
  9. Hello! As for the french translation, we kind of started something with @fay-clochette a year ago in this topic: French Reborn - Reborn City - Reborn Evolved. But, due to lockdown and the fact that E19 will add a lot of new content, we never really started it. In this topic, there is a link to a well-made mod that will help you in the process. Feel free to PM us if you want!
  10. Samson looks so manly now.
  11. I tried drawing Reborn events as a serie poster. So, here's some bright Julia.
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  13. I haven't played the whole game and I haven't read the last ten pages so here are blind requests. I've found some online here and there: Golem (and A-Golem) : Add/replace Sap Sipper and/or Water Absorb Snorlax: Add/replace Poison Heal (and Toxic Orb effect?) Volcaropod: Add/replace it Storm Drain (that thing so hot it should turn water into steam) Cherrim: Add it Chlorophyll AND Solar Power (still no good) Archeops: Crest is a permanent Iapapa Berry or something that refill even more HP, so that he needs to be one-shot to be K.O. He will make a good use of recoi
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