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  1. I understand your teambuilding scheme. I kind of did the same thing back in the days. But knowing the game, I advise you to pick everything that goes in your way. It's very difficult to have a plan and the difficulty of some battles will sometimes force you to adapt your team. Imo, the motto here is work with what's available. And since the 'good' pokemons are locked far in the game behind sidequests, you may use those 'rodent' pokemons. But trust me, it's an opportunity to play new faces. I had nice surprises discovering new pokemons saving the day. You may still want to plan your perfect team. But most of the pokemons will be available at the 15th badge. So, spoilers alert I guess.
  2. I don't know. A pokemon game that's not turn-based seems a good deal to me. But I hope it will get better graphics-wise because it looks like a mobile game to me. I don't know whether they showed the Switch version or not. There will be a Switch version, right? I've grown tired of the main games when I feel like playing the same easy game over and over since Gen 1. I dropped Sw/Sh before the end because it got so boring. So seeing Pokemons in new types of games could be worth it. Wait and see then.
  3. Also, grab some heartscales and go teach some neat moves to your team. The move tutor resides in Onyx Ward and her key lies in the Underground Railnet. If you lack heartscales, you can fish Luvdiscs in Tanzan Lake. Good luck!
  4. Hello french fellow! Back in the years, I planned to translate Reborn too. So, I could lend you a hand if you're leading the project, depending on what I will be doing when the game is finished. However, I have no idea on how to do it but there are people out there who do. There is a user here who is translating the game into german. You may take a look or even ask the guy directly. I just noticed that it implies using a specific software. May be you should try yourself and see how things needs to be done. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/45535-pok%C3%A9mon-reborn-german-deutsch/
  5. Des Teto

    Wanna Battle?

    @Lorisaur, this is for you. I would like to battle too but I lost my savefile due to computer issues. Have fun!
  6. Infortunately, I don't think breeding Primarina with Woobat will work since Calm Mind is a TM move, not an egg move. EDIT: Actually, Calm Mind Primarina is Gen 8 and this game will remain Gen 7 until the end. Between Type Null and Ampharos... why not both? Team rotation is funny if you want to adapt to bad matchups. Keep in mind that Eviolite is quite late so Type Null won't perform at its full potential for a while, while you can get Ampharos early.
  7. Hello! Your team is great! Quite the bulky one and it's a good choice in Reborn, especially in double battles. If you play vanilla, you will obtain most of your members in middle game, except Ferrothorn who is very late. But don't worry, entry hazards ain't necessary to beat the game. As for movepools, Calm Mind isn't available yet but for trying it myself, Primarina is good enough with regular items. The other should get some utily moves and it will get fine!
  8. I'm teleworking. But since I work in the building field, every site is closing one after another. Maybe I will be forced to work in a part-time job. I'm glad I went back to my parents because one month alone would have driven me crazy. In my spare time, I help a lot in the garden and in house tasks in general. I'm trying to avoid videogames a little because it gets redundant and gives me headache (spoiler: I don't). Since quarantine can last until May (in Wuhan, it has been two months so far), I will grow hair for once, just out of curiosity.
  9. Have these queer characters/stories affected you in some way? Well, I do think that representativeness matters to minorities in any field. For instance, in my country, the Women Football Worldcup was nationally mediatized this Summer (it never has been) and it led to a lot of little girls signing up to this sport in September. Hence, during the Adrienn's revelation, while I just was informed of the existence of specific pronouns, I think that queer people were pleased of this addition. How does it feel to have queer characters in a Pokemon game? In Pokemon games, romance isn't the main point of the plot. It's for the main part about being the best (you have to level up lol) and defeating an evil team (it could be something else but again, it would give you a Golden Sun or a Final Fantasy). In Reborn, for instance, you could change the sex of the gender of every character, it wouldn't change the story. Every character could be queer as far as we know. So, you would have to include the fact that the character is queer and work around it (see next question). I think an interesting exercise could be changing the sex of characters in famous stories and see what it really implies. What would you like to see in terms of queer characters/stories in the future? I see two options: Declare that the character is queer and not caring about it. It gives you the Adrienn case, which is fine but just a bonus. Work around being queer. And I do think that there is a lot to tell. It could be included in videogames perfectly while still not being the main character trait. Here are some examples of hard-driven queer stories that I thought about: a queer falling in love with someone not queer being stucked in a one-way romance, a non-queer falling in love with a queer and having issues with sexual interactions, a queer having trouble to come out … I admit I'm not really informed about these kind of stories. I'm sure they do exist but I don't know any. I may add that I have a childhood friend who realized after Twenty years he was a she. It led me to private questions in my head that a good story may answer.
  10. Maximum chronological team rotation run when you can never use the same 6 pokemons. Once you've got a team of 6 and you catch something new, you must replace your older pokemon by the 7th. And so on. The encounters that you can use are based on classic nuzlocke rules. Concerning events, maybe you can choose whether to grab the event or save it for later ... I don't know if you would be forced to catch everything or not. Your call!
  11. Hi! A master's thesis about Reborn, huh? It's both odd and interesting. But I met someone once who did the same about Final Fantasy VII. So, good luck in your work Also, non-native speaker here. So, you may have to correct my quotes. What led you to Pokemon Reborn? It was in Summer 2016 during my gap year. Everyone was talking about Pokemon Go online. I saw a 9gag post who said 'Everyone's talking about Pokemon Go but I'm here home playing this gem' and one could see the starter room, Vero and six pokeballs of each type (it was Episode 15 back then). I've played it and here I am. I think this post brought many other players, according to older fellows in this forum. What do you think about the battle system in the game? The fields effects is what the main license lacked. There are some but it's far from enough. Once you realise it, it's just not possible that Fire moves to work underwater. All the fields effects are built with a transparent logic. It could be physics logic, it could be fantasy logic but it works. When I read about the field effects, discovering what moves were affected, I always thought 'Oh, but of course! Nice one!'. Now, when I battle in other pokemon games, I except my moves to do something. I think Reborn has ruined my immersion in other games by setting the bar too high. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? It's really good. There are good scenes that I still enjoy to this day. I won't go into details about the good because other will do it better. The only limiting narrative factor to me is the silent protagonist. It kills the dialogues natural flow. It's proper to pokemon games and the choice the creator made in the beginning (it would have been too much work back in the days to change that). So, even if the creator wanted to change that, it wouldn't be possible without starting anew. Once you commited into a format, it's hard to change that without changing everything. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? Them being queer isn't something that could bother me. In most cases, the sex and the sexual orientation doesn't matter for a character. For example, Amaria and Titania bad romance would be the same if they were two mens, one man and one woman, etc … It's the same for Adrienn, the character being gender-fluid is only revelant because Cain's reaction was interesting. All the other main things that Adrienn did, such as time-travelling, being the leader of Neo-Reborn, supporting the protagonist to fight the bad guys ... Adrienn being queer isn't relevant for that. Cain is different because his sexual orientation is part of his personality and his backstory. Cain's sotry is classic in my opinion: his family doesn't approve his choices, but the reason why isn't. So, him being queer is one way to justify it.
  12. Both are quite good. I used Mamoswine during my first playthrough. He has good moves and good coverage. He is quite tanky too. You will like him no matter what. Rhyperior is all physical. He hits hard and tanks everything. But don't try to put him against a special attacker. It depends if you need that in your team. He has a low speed so you might run Rock Polish to compensate that.
  13. Concerning EV, there is only one cap: 510. Pokemon are limited to 510 efforts points in total. So, the answer to your question is no. Maybe you simply reached the cap with your other pokemons. I don't know where you can reduce EV in Rejuvenation though. There are berries for that but you may find it later in the game.
  14. Any advice from the Reborn community for good Switch games?


    I've already got the two Zelda games, Pokemon, Octopath, Smash and 3H.

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      Pokemon Sword

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      Just Dance 2019 😍

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      Des Teto

      Thx. I'll buy them all.


      See u in 2021

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