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  1. Oh I forgot about Stanler having Intimidate. Ok maybe I would use him in some double battles if I were in monotypes. As for the cats, I would totally use some of them. Incineroar is a god in double battles. Liepard gets Prankster so there are things to do with him. Persian has good early game with Technician. A-Persian can work a little with Fur Coat and Nasty Plot. Eneco and Delcatty can keep being pets forever.
  2. Ever heard of Stantler? I don't think he could make it even in a mono-Normal playthrough.
  3. I tried drawing Reborn events as a serie poster. So, here's some bright Julia.
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  5. In your team, your win conditions are Hawlucha and Avalugg. Seadra and Houndoom can help. Toxicroak can land a desperate Sucker Punch. Decidueye will fall no matter what. If you have one, give a Seed to Hawlucha to activate Unburden (Samson style). Paired with a Wide Guard from Avalugg (see @Edo's post), you should be able to use Sword Dance and sweep some people. I think you need an Elemental Seed on this field. Otherwise, you could find any item that triggers Unburden such as a berry or a Focus Sash. Give Dark Pulse and Flamethrower to Houndoom and get rid of Thunder Fang and Inf
  6. Hey. Good team you have here. Since you asked for a review, here is what I will change if I were to play the exact same team. Blaziken: Life Orb if you don't have Blazikenite High Jump Kick all the way down. Hidden Power Ice is pretty useless except against a Landorus or a Garchomp I guess. I would remove every SpAtt EV and ditch them into Speed or maybe HP/Def.since you have Protect and run Bulk Up/Sword Dance or maybe Knock Off. Greninja: I like the Expert Belt I don't like Scald because I want Gren to K.O people instead of putting the HP l
  7. I haven't played the whole game and I haven't read the last ten pages so here are blind requests. I've found some online here and there: Golem (and A-Golem) : Add/replace Sap Sipper and/or Water Absorb Snorlax: Add/replace Poison Heal (and Toxic Orb effect?) Volcaropod: Add/replace it Storm Drain (that thing so hot it should turn water into steam) Cherrim: Add it Chlorophyll AND Solar Power (still no good) Archeops: Crest is a permanent Iapapa Berry or something that refill even more HP, so that he needs to be one-shot to be K.O. He will make a good use of recoi
  8. Maybe ask the troubleshooting forum then?
  9. Reading your post reminded me the old time where I played a game without Internet or any kind of tips/walkthrough, when any new discoveries felt real. I will try to apply your motto when I finally decide myself to play Rejuvenation and Desolation (or any other games). The Lapras one made me chuckle. You sure need to have played Gen2 to get this one. Otherwise, did you have trouble completing the Torchic side quest? I've never found clues about this one. It's not at the Beldum level but still ^^
  10. Then, you will have to wait for the move relearner. Since Combusken learns Bulk Up at level 31 too, I guess it's written by default in Blaziken's page.
  11. Hello! Your team is fine but I can see why you're beginning to struggle. But you're at a point in the game where you have a lot of options available. I will try to suggest you some replacements that fits your current gameplay: Togedemaru instead of Pachirisu. I think you can find them around Tanzan Lake (or in Shade gym). This guy has Nuzzle coupled with flinching moves. So, it could improve your current gameplay. I think he can learn Iron Head naturally (and punish Clefable) but I'm not sure. Hippodocus instead of Donphan. You can find them where you encountered the gi
  12. I'm teleworking. But since I work in the building field, every site is closing one after another. Maybe I will be forced to work in a part-time job. I'm glad I went back to my parents because one month alone would have driven me crazy. In my spare time, I help a lot in the garden and in house tasks in general. I'm trying to avoid videogames a little because it gets redundant and gives me headache (spoiler: I don't). Since quarantine can last until May (in Wuhan, it has been two months so far), I will grow hair for once, just out of curiosity.
  13. Any advice from the Reborn community for good Switch games?


    I've already got the two Zelda games, Pokemon, Octopath, Smash and 3H.

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    2. Cool Girl

      Cool Girl

      Pokemon Sword

    3. Smooth


      Just Dance 2019 😍

    4. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      Thx. I'll buy them all.


      See u in 2021

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