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  1. Bennet gets a decent glow up in the Glass Factory, and drops out of Meteor. He also sorts out his hair and his new trainer sprite looks fine as hell. I would imagine he will be a lot more likeable in E19. I also hope we don’t fight these 2 in the Elite Four, but I would like to see it as a post game battle. Edit: Here is the new Bennett Sprite, Ame revealed it on stream a few weeks ago.
  2. So I made this because it's useful for a thing I'm looking into (don't ask), thought I'd post it in case anyone else could find some use for it. Julia: https://pokepast.es/b7c250bac1e76445 Florinia: https://pokepast.es/a33b2446d4453d6d Corey Farce: https://pokepast.es/87257f758bebd95e Corey Found: https://pokepast.es/d781e2e39952a008 Shelly: https://pokepast.es/4ee05b927bb609a9 Shade: https://pokepast.es/a1153cd0669dae85 Kiki: https://pokepast.es/2cfda7b4fe0efb9b Aya: https://pokepast.es/b09c0c4c2401a0e2 Serra: https://pokepast.es/69bca9649ce4534b Noel: https://pokepast.es/45280127337374d2 Radomus: https://pokepast.es/c758518082af5bae Luna: https://pokepast.es/92d93273dfa056bd Samson: https://pokepast.es/c492679140d88641 Charlotte: https://pokepast.es/0e1f99c4c416b20b Terra: https://pokepast.es/31ace5da50b9b901 Ciel: https://pokepast.es/dbd3197fd1e02b9c Adrienn: https://pokepast.es/f3079d0e5573821b Titania: https://pokepast.es/e4e0eff84083b4d7 Amaria Flotsam Singles: https://pokepast.es/b0b25f0fa5f8f096 Amaria Flotsam Doubles: https://pokepast.es/ac7af02ecaa9834c Amaria Jetsam Singles: https://pokepast.es/ce9644a7cc5dfdf0 Amaria Jetsam Doubles: https://pokepast.es/23f72cba449741e2 Hardy: https://pokepast.es/53db4622a68180db
  3. Good take, I have considered all of them before. Both Alakazam and Starmie were actually part of previous drafts of Anna’s team, but rejected the ideas for the following reasons: I know there won’t be an Ash Gren, I partially put it there to protest that fact. Anna also desperately needed a Dark type, and this one fit her the best by far. Starmie was mostly rejected because Heather needed it more compositionally, and because Anna had plenty of water type options. Alakazam was originally on Anna’s team, but I decided that I wanted each member to have a Z-Move OR a Mega to keep them consistent with each other and the rest of the game, and Z-Hold Hands was just more interesting. Also, Gothitelle is one of the best doubles Pokémon out there, if you played Gen 7 VGC you will know this all too well. And it might line up with the librarian lore depending on the story, and I didn’t want to run too many psychic types, since they share a lot of weaknesses. Victini is indeed pretty out there, but that Victory Star was just too juicy to pass on. Skarmory is a decent option, however suicide lead Skarmory doesn’t fill quite the same role as Lead Excadrill does. Skarmory is designed to get up as much hazards as possible, typically through Sturdy+Custap or similar. It doesn’t typically keep hazards off though, since it would need to Defog it’s own hazards to do so. Excadrill can spin while keeping its own hazards up, which is more important for a team as rock weak as Heather’s. Excadrill also isn’t setup fodder for Electric and Rock types, so it covers her team better overall. Skarmory is a flying type, yes, but she already has 3 of those, all of which benefit the team more in my opinion.
  4. I agree. While pretty much all trainers have a type they specialise in, they aren't really restricted to that type, even though they have a few of them (with the exception of gym leaders). Mono type Elite 4 members would be really boring. Have you finished playing E18? Most of the LauraBennett stuff comes from there. If you haven't, massive spoliers below:
  5. I'm not sure quite what happened, Amaria ran out of Ice Shard PP, tried to Dive a Storm Drain Gastrodon, used Curse at some point and is now gone permanently.
  6. Well as you can see in the post above, the El team I suggested is by no means slow. And we can’t really assume that he will only use Normal types, since there are like 4 options that actually fit him in-universe. If we make him mono-normal we are effectively ignoring the fact that it has to make sense for El to own these Pokémon, with the Normal typing being the only criteria, and in that case he could also use faster Pokémon like Mega Kangaskhan and Staraptor.
  7. The only Mega that would fit the terrain well is Venusaur, and Mega Venusaur is unfortunately just worse than regular Venusaur due to the fact that it loses Overgrow or Chlorophyll. And it loses the broken Elemental Seed. BennetLaura wouldn’t be fought on Grassy Terrain, they would be fought on Flower Garden, which doesn’t affect Earthquake. Earthquake is also helpful against Steel and Fire types.
  8. Well the only Trainers we have seen that have mono-types teams are the gym leaders. The rivals are supposed to be Grass, Poison and Fighting type trainers, yet all of them have 2 or 3 Pokémon of that type. We haven’t seen anyone really restricted to their types besides the gym leaders, because there is specifically a gym leader if each type. There aren’t 18 Elite Four members, so there isn’t a reason for them to be Mono-typed. All characters in this game have primary typings to give them more of a character, but they aren’t limited to it. As for your example with Radomus, the differences you are missing are that Radomus is fought at level 60, relatively early on in the game when the player still has limited options. And this fight is still one of the most cheesable in the game. Second, Chess Arena boosts Trick Room to 8 turns, Holy Field doesn’t. And most of the Normal types such as Snorlax and Porygon2 don’t fit El’s religious theme whatsoever. And Pangoro isn’t a Normal Type. And Physical attackers don’t really benefit from the field whatsoever. As for Ash-Greninja, I’m just hoping Ame changes her mind :/. It could just be a different Water type like Milotic or Starmie otherwise.
  9. Yeah, I made my initial predictions quite a long time ago as well. I've made quite a lot of changes since then, until it reached a point where I just calced things to figure out whether offesive or defensive investment would be more worth it for any given Pokémon.
  10. With Episode 19 around the corner, the part of it that we are able to predict with relative accuracy is everything up until the Champion, at least gameplay wise. I think it's fair to assume that we will battle Saphira, some Team Meteor Admins, the 2 (or 3, or like 15 if we count PULSE-2s) remaining PULSEs, the Elite Four and Lin. So I wanted to create a hypothetical teams for E19 because I'm impatient and have nothing better to do for fun. I'll be adding some explanations to my Pokémon and Moveset Changes, both in and out of universe, as well as some other options I considered. First off, some clarifications: 1. We already know 2/4 Elite Four members for certain; El and Heather. The third one is going to be Laura, although some people (including me) have thought that we might fight Laura and Bennet as a 12v6. While this could definitely happen story wise, for the sake of consistency I'll only be doing Laura for the sake of consistency with the rest of the members. If anyone is curious, this is what I think a battle against them both would look like. However, I do find this unlikely because, according to Marcello, Laura has a 97.2% win rate. This would be quite a bit higher if we fought a 12v6, assuming the statistic would count them both, and quite a bit lower if it only counts Laura's team that is designed to only fight half the battle. 1.1. I, as well as most people who have theorized for Episode 19, believe that the last Elite Four member will be Anna. I won't go into too much detail as to why, but it is implied that she has gotten some important position thanks to Shade, and she has one of the 4 keys, which all the other E4 members do as well. 2. I do not believe the Elite Four members will be mono-typed. That is simply too limiting for trainers this late into the game, especially since some of them use fairly weak typings. I still wanted them to have 1 primary type, so exactly half of their teams will be of their main type (Flying, Grass, Psychic and Normal). 3. The members are in no particular order. I don't really have a theory on what order we will fight these guys in, except maybe the order of the keys they're holding. 4. I used Pokémon Showdown to make these teams, hence the Pokémon that would be holding Magical and Synthetic Seeds are holding Psychic and Grassy Seeds instead to not fuck with PokéPaste. I also gave the the trainers 1 shiny each that I thought looked cool in game. 5. These are all made under the assumption that the player will be capped to level 100. We know that Reborn will go past the level 100 limit post-game, but since the cap is currently 95, it will probably be 100 once we defeat Saphira. I will, however, allow the Elite 4 members to have a combined 6 levels above the cap, and their aces will all be level 105 as well (with 1 exception). Because fuck you, this is Reborn, multiple Gym Leaders already did this. With way too much explaining out of the way, here go the actual teams: Heather: Laura: Anna: El: So that's the Elite Four. I don't really know how to sum this up. The league looks like hell. Unless you use Steel types. Like always. I'll probably do separate posts with Saphira, Lin and Meteor Admins sometime soon.
  11. Cherrim is definitely good on her field, but it just doesn’t do anything that Lilligant, Venusaur and Roserade doesn’t do better. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had one, she would just be better off if she had other Pokémon.
  12. I think she will have a Victini as well, Victory Star is just too broken. I tried looking into Milotic but it just ended up too passive to properly fit her playstyle, even with Marvel Scale. The Doom Desire is definetely very good, but it is pretty nerfed by the fact that it's part Fire now, since Fire and Water types can take it fairly decently still, especially ones with Flash Fire.
  13. Growth is already boosted on her field, Chlorophyll is already activated and Cherrim is probably too weak for an E4 member. Sun also boosts Fire types even further and enables you to set the field on fire. Rain prevents this, nerfs fire types in general and allows Venusaur and Roserade to fire off Water type Weather Balls.
  14. Type Null has the same issue as Porygon: Man made Pokémon don’t fit El. Holy Field specifically makes RKS System Dark Type to indicate that technology is evil. Laura will most likely use Rain, not Sun, since it would be to easy to ignite her field otherwise. Heather and Anna will just be offensive spam that abuses their fields.
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