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  1. Hi, i cant seem to make progress on this quest in chrysolia forest. It seems like I need to get to the chrysolia deepwoods but I can't figure out how to. Please help.
  2. I couldnt see it in the basement of Devon in E18. Ill have another look.
  3. Hi, i have the silver key but there is nothing in Corey's room. Where is Field read out 11 please?
  4. Hi, i cant seem to find the pulse dex 1 entry as i try to complete my pulsedex!
  5. Hi, when you asked for 10 minutes, was that because you were EV training the anorith?
  6. Thanks, What do you want for it? My ID: teroja
  7. Hi, this is the last one I need for the Pokedex, so i can offer any non-legendary Pokemon in exchange.
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